Monday, July 13, 2009

Jane On Comedy/Comediens/Comediennes

Dear Maya: I am definitely going to see "Hangover". By

your apt description, Maya, it should be "Held-over"!

Anything comedic for me! I always pick funny movies as I do

so love and need a laugh most days. Thinking it'd be fun to

write comedy. Use to be in a lot of skits and school plays.

Making an audience laugh is a big hoot!Loves most

comedians. We have a summerstock comedy team from Second

City. A friend of mine took the course. It would be one

laugh after another. Loves improve. Once you get bit by the

bug, you become some fun bug!Although I do like drama, some

days I cannot stand being down and out and need a standup

like...Gilbert Gottfried (makes me ""laugh) and Carrey,

Carrel Farrel,Williams,Chase,and not too many female

comediennes like Kathy Griffith and Phylis Diller, Carol

Brunette, Lily Tomlin. There are many more I just cant

think today, must be Monday and I have a

"Hangover!"...haha! lol Maya! jajo


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