Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jane and Dr. Jake Cuputo On Intent

Dear Dr. Jake Caputo...Don't get me going, you got me to thinking now! Can Intent ever be Intuitve? Or is it really shaken down to a conscious and focused formula to success? Intent seems Mind Over Matter.Do we understand this power of Intent yet? We separate the two. Why? Can Matter be more than just rocks and stuff. Can matter be spirit? Then matter would matter?Never mind, no matter (odd

DrJake Caputo : We attract our experiences in the NOW. We do this best, when we engage co-creation using "Deliberate Intention." Once a clear Intention is set, we see it "as so" and maintain a state of gratitude. HOWEVER, we are often given signs or clues that the process IS unfolding. Today, look for clues, signs, or hints, that your desires are "in process." The signs are all around you, IF you are aware. Be observant!!!!!!

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