Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dreamin' Meanin'? Muskalls at the Beach

A couple nites ago i dreamt about 2 weightlifters at a beach. It was a very odd dream as the two or rather, muscle(men?) were two of my relatives. One was a male, the other a female. Both in reality are middle aged. But here, in the beach dream they were young, and oh so proud of their "new" physique. They were both doing the typical hands over head stance, pump arm stance and showing off their new HUGE muscles. Looks like their bodes were fake, however. Their musculature was the only thing they seemed interested in..power? I dont know. They did not appear to recognize me and I was sort of the "seeing" eye in the dream, not sure if i was in personage form or not as I did not relate, or chat with them. The woman muscle?man was in the water the other on the shore. I went to dream dictionary site and "Oakland" Calif came up. Some what does this mean, an earthquake for Oakland? Oh the deciphering is somewhat pers so complete names were used. Just figuring all this wierdness that is my life out i guess...:(

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