Tuesday, July 14, 2009

quotes of the day from Facebook friends...thanks!

But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls."~Kahlil Gibran

Tu eres hermosa, si, eso es verdad!(you are beautiful) I thought it meant "you are a beautiful flower that lives forever" ps I am learning Spanish...so beautiful...loves the sexy accent of spanish, italian, french...they are so romantic..oh yes...romance languages..i get it!!! well i want to get it..romance..dont be so..you know..romantic..yes..go ahead, PLEASE!!! mmmmmmmm....

Heather O'Hara“It isn’t about winning, because you have already won. It isn’t about succeeding, because you have already succeeded. It isn’t about knowing, because you already know. It’s about accepting that you are it all and have it all already.” —Heather K. O’Hara20

"Worry looks around. Sorry looks back. Faith looks up."Hemal Radia

Another being can not insult or degrade or demean you unless you do not Love and respect yourself. If you disagree please tell me how they can. xoKristal Mcvicarhow true...get out those shields of the spirit and let all bad stuff bounce right off! lovely! thanks Kristal! Feeling good now!jalen...Lorianne Uminski at 7:48am July 14
like Eleanor D. Roosevelt said...."No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. " Or something to that effect
Marlaine Albert at 7:46am July 14
I really like this one and everyone needs to hear this however one should be aware of the fact that one can Choose to allow themselves to be degraded or demeaned. This I think would be more helpful for the initiates or those just emerging into a more hightened state of awareness of their own self worth. Feedback as always welcomed:)
Alfa Wharton at 7:49am July 14
now, Ego is part of our nature... i don't think we should see "it" as an obstacle... when most of us "combat" ego, the end result is a stronger "EGO"... as brother Tolle says... "The ego dissolves, when we observe it"Jeremiah Lindsay at 7:51am July 14
You can only be hurt by another if you have given permission on some level for this to occur.Alfa Wharton at 7:59am July 14
true Jeremiah, that's precisely the point... awareness and self discipline is needed in order to achieve inner strength, and to enter into the "permission" territory...Delene IsLove at 8:02am July 14
thank you Kristal...
much LOve
♥ Kristal Mcvicar at 8:03am July 14
@ Marlaine.....agreed....but when one is choosing to allow themselves to feel degraded, demeaned or insulted they simply are not Loving themselves....it is obviously touching on an insecurity...insecurities do not exist in a state of self Love.it is never about what another persons chooses to do but how we choose to perceive it. That is based on our own view of ourselves.

@ Alfa....exactly...ego does not exist once you get in that state of self Love...to get there you need to do the examination of all the preconcieved and preprogrammed conditioning.

@ Jeremiah..exactly!! Why would anyone give permission for another to do this if they are loving and respecting themselves... Read More

xoJeremiah Lindsay at 8:03am July 14
Ahh, but it is given whether you are conscious of the giving or not. You are responsible for manifesting all that you experience. Until that is owned most do not have the discipline and awareness to do the work of embracing and clearing.Kristal Mcvicar at 8:07am July 14
Exactly Jeremiah.....you must own your experiences....yoAlfa can you please explain inner strength and self discipline. I am not sure what they have to do with self Love and our not allowing others to hold or take what is inherently ours....our power..Thanks :-)

xoHelena Anderbom at 8:17am July 14
I agree at many points here.But when it comes to children?How can they(if no one else)protect them if somone want to hurt?And if a stronger person will fight you,and you got hurt.Is it just like ok you wanted this??Just wonder?
Because we have to realy see, that there are peope who in one way or another are "weaker".
Because i feel like this.The person who hurt is to blaim!Not innocent people. (like childen or thoose who have some ill..)
In this thinking some would say its ok with war,rape,diskrimination,mm.
I belive in love and light in us.... Read MoreIn this thinking some would say its ok with war,rape,diskrimination,mm.
I belive in love and light in us.... Read More
But look at the world!!
Its always eseyer to say things,than act.Why i dont know.
But look at the world!!
Its always eseyer to say things,than act.Why i dont know.Kristal Mcvicar at 8:17am July 14
Right Jeremiah, but ignorance is no excuse. That was the point of this conversation.

We must own our experiences and if those experiences are not producing the results we desire we must know we have work to do on ourselves....not others.

Others will naturally be where they have chosen to be......this is all about self.... Read More

If one wishes to have a certain type of life they will if they do the work. The work is Always on the self.

Once completed the others may still be in the same place internally and execute the same actions......but to the one who has doen the work....it will feel different than painful or insulting or demeaning.

It is about Love.....Love of self first and then that will naturlly extend outside of ourselves.

xoKristal Mcvicar at 8:24am July 14

I understand your perception of weakness and it is a wonderful thing to feel compassion for others. However, we each choose our experiences for this life to what i believe is to learn one thing only....Unconditional Love.

When my children were younger and would arrive home saying someone hurt them in one way or another and say they were angry or hurt I would explain that if someone did that to them...they must feel sad and be hurt inside and not loved and they should Love them not be angry.... Read Moreu must accept them with Love and compassion knowing another does not define you....

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