Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jane On Women's Political Equality

What is the representation of women in the Libertarian Party? Are women represented in high office in the Libertarian Party? Is the representation of women at least a 50/50 balance with men? If so, I'd believe equality exists in the Libertarian Party and then when that criteria is met I'd be interested in your Party. If the Libertarian Party is not equally representing women in leadership roles, I would not be at all interested in the Libertarian Party. At that point, I would definitely look into other parties that would have more equality for Women. The question to ask any political party; is your political party throughly promoting women inleadership poition. If Women are promoted in such capacity as leadership and are equally represented (this goes for ALL aspects of society) then I would totally believe wholeheartedly in the efficacy of the political party and that political party's promotion of Women through the Worldwide Women's Equality Movement.^~^...

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