Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jane On Lolita

Dear Joyce: Being extremely young at the time I spied the book Lolita I knew it was naughty. I think my sister had the book, borrowed from a friend. Of couse, I just wanted to get to the meaty parts first. I think this is the way with books that have that certain "je ne sais quoi" (I dont know). It is like reading the first Playgirl mags with David (has big b's) Hasselhoff, hidden under a friend's older sister mattress. At that age I wasnt looking for literary masterpieces. Being eleven or twelve. I think the movie made more sense to me. Back then it is a lot of "show me" you dont have the reference for poetic devices, not having lived from the mature adult perspective. Lolita reminded me of a girl seduced by her teacher. It was to my young mind a bit of alright, considering I always had a "thing" for older men. (arent you glad older men?)lol! jajo---

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