Monday, July 13, 2009

Jane On Choice of Words Chosen

Dear Bruce: It is true, Sir Bruce of the Garter. I have

noticed too that when and if I do choose, I'd much more

likely would rather want to choose a top dog, being that

top choice myself. So in which case whichever choice I can

make, it would be a choice to which the outcome would

present not a random choice but a deliberate and analytic

choice of my so choosing the chosen dog of choice. So

whether or not we are to choose the better of the two

choices presented to us, no matter, the choice is obvious.

The cute dog wins. Sounds like double trouble or a triple

header. What if they are triplets? Yet again! Wonders how

one can make up words and get away with it since all the

others words seem so meted and hammer out, well-worn from

scorn and completely inappropriate to what I really want to

say. But the words and their meaning is so determined long

ago by a collective leaning on comprehension. This pivotal

root of understanding how we perceive words and their

meanings is keen when approaching any written assignment

(you may call it homework, which may or may not be work at

home). So then, when we want to choose wisely the words

that seem most beguiling, intriguing and circumspect, we

take upon us the mantle of being completely misunderstood

if we were so to choose a words of inappropriateness. How

irritating these words that render us victims all,

misunderstood words, which have no bearing of how I was

born or my life so far. The individual lost in a sea of

personal enigma, the mass comprehension sinking that

battleship of public opinion. Words that be so imitatingly,

intimidating and limiting when more means less (less IS

more) we have gone too far!jajo

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