Monday, July 20, 2009


Yes Kristal! What is it about the "will" of humans. If there is a conscious effort to change, to succeed, to be better, it will happen through the will of the individual and the will of the group. Ultimately, there must be that driving force; it is the spirit force or focus enabler that absolutely has to be there first or nothing happens. Remember focus objects in relaxation class? We can wholly invade the mind thoughts and make them real, or bring them into this plane of existence. Thoughts become things. Ideas are seeds. What does this say about the mind? What does this say about this earth reality? The power of the mind is awesome and works with focus and intent. This proves the power of the mind!But the big question now is how to get motivated for that will to exist in the mind and to change the times to make them better for all. Focus!!!
Jones gonna watch this. it is all about focus and what is important; which is the spirit knowledge. Unification of conflict means understanding our core value and how to assimilate to other words how to get along may be a theory put into practice, but it is an awareness first of how humans relate and the triggers that acitvate polarizing responses. Where's Einstein, he'd have a formula for this!
2 seconds ago · DeleteWhy do humans get stuck in that complacency rut? It is a rut that is brain rot! We got to get off the "automatic pilot" and consciously work at rebooting the brain back into focus and positive action. It takes work and some understanding of human motivation. Two things need to happen; We must be conscious about not becoming complacent and take positive action to resolve the doldrumed brain drain. Jim Carey OK, I'm otta here for a couple of days! Off to see Kentucky.29 minutes ago · Comment · LikeUnlike
You like this.
Heidi Mae Luiwhats there to do in kentucky???
17 minutes agoJa-Len Jonesbring me back some of that thar blue grass (does that make a good smoothy?)Love ya Jim!
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