Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jane On No Regrets (No not EVER!!!)

Dína Sadik at 8:07am July 14
Ja-Len- There should be No regrets in Life. As we cruise the cascade of events instilled in our unique journey we become BETTER with every segment. There can be no refinement sans experiences in Life- regardless how cautious some individuals maybe to miss out on the wonder of Mistakes- Unconsciously and intentionally- till their lessons are learn t genuinely via free will. Ja-Len Jones at 8:41am July 14
Dear Dr. Sadik: Yes, say no to the horrible practise of the sad and unrelenting regret guilt trip. Acceptance is keen to self-fufillment. I'm ok, Your ok. This is essential philosophy for health, spiritual, physical, mental.If we should have regrets that would be reflecting upon the ego, which, in a person of a higher spiritual plane would be ...self-defeating. We must let go of regrets. They are a hinderance to our worth, the unlimited soul. Self-inflicting and constraining, regrets are a negative space. Tell the ego to go sit in the corner for awhile when it says "oooh i feel bad, you didnt do this or that, or you screwed up this or that..." yes, no fun!!! not good for soul slight! Reflecing on the positive always brings greater results! Yeppers!!!Thanks for the renewed perspective Dina!!!

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