Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Magnetics from the UV world of the unseen but not undreamed

Magnetics could be neutrons gone mad! If magnetic fields are high energy in the unseen UV spectrum (and beyond who knows where) then it is possible that these residual fields left behind from previous big bangs or partial collapeses.

I have always found an interest in the way and the pattern of molecules or atoms. I believe they dance in the magnetic field patterns. If we could understand these patterns, their positive to negative to apparent "disappearing" we may understand the [SHIFTCHANGE} pattern I had been previously discussing on my blog here.

I also thought that a ring left on the floor from blood plasma (lymph to be precise) may try to take on a plasmic (amoebic) like one-celled unity when leaving the body. How plasma (a unit of one) acts is unique as the magnetic field may be this plasma unit of one or act in a consistent unicellar way. So if our blood plasma (lymph) is doing this (by my observations of brown lymph circles in three areas on rugs then I think this could give rise to an idea of how these plasmic/magentic forces may work. Weak Force magnetics are left over (residual) magnetics from a previous big bang perhaps. Maybe magnetic field (kind variations) relate more to an unknown as yet pattern of very significant importance. This matter of energic force may be the charging pattern of the universe and contribute to the sun's fuel or how it fuels, or the sun may just switch back and forth from positive to negative force with the residual field being left over or spent fuel from this fission/fusion process or both or nothing! I dont know how to investigate how this works as yet. How to gauge magnetic on/off, or positive/negative switching patterns and how CRITICAL MASS happens in the radiaactive process...(I am sure rods cannot contain it at that point Motie!) But anyway, just thinking while listening to entrainment tapes and thinking and hoping to write these ideas down before they form fluff. Chat soon dudes!

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  1. unseen? shouldnt that read "undreamt", no because the process of dreaming is ongoing and continual as the field magnetics producing the imaging (ok this is getting heavy)...later!