Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jane On MJ's Victimization

Dear Jan: Nice meeting you! Tabloid Trash is so full of slander, and many famous people sue the tabloids, usually settling out of court. Why "out of court"? It costs so much to take a case to court for both parties. Usually when cases are kept out of court they are done for two reasons; 1. privacy (somewhat, usually the claimant has to sign a "waiver" not to discuss the case with the press, etc. and 2. keeping the costs and time involved to a bare minimum. I believe MJ was given a bad rap because he did not follow protocol. There are certain things people should do and/or not do. If MJ could prove false accusations, but he was dealing with children and the law must over-ride the interests of the defendants to protect the innocent. In other words, this case was all one sided with no defence for MJ. It is so easy to get collaborating witnesses to lie in court as well as evidence tampering. MJ became a victim to the wiles of greedy people who saw a sucker. Remember PT Barnums adage "There's a sucker born every minute". Once must be prepared for the scammers of the world or one gets his "battleship" sunk. And there's no resurrecting a career or life after that. Where were MJ's advisors? His personal coach? His manager? Obviously absent if they let his vulnerability get the better of him. Maybe others could learn from this. Perception is not always from one angle; there will always be at least two sides to a story.MJ RIP jajo---

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  1. Dear Firm: These meds that depress the Central Nervous System are the culprit. Viagara may not work that well. Some have to think of other things to make themselves "happy" again. Not fun. I think was MJ's situation. Hard to say however. It is only conjecture. It would be nice to know the truth about what really went on there, but like most high profile conspiracy case; we'll probably never know the truth. It will be cloaked. My question; why would no one try to protect the singer from this? Seems there were many animosities going on in the MJ camp. This is in evidence with the absurd custody battle. Oh, another theory I have is about MJ's family. He married that Rowe woman and had almost (yes it was) a surogate arrangement. Rowe waiver her rights to the children. She took the money. Michael wanted a family without wife got it..he couldnt get his "happy" on, but he still wanted children. Now this is coming into focus, much more clearly now. Does this make any sense to you? Jajo---