Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jane On Cancer Cure

Ja-Len Jones at 11:18am July 8
Cancer of unknown origin? I think it is that the body weakens and breaks down in a weak dna link area on particular areas of the various genes involved. For example; if a person get a particular cancer it is due to the fact this cancer corresponds to that particular part of the gene that directly effects that part of the body..(old news). Of course raw foods put back the cellular construct; the tough walls of celery for example, and a recharge of the mother cell via stem cell? or a reinstated cell and healthy cell enegy makes for ca free. I believe this. Whether or not ca is a ... virus, the virus would not enter if we could repel and strengthen the system. So viruses and other infringers like polution could just roll off the bod, away from entering into body. When the viruses, etc enter into the body's dna, it is then really hard to reboot but not at all impossible knowing the tech of today. In the meantime, eat raw, healthy no pollution, and take silver nitrate, garlic or some other antiviral which makes the body repel the viruses etc. This may help?

Here is a fantastic link to cure for cancer; from Dr. Mercola and Oncologist from Italy with the "baking soda" cure. Hey, if it works! It makes a lot more sense than some standard tx's.

"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less."


  1. the last quote was Dr. Marie Curie

  2. There is so much more complexity to the energic systems. The energy gaining, sharing, rebooting energy, how much, when, where, what kind, sourcing load, etc. Whne we think of all the kinds of various energies, be they chemical, light, or esoteric and misunderstood energies, they all do a lot to energize the system. Isnt time we get to understand these energies a lot better? We know so little of the bodies microscopic energic exchange etc system. It is a mystery as yet. Time to find out more!