Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dream Train at Lullabye Station

Our unconscious sleep train
stopped our trained brains
lulled us to sleep
in the cooled warmth
of a summer storm

whether it be
the weather that changed
or the dream engine couldnt wait
a minute longer at the wake station
as much alert to dreams
as too alert to awaken state
to tell these vast stories
of layer upon layer
of snug remembrances
coiled in our mortal coil
for endless eons of now
strapping on the unconscious person
mounting up that holy mountain
dreams awaken anew
our need to make new
all that is old
and forgotten
that dream
that steers us on track
in the right moment
in the right direction
at the right time
by the right brain
to the left hemisphere

the whistle blows now
warm cool air so soft
the train has arrived
at the station
"All aboard!"
We enter this brave new world
yet familiar now
I set my foot upon that place
i have been so many times before
recurrent currents
shaken up shakers
pioneers these dreams seem
like ive lived them a thousand times or more
over and over again
repeating patterns
are my old friends

the dream today is about the mountain again
we keep reaching and finding
these so familiar and similar motifs
the motives of our dream soul
align with our understanding
of all that is
standing here before the deep ocean
the wave ripples
as soon as i dipped
my foot into the comforting place
where nothing changes much
if you dont
want it to
or change a whole lot if you
need it to
stirring up the sediment
left behind
after many storms
to find settled and oh so
comforting warm mud

I am nowhere near
where i left you
on the far shore
I remember saying
I'd be right back
but that was years ago
and now you know
I can only return to you
in our dream connection
from endless times
did I forget to leave
water in your dish?

where I left myself on the bed
before I fell into this deep dopamine slumber
wait a minute before I taste the onion breathe
who put this dream here that dope there
to make all these pages into a book
to make me go futher than I've ever been
I'm just me
made into a super me
a hero that knows no bounds
and can jump from here to there
like an ancient faerie
from years long forgotten
these things take time

Everyone was tired yesterday
wonder why the storm produced
such seductive lulling
like a suckubis
Wait a minute!
What are these energies we feel
yet these energies remain unknown
which can make me
so completely
fall to the ground
of sleep so sound
without waking or struggling
i give in
to the worlds waiting
packed like layer cakes
in my mind
waiting for the time
to let it all flow down
and around
to surround
but somehow
i am aware this world is a dream
there is something more beyond
the dream and the life
created for me by the creator
i do not question
this ingenious recreation
of ancient rippling world
no one can stop the tide
as it washed daily
and nightly
year after year
for as many years
as I have been here
i will never
figure it all out

Far, far away
off the inlet sound bay
the islets let in
breeching whales
whose sound taped
talk to my ancient
dream brain train
like a focus object
with their humpback tails
telling me stories of old
crying, laughing, mimicing
whales tales the best book
to take to bed

wrapped up like new
reaching molly's shore
reechoes of times forgot
from these mountains
the power to unlock
the dreams and their meanings
those ancient patterned energies
we know not as yet
of the exacting exacto knife
that made us so much more
than we ever imagined
the baker
the creator
the candlestick maker
between the quick and the dead
a lot of life
a lot of dreams
a lot of whatever
silent whispers
cyclic patterns
transductive induction
not gauged
not weighed
not considered
all this in a twinkling of an eye
Life and dreams
here and gone
yet never really gone
as we find life
goes and has forever goes
and has
gone on
and on
generations of RNA
endless to perceive
forever in our minds
this day
this dream train
arrives always on time

jajo 12 Jul 09

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