Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jane On Eternal Love

The peace that passeth all understanding means love lives forever. Do not be sad, although this is the reaction humans have, This physical missing of the loved one(s). That this is the only journey, we feel an emptiness. But our journeys have only just begun. Hope you find comfort knowing this; souls live in the eternal heart so remember you are never more than a heartbeat apart. Love knows no physical boundaries, time, space or physciality. The heart of soul knows love's completeness. There is peace. It is eternal. It is the "stuff of which dreams are made:(Shakespeare) and always present in the now. This is the comfort I find when I think of my loved ones who have removed their human form to become, like a butterfly, the pure spirit of love. To rid myself of these heavy earthen form shackles, it will be the miracle day, when we get to fly without fear once more and to live forever as pure love. Then, we realize what joy and love really mean as the soul reunites with love.


  1. The heart of healing. The inner journey to complete the soul; a lifelong journey and beyond. Thank-you George for these wonderful ouevres. The moment to heal is now. The time to be eternal is now. Now is eternal.

  2. Life isnt here to break us, it is here to transform us into the human butterfly souls of forever endless LOVE. LOVE WHICH IS NOW IN ITS end and end. How does this make sense. You'll know it when you are it, until then, a lot of guess work, trust and hope as we wait for that peace that passeth all understanding.