Friday, July 24, 2009

I Knew MJ nose was a Prosthetic Nose! (see MJ Victimization by Jane Jones)

Jackson's hair made into diamonds -- for real
Module body

Fri Jul 24, 4:52 PM


What's this
By Jill Serjeant


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Since Michael Jackson's sudden

death on June 25, the rumor mill over details of his

bizarre personal life has ground away nearly non-stop, and

on Friday, one company said it was turning his hair into

diamonds. That one is true.

The claims this week included a report in Rolling Stone

magazine that a prosthetic nose he wore apparently went

missing when he was taken to the morgue, and a British

tabloid trumpeted a headline that he fathered a secret


In one by-product of the "Thriller" singer's death, a

Chicago company said on Friday it had obtained some of the

hair Jackson burned while filming a 1984 Pepsi commercial

and planned to create a limited edition of diamonds from


"Absolutely this is for real," said Dean VandenBiesen,

founder of LifeGem, which has a patent on a process that

extracts carbon from hair, turns it into crystals and then

into high-quality laboratory diamonds.

VandenBiesen told Reuters he thought the company could make

about 10 diamonds. No sale price has been set but

VandenBiesen said LifeGem created three diamonds from locks

of Beethoven's hair in 2007, and sold one of them for

around $200,000.

Separately, the August 6 issue of Rolling Stone magazine

reported that not only was the left arm of Jackson's dead

body "scored with needle marks" -- claims that have arisen

before -- but he wore an artificial nose that was missing

when he was taken to the Los Angeles county morgue.

"The prosthesis that he normally attached to his damaged

nose was missing, revealing bits of cartilage surrounding a

small dark hole," the magazine said in an unsourced report.

While that report could not be confirmed, Los Angeles

coroner's officials did say earlier this week they were

probing security breaches in their offices.

The coroner's office is expected to release an official

cause of death next week which could shed light on some of

the reports, including Jackson's possible use of powerful


And even as custody of Jackson's three children is set to

be decided in court on August 3, The Sun newspaper

speculated the singer may have had a love-child raised in


Omer Bhatti, 25, sparked interest when he was spotted

sitting with the singer's immediate family at Jackson's

public memorial earlier this month. Bhatti reportedly spent

time with Jackson at his Neverland Valley Ranch in the

1990s and was known as "Little Michael".

But another of Jackson's former proteges, singer Ricky

Harlow, told celebrity website on Friday that

although they were close he doubted Bhatti was Jackson's


"They had a father-and-son type of connection," Harlow, 26,

told People, "but I never thought he (Jackson) was his

biological father."

In Jackson's 2002 will, the singer listed only three

children now living: Prince Michael Jackson, Jr, Paris

Michael Kathering Jackson and Prince Michael Joseph Jackson


(Editing by Bob Tourtellotte)


so how much would the missing nose fetch, on the ****

market? sooo...there is this 'lil kid done-up-in-bandages

at the pyramid, tugging in the tourist's jacket..." hey daddy's a mummy too..."

POSTED BY: wyldeotse on SAT, JUL 25, 2009 12:11 AM -0500

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The sheer greed of people is enough to make you vomit.

POSTED BY: ibdancin on SAT, JUL 25, 2009 12:00 AM -0500

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Did the prosthetic nose have any carbon in it?

POSTED BY: wyldeotse on FRI, JUL 24, 2009 11:54 PM -0500

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When are we finally finish hearing about Michael


POSTED BY: Miche on FRI, JUL 24, 2009 11:44 PM -0500

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The WARPed world of MJ still goes on!

POSTED BY: Jake on FRI, JUL 24, 2009 11:31 PM -0500

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  1. Thursday, July 9, 2009
    Jane On MJ's Victimization
    Dear Jan: Nice meeting you! Tabloid Trash is so full of slander, and many famous people sue the tabloids, usually settling out of court. Why "out of court"? It costs so much to take a case to court for both parties. Usually when cases are kept out of court they are done for two reasons; 1. privacy (somewhat, usually the claimant has to sign a "waiver" not to discuss the case with the press, etc. and 2. keeping the costs and time involved to a bare minimum. I believe MJ was given a bad rap because he did not follow protocol. There are certain things people should do and/or not do. If MJ could prove false accusations, but he was dealing with children and the law must over-ride the interests of the defendants to protect the innocent. In other words, this case was all one sided with no defence for MJ. It is so easy to get collaborating witnesses to lie in court as well as evidence tampering. MJ became a victim to the wiles of greedy people who saw a sucker. Remember PT Barnums adage "There's a sucker born every minute". Once must be prepared for the scammers of the world or one gets his "battleship" sunk. And there's no resurrecting a career or life after that. Where were MJ's advisors? His personal coach? His manager? Obviously absent if they let his vulnerability get the better of him. Maybe others could learn from this. Perception is not always from one angle; there will always be at least two sides to a story.MJ RIP jajo---
    Posted by chiccoreal at 10:57 AM
    chiccoreal said...
    Dear Firm: These meds that depress the Central Nervous System are the culprit. Viagara may not work that well. Some have to think of other things to make themselves "happy" again. Not fun. I think was MJ's situation. Hard to say however. It is only conjecture. It would be nice to know the truth about what really went on there, but like most high profile conspiracy case; we'll probably never know the truth. It will be cloaked. My question; why would no one try to protect the singer from this? Seems there were many animosities going on in the MJ camp. This is in evidence with the absurd custody battle. Oh, another theory I have is about MJ's family. He married that Rowe woman and had almost (yes it was) a surogate arrangement. Rowe waiver her rights to the children. She took the money. Michael wanted a family without wife got it..he couldnt get his "happy" on, but he still wanted children. Now this is coming into focus, much more clearly now. Does this make any sense to you? Jajo---

    July 9, 2009 11:06 AM


    please note the above URL for the Jackson story on MJ's Prosthetic nose. Please note the above reprint by Jane Jones MJ Victimization reprinted here with permission from the Divine Ms JJ Gina Whitley Chiccoreal aka Jane Jones

  3. About MJ's hair (from the Pepsi burn commercial) made into "diamonds"...YUCK!!! How friggin' morbid! Sounds like how ppl made jewellry and "art" with dead ppl's hair! EWWWW...I think that Thriller album zombie thing is kinda like continuing ad infinitum! Why? Why?