Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jane On Positive Problem Solving With Dr. Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay

If you vilify, pity or victimize anyone or thing, situation, etc. you are contributing to that energy. Uplift, encourage, inspire...10 minutes ago · Comment · LikeUnlike
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Courtney A. Walsh at 10:23am July 11
I love how Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer put this.

Louise says: "Don't keep playing the 'ain't it awful game' or you'll just keep getting more of the same."

Wayne says: "Shift from thinking that the world is out to do you harm to the belief that the world is conspiring for your good and wellbeing."... Read More

Not exact quotes but you get the gist. ;-) Ja-Len Jones at 10:44am July 11
no one would call anyone conspiratorially paranoid then! haha! Coming from the positively "conspiratorial" is only going to bring more of the same. All good stuff!! Do you know we can even talk about bad stuff by turning it around, emptying out it's pockets and turning it upside down. Then problems arent problems anymore...they're solutions! Get prob solving formula...LOVE IT TY COURTNEY!!!

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