Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jane On MJ's Lupus

Dear Lynne and Group: This may come as a shock to you here at Mike's but I found out that MJ had lupus. I know of someone who had lupus. It is a very serious disease. At any given time the heart or brain can swell and the person can die if their meds do not work. Also, the meds taken for lupus creates impotence, or erectile dysfunction to be more precise. MJ, if he had lupus for any given time would not have the interest in that region because the meds nullify the whole process "down there". If this is the case, MJ will be exonerated finally. Why he never went public with this issue is strange. I believe he was dying during the last months. He had no hair (cancer does this, so does steroid use from lupus). He was on strange anesthetic drugs because he probably developed an allergy to morphine. Maybe he was so desperate to make money for his family he decided to hide the truth about his lupus. What if he IS INNOCENT of the molestation charges? His daughter certainly loved her daddy. Oh yah, steroid use makes ppl go "whaco". Jane JOnes--

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