Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jane On Recounting Liftoff Yesterday Endeavour 127

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Likely the "cut and paste" feature did not work for some odd reason on Tahoo Mobile Messaging on my email page FOR SOME WORRISOME reason..? Nonetheless I will recount for you right now what I remember of the LIFT OFF OF ENDEAVOUR 127...everything seemed to be progressing very positively. I tuned in around 3 pm to NASA tv for the liftoff around 6:13 pm. There was so concern about a computer malfunction on the ground, but that did not impede the liftoff at all. However, I noticed the sound of the voices of some ground crew sounding somewhat tired. It has been a long hold over and no doubt troubling with the leak. The leak being as motie said, 100 percent corrected and this is not the problem. But I could see the angst in the voice (well hear it anyway) of the NASA ground crew (well some of them). They all sounded tired. I said to motie in is no doubt exhausing and somewhat worrisome about the leak, he said it isnt the leak. I mentioned the fact just the word "malfunction" even of a ground based computer in some diesel fuelled engine room could be cause for concern because ROCKET SCIENTISTS really like things to go extremely smoothly at all times. That's great. So they wanted 110 percent. I only got 50 percent in math. Was that fair? No so they really cheered up after that! Anyway, as the astronauts were checking off their check off I mentioned to motie do they have any toggles. Life would be boring without them. No toggles (i think there are toggles and I beg to differ with motie). Nonetheless, on wards and upwards must have a positive slant. We must all believe it to be so, a positive lift off and it was. I learned about the engine how it works (thanks motie) the chemical exchange process. Link below to schematae (orthographic rendering). I then noticed programmed we all are..buttheat was OT and not appreciated by motie. He seemed to read my mind! (not they now, and no conspiracy theory...hey I am testing here..and yes i do read ppl)...anyway, all set to LAUNCH. and we were into the countdown, i had turned on CNN to watch their acct of the LIFT OFF. I noticed they were 10 to 15 maybe even 20-30 seconds ahead of the NASAtv. I think the comp is slower (no kidding) than CNN. which I often thought, hey, whats up with that doc? Well, the left off went without a hitch, just the newly renamed COMBINE engine (because it combines liquid hydrogen with liquid oxygen) and gives this terrific THRUST or DRAG lifting force and can lift up to (numbes delude me) about equal (off a million) lbs. So each being equal almost lift to thrust. Sounds exciting! And then I realized, how stupid I am when I compared the Snowbirds drag on the next plane which did not come under drag requirements, and had nothing to do with nothing and easily laughed off into an endless space of space. Thank goodness no corners there to get stuck in (one good thing). And all in all a throughly enjoyable voyage. Oh yes, I learned about the Payload Bay doors, the equiment inside has to (not the word) aclimatize to the outdoor cold. The engines there have to be cooled down with some EPA? eVAPORATOR? ANYWAY, it was something I did not realize or would have ever figured out if motie did not tell me. Thank-you motie!!! Anyway, I was really glad to watch the lift off of Endeavour 127! And astronaut Julie Paquette is onboard. It was way cool all around, and everyone was stupid after that!

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