Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jane On Censorship

Ooops I forgot to say "censored books are read via the underground market". Similar to bootleg books, or albums (DVD's)novels are banned because they "do harm". We have a right to say our peace if we feel offended by subject matter, censor boards weigh the evidence to decide if the material is offensive in any way. There are issues with exploitation or abuse of a certain segment of society, than, yes, that "does harm" and should be censored. However, we all know that censorship doesnt work entirely because it disappears to an illegal underground market. Usually for the seedy segment of society. So how to stop the underground of perversion? Unfortunately this is a job which is a non-stop headache for police departments as well as a waste of taxpayers money. How to solve this issue? Hire more police to stop the exploitation. If it is not expoitation, and the real issue is POV, the result would be censorship of the banned book. Censorship should be illegal as well if it interferes with freedom of expression. There is a very fine line between being honest with reporting various social issues through writing and being exploitively taking advantage of a group of people. I believe the way the novel is presented is the main issue. If the novel is obviously dwelling on one certain exploitive issue, for sensatiionalism, etc, the book should undoubtly be censored. It is the way the story is reported whether or not it crosses the line into illegal and thus censored. If the novel does not follow this criteria of presentation of facts the novel and would cause undue harm to others in should be banned and pursued for it is not only illegal but dangerous for society to have such exploitation readily available in bookstores. I believe censorship in this way is a "good thing" for society, and police should be expected to lay charges against anyone knowingly exploiting another, especially the most vulnerable members of society. If "no harm" is presented in the novel then censorship could be bordering on another Farenheit 451 scenario. Did not the Nazi's slash and burn Bibles in WWII? Knowledge can be dangerous for those who want to keep the populace "dumbed down". Go carefully on this slippery slope, if you are writing books on "hot topics" maybe, it is good advice to seek professional opinions first. This is my knowledge from experience; tread lightly! Jane Jones> Dear MWWer's: Censorship issues are a hot potato topic and will not go away anytime soon. Books are censored when the governments believe they will do "harm". However, censorship usually does not have much of an effect on the citizenry's morales. Censored books get censored via the underground market. Lady Chatterly's Lover by DH Lawrence was censored in Edwardian England due to it's analogous reference to the act. This book was on my grade 13 high school circulum. As far as Lolita is concerned, I did not like how this book was written. It is very over-rated. It reminded me of the X-rated version of "To Sir With Love". What is the issue, and I believe a more important issue, is the censorship of communication. How are we to understand each other if we are not allowed to discuss such "hot" issues? Food for thought. Jane Jones

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