Friday, July 10, 2009

Jane On Obama's First Moscow Visit

Pundits will certainly rant on about OBama's "reset" button and "East European Missile Defence" o his Moscow visit for a while. I liked Churchill's statement on nuke weapons; "stockpiling weapons that do nothing more than, as Churchill put it, make the rubble bounce." Churchill certainly knew what he was talking about. Whether OBama being "liked" as a president transfers to being "a good leader" in a world that changes like the wind, can only, so far, mean that, he is on an even keel. Keeping the boat on a stayed course, with waves and winds of change cannot be an easy task for any leader. Open communication, with sincere goals for all to share may mean the difference on focusing on those waves that will shipwreck or a guided focus on the far horizon and the goals that are giving everyone hope for the future..

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