Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jane On Supreme Court Nominees

Good point Brad and Gerald; If Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor states she cannot be neutral in judging a case without bias, in my opinion, she is not able to judge. period. A judge must be aware of their own personal bias and go beyond those ingrained bias to be a good judge. If she cannot, in my opinion, she is not a good judge. Bias will ... Read Morealways be on the back burner but it does not mean she has a right to show "undue prejudice" simply because she is a certain minority or majority. The beauty of judging is that there is a formula which disallows for the use of bias. If not, we are not being fair because bias is undoubtly one of the most destructive and occult forces that destroys a democracy. We are beyond pety bias! I should hope Supreme Court justices are able to do the same. ps not sure about that "white firefighter" issue, but already, it sounds bizarre. Where can we meet in the middle, free of biases?

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