Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jane On Privacy

Dear Karen, Firm, etc: All the surveys are probably backed by some social "labs". Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist as I do not want that mantle, I believe the governments know more about who is zooming who then PDQ Public would like to know. We all know technology is more advanced than yesteryear with the dictaphone (does anyone here remember this?). Spy vs spy must have a modicum of truth, since governments can pull statistics on virtually anyone at anytime. Humans have an obsessed need to know all about their fellow man, and yes, that is right down to the toilet paper and which hand is used, an for how long. All this "too much" information is keen to a basic understanding of the human psyche; we're all obsessed knitpickers, navel gazers who seem to focus on "details, details" rather than the big and most important picture. As heard from other cubicles embarrassed and self-mocking humour realizing the plight of the nature of humankind. When one considers the archaic instruments of truth deduction know in the past, how far have we come from that era. So personal intregrity and privacy are a lost art, probably always an illusion. One thing that can be said for all the meaningless statistics; at least humans look like they were doing something and kept busy, A good way to fool the boss (Big Daddy) upstairs! Jane Jones --

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