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Happy Independence Day USA! The Birth of A Nation

Dear Karen, et al: This is a great Independence Day special insert! It really is interesting to think of the Knights errant travelling on their many quests across the Alantic and arriving in America before Columbus, before the pilgrims on the Mayflower. Was there any word as to which Knight perished in the US?
Definitely I have heard that North America was discovered in "-AD 1000 Leif Ericson became the first European to land in North America (see Ericson)". Could the Vikings have been Christianized at this time and part of the knight/sailor campaign. To think of those horses on ships at that time travelling that distance is astounding. The natives were also seafarers, I believe National Geographic discussed the many storms that pushed ships to new shores for new discoveries, a small boy in a kayak from Greenland ended up in the northern Scotland. The Westford, Massachusetts landing, the Rosecrucian esoteric Egyptian symbols proves the mass of cross-cultural references of these world travellers.Happy Birthday USA! Jane Jones

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> There's the book by Andrew St Clair named " The Sword and the Grial " where he told all that of the Rosslyn Chapel plus the Knights Temple travel to America 100 years before Columbus did, on a blessed 1392 !
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> A legend goes that King Arthur once drank from the healing waters of Great Spirits Spring at Windfall Run, USA. But this is not the only Arthurian legend connected with America.
> Commissioned by William Sinclair, work commenced on Rosslyn Chapel in 1450 and the building was completed in 1486. It is said that Sinclair set sail for America in 1398. What is intriguing is that corn cobs are distinctly seen today among the many esoterical stone carvings on the walls and ceilings, and the carvings at Rosslyn were depictions of actual corn cobs brought back by Sinclair's men on their transatlantic voyage. However, the corn cob may also be a symbol of fertility, and thus, of the Holy Grail itself.
> At Rosslyn, there is also the Rosi-Crux, the symbol of a Cross within a Circle, which represents the Phoenician Goddess Anna-Barat.
> Today, the Goddess "Anna-Barat" is widely hailed as "Brittania", who sits upon her throne atop the Rosi-Crux, which signifies the Grail.
> Tradition has it that the Knights Templar were the guardians of the Holy Grail, and that Sinclair was descended from a long line of Grail Knights.
> It is said that Christopher Columbus managed to get hold of the ancient maps that had been drawn up by St. Brendan the Navigator, and that he was also in possession of maps that were used by Sir Henry Sinclair on his transatlantic voyage to the Americas in 1398.
> One of the knights died during Sinclair's voyage and the 14th. century effigy on his grave may be seen at Westford, Massachusetts.
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  1. Not referring to D.W. Griffith's classic blockbuster (the first in history) Birth of A Nation 1915. This movie has racist overtones and due mainly to the supremast-type attitude of the time. Luckily we are not living under those oppressive conditions anymore, women and blacks now having the vote, etc. Slavery is dead, thank God! Also, even though Mark Twain aka Samuel Clemens used inference to sterotypical characters, we realize these blocks were torn down and we can view the films and books of this time after we have scraped off the hurtful graffiti of those times. Take with a pinch of salt. Old ways die hard. We must put the film in perspective, and realize how the equation of socio/politio types controls everything a culure is, thinks or does. We have moved through this and thank god this horrible history is religated to the past.

  2. My ancient history also has a grail cup. As a distant cousin to Sir John A MacDonald, Tobin, a relative as well, distant mind you, (I heard this from my aunt). Had an ancient grail with him, when he drank from the sparkling waters around Tobin's Island in the Muskokas. Sir John A. dipped the "cup" into the waters and thereby officially named the island "Tobin's Island" after my distant cousin. Well, was it the Holy Grail or not?

  3. Well, was it the Holy

    Grail or not? ps the island has been segmented in family

    designated for years. I think I had my piece sold off, oh

    well, it would have only been the slice of a pizza by now

  4. Hi, I notice you are discussing mysteries associated with the Church I thought I would mention a book I just read.

    We have been led to believe by our ancestors that when Jesus was resurrected he went up to a throne in heaven. However I just read a fascinating book by the New Testament scholar Stephan Huller that in earliest Christianity that the original gospel writer (St. Mark) might have had a physical throne ON THIS EARTH in mind - one which originally sat in Alexandria and which he rediscovered in Venice - see the photos of the object in the Basilica di San Marco which Italian sailors stole from the Church of St. Mark in Alexandria along with the body of St. Mark in 828 AD - see photos of the throne here -

    The point of Huller's book is that St. Mark was the first Pope and that Jesus ruled 'on his right hand' as he sat on this throne (it is a universally acknowledged - albeit ignored - fact that the title 'Papa' or Pope was originally associated with St. Mark rather than St. Peter and with Alexandria rather than Rome; the bishop of Rome only acquired the title after the fifth century).

    I was really fascinated by this book. It wasn't anything like what I had been taught in Sunday school. It really made me think and learn about the language that Jesus and the original gospel writer (St. Mark) spoke.

    For instance in Hebrew or Aramaic (the language of Jesus) there would be no way to distinguish the concepts of 'divine throne' or 'heavenly throne' - i.e. it would be easy for white Europeans to get misled or confused (like the Gospels of Matthew and Luke speaking about 'the kingdom of heaven' and 'God' even though the Aramaic would be one and the same).

    It is an amazing book and here is some background information on the author

    Just thought I would pass this along