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Thursday, June 23, 2011

CHICCOREAL SAYS Join Me On This Magical Journey to the Mystic Moon" Master Class is now IN SESSION

.by Ezequiel Rodríguez Saldívar on Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 10:54pm.THE FOUR CLEANSING ELEMENTS AND THE LONG POSITIVE POLARITY MOON’S CYCLES


Ancient and modern mystics have always used the long positive polarities of our moon to achieve difficult mental/spiritual goals. It was after many centuries when they discovered how to use the attributes of the four elements as effective tools for their self-development. Observing the different moon phases they were able to discover which moon phase corresponded to a different element. They found out the following:

As a moon phase starts also a long negative polarity cycle starts lasting for three days and a half. Here negative means passive not active. They discovered that some very important actions were easily carried out during the long positive polarity cycles; for example taking home remedies, memorizing complex instruction, intentional thinking and meeting successfully much more demanding exercises; both mental and physical.

Their findings cast this: Three days and a half before any new moon; during the long positive polarity the element FIRE must be used. Before a first quarter moon WATER is the element to be used; the element EARTH during any full moon. The last quarter moon is the best period to use the element AIR using all its attributes and advantages.

The FIRE element essence is of a very powerful spiritual nature. It gives us tremendous physical energy, strength and vital powers. Its vital characteristics are liveliness, energy, ardor, enthusiasm, courage and action. We must bath our integral self in this element when we really wish to eliminate unwanted bad emotions in us. Using a lit candle is a wonderful idea to attract this element. Before any new moon we can use the moon’s long polarity to invoke the fire element. During these three days we become true warriors. We demonstrate courage, fortitude, zeal and pugnacity. The mental and moral strength enables us to venture into unknown waters and to persevere and withstand danger. Mettle, resolution, and tenacity are attracted to our spiritual strength, so a lot of difficult tasks can be faced first and then conquered.

The WATER element was first used by mystics then by priests when they were able to create Holy Water in their rituals. The Water element attracts benevolence, so during these three days and a half we must add this positive emotion to our thoughts and actions; charitable deeds plus a kindly disposition to promote goodwill are easily attainable. This element makes us cooperative, companionable, hospitable and social human beings. It is during this cycle when we can aid the sick and the unfortunate just as they would for one’s of own family, and most often ask nothing in return.

The EARTH element allows us to sell at an excellent price our goods or services offered. During this cycle we indeed enjoy food and drink. Nice surroundings, good music, the feel of quality materials, the smell and taste of good foods and financial security are the conditions required for an emotionally happy Earth element. I have a twenty year long experience working in restaurants and it is during this cycle when we, food vendors can sell anything! By magnetizing a small stone we can use it to attract every single mineral from our Universe!

Our next element to be used during the three days and a half before any last quarter moon is the AIR element. This sacred element makes us behave like ancient priests. They actively acquired knowledge through experience, education and association. In ancient times, the only educated people were either priests, royalty or those who took it upon themselves to acquire knowledge (seers). During this wonderful time our minds become well-oriented enable us to posses an expanding philosophical curiosity.

Another useful discovery was that from a new moon to a full moon it is an excellent time stimulating our psychic centers; our inner strength must be enhanced. From midnight to four A.M highly spiritual formulas can be easily channeled. Spiritual contacts with Cosmic Masters must be sought during these wonderful fourteen days. From any full moon to any new moon should be dedicated to our physical body. During these fourteen days doing exercise is easier. For four years I dedicated four journals to confirm such mystic findings; I has two journals for each year: one from a new moon to a full moon and the other from a full moon to a new moon.

With immense gratitude your spiritual brother:

Ezequiel Rodríguez Saldívar

Ja-Len Jones Power lesson re; The Moon Phases! This totally makes sense! Wish I knew this years ago. I am going to try this! Thanks!
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The above lesson courtesy of Ezequiel Rodriguez Saldivar; THANK-YOU MAESTRO AND MYSTIC/SHAMAN HEALER EZEQUEIL! Mucho Gracias!

***also check out further sites on Facebook (Ezequiel Rodriguez Saldivar) and Cosmos Siete

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Emily Dickinson "To venerate the simple days" 57/1175

To venerate the simple days by Emily Dickinson

To venerate the simple days
Which lead the seasons by,
Needs but to remember
That from you or I,
They may take the trifle
Termed mortality!

Yes this poem is a little "preachy" but evidently Emily felt this need to describe her feelings.

In "To venerate the simple days" Emily does not include her trademark imagery of birds, flowers or bees, or her allegorical anthems either. Although "days", "mortality" and "seasons" do repeat often in her work.

Here, Emily is right-on-the-money; driving home her home run stress on the importance of knowing life is fleeting and in need to be enjoyed in the moment; as it occurs; one "simple day" at a time!
Life is a "trifle". It is mortal. It ends. Enough said! We "venerate" or honor "the simple days". It is the same "simple days" seemingly so innocuous that one day will "lead" us by and by to the same "termed" fact of "mortality". This fact of life dwells in Emily's heart, knowing full well her own "mortality".

Emily gives us, with a flowery profusions of fresh poetic flowers, a retraction of mortality. Her words, defy "mortality" defines her poetry as the life she imbued into her art continues to communicate her soul to live on and on!

Chiccoreal considers "To venerate the simple days" in 'an off-shoot' poem"

"A Journey of Days"

Honor the Simple days
worship the flowers underfoot
take a moment to smell the roses
appreciate the minutiae
slow down time
for a quickening is upon us
when evening comes
hopes to find us luminous
as when we had begun
upon this journey of days

each minute by minute
second by second
the heartbeat pounds
the knock upon the door
That which gives life to each breath
when only our mortality remains
each day a wave
breaching beyond the point
of no return
on that far shore


Monday, June 20, 2011

Magpie #70 Bargain Basement Priced

she knew
all the finest
Princeton's elite
would be there
with their penchant
for shiny things
swing shift crew
with strappy new shoes
art deco divas
dream-sicle suited
in Speak Easy dives
the light

into this fast world
the city birthed her
yet she hardly knew
herself with her bobbed-hair
and pouty full lips
yet she did know
all those who thought
they owned a piece of her soul

life would return to her one day
turn around
spin her on her toes
pirouette her around the room
like a Russian princess
this being of lightedness
feather from heaven
never to touch the ground

she held her own
though the weight of it all
would bring her down
she would crash

Appearing ever-so pensive
she'd edge herself closer
to those that meant much
closer to those peopled places
known as the local hang out
with stellar stars all atwirl
flapping in the wind
The Charleston
all society's finest were there
the who's who registry
while they were always busy
like bees in a hive
making small talk lively
making merry chit-chat
making out bigtime mainly
punchbowl talk
would rock her world

she'd sit pretty tonight
choose to ignore the wag
apply her lipstick seductively
she'd listen to the jazz singer
return of investment
never a sure thing

with lapsed attention
she'd feign affection
her many suitors held court
tall the boring conversations
she'd sit motionless
while the others
continued to rule the roost
drop names
bandy about
ripe gossip from brandy

At the Speak Easy
Not always that easy
or all what it seemed
to speak quietly
hushed tones
heard on the street
loose change
time for a change
to stay well-connected
the insiders tip
a trick actually
for with all the ruckus goin' on
and the tills kept ringing
she did not care to be there
to question the quality
of the booze she partook

the smokey cigar-filled air
stale and cheap as the bathtub gin
or malt whisky liquor
rum runners with bleary-eyes
persons who's patent ideas for pleasure
all fast Freddie types
in their Model "T's" looked too good
on drunken drives risque boys
gambled with their lives
as all too soon the flame extinguished
consumed by a consumate fire of desire
now all these souls mere shadows
down hallowed halls
on hallowed walls
these hollowed souls; soon peerless

the twenties found them
and she returned in effigy
her fine form
framed again
for the very last time

embraced by a new generation
all who knew her then said
we should have known
what we know now
that one day
we will be
bargain basement priced
"the whole lot for $1.99"


Thank-you Tess Kincaid of Magpie Tales for the inspirational beauty (Zelda? Daisy?) who reminds us to write like F. Scott Fitzgerald on a honeymoon! Or read a book like The Great Gatsby if you think my poem flaps!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Emily Dickinson "If I should cease to bring a Rose" 56/1775

If I should cease to bring a Rose by Emily Dickinson 56/1775

If I should cease to bring a Rose
Upon a festal day,
'Twill be because beyond the Rose
I have been called away —
If I should cease to take the names
My buds commemorate —
'Twill be because Death's finger
Claps my murmuring lip!

Emily is quite surreal in this allegorical poem. As to her quest to use the word "'Twill" which I am certain is similar to "'Tis". A colloquial term used in certain earnestness during Emily's time.

The "festal day" being? The Day of Death? Or someone's death day? Remembrance at the cemetery where Emily places a single rose on the tomb/plot of her loved ones praying for them to come home to where Spirit fully lives alive and well.

When Emily is "called away" which means she is absolutely no longer able to continue the living memorial because she is no longer existing aka she is facing certain death herself and can no longer be the heroine. But only for a time; 'twill death can no longer touch body parts like "lips". Spiritual "lips"? Ghost "lips"? Wonders what spiritual "lips" look like...and "murmuring" at that. Don't there is much life left in "murmuring" lips. Notice Emily does not say "praying" lips. Murmuring. Hmmm...

'Twill because death's finger
Claps my murmuring lips

This seems to be the only reason as to why someone else's death commemoration would be cancelled for the "festal" time. "Festal" being to Emily a time of great Rebirth of Spiritual gifts as death is a natural progression to the life everlasting.

It would only be "death's finger" holding her back from performing her sworn duty to her "buds" or leaving her "buds" roses that have failed to fully open; also a symbol of the premature death of many of her friends and family.

If I should cease to take the names

What is interesting here is the idea of "to take the names" rather than say the names as one would do when one is living and saying a prayer over a beloved's gravesite. Emily is taking the names of her beloved to the throne room in Heaven upon her death. It is her will to do so, it 'Twill be done...come death's nasty finger holding her prayerful lips or not. Death does seem quite evil here! Yet Death too, undoubtedly 'Twill not stop Emily!

Very macabre, yet brave of dear sweet Emily battling Death with great awe-inspiring spiritual strength from within her tiny being and faith in her belief-system whatever brand of Christian esoterica that may be.

Chiccoreal Ponders Emily's poem "If I should cease to bring a rose"

Await green light
nascent buds
friends awaiting an invitation
once prayers for sinners is said
and standing in the gap
is Emily
praying for all friends
to arise
to awaken to the new day
to rise up from ashen slumber
where time and space has placed

Death no longer has a weapon
we fear not the murky depths
death staying around
nor reaping benefit elsewheres
Death may take away briefly
My bud's festivus
or Festal Day
The Grand and Glorious Day
Of New Beginnings in the
New Heaven and New Earth

Death be assured
you can only have this revenge
if you can pry this bud's death grip
if you can loosen my unflinching grip
pry my cold dead fingers
from around the cold and prickly stem
a drop of blood trickles down
to touch the ground

from Death's icy grip
where is the remedy?
Oh gripe again!
That nasty Death-knell
Will never let me loose
yet i can never lose
now that I see the gates
Opening up to let us in
Spirit now
be ever viligant Virgil
as Death wants to mob rule
use fear-mongering as a tool
Life will Always be the winner
dear spirit spright
always to be the winner
of our lives of love
Give Death the boot
kick Death back to the pit

Death to Death!
a complete submission
no remission
Death's once owned our souls
not too long ago
now so far gone these deadly ways
to Hades sealed with 7 seals
and the 7 deadly sins
and long dead 4 horses and men of
The Cryptic Apocalptic Curse;
the curse of sin long
forgotten in the sea forgetfulness
Life Now Has Victory Over Death!!!


Emily Dickinson "By Chilvaries as tiny"

By Chivalries as tiny, by Emily Dickinson

By Chivalries as tiny,
A Blossom, or a Book,
The seeds of smiles are planted —
Which blossom in the dark.,

Books "blossom" the mind and thus make one smile! Yes, indeed Miss Emily!

Chiccoreal's Take on "By Chilvaries as tiny" by Emily Dickenson

Please Sweet Knight
Depart not
but leave a thing
a simple gift
upon my shelf
be that of Saving Grace
Sire is A Book worth reading
A Rose in Full Bloom
Blossom Forth
to gently push open
the Door of Memory's Daughter
For Wisdom's Sake

keep on Smiling!

'If I should die" by Emily Dickinson 54/1775

If I should die, by Emily Dickinson

If I should die,
And you should live —
And time should gurgle on —
And morn should beam —
And noon should burn —
As it has usual done —
If Birds should build as early
And Bees as bustling go —
One might depart at option
From enterprise below!
'Tis sweet to know that stocks will stand
When we with Daisies lie —
That Commerce will continue —
And Trades as briskly fly —
It makes the parting tranquil
And keeps the soul serene —
That gentlemen so sprightly
Conduct the pleasing scene,

"If I should die" By Emily Dickinson

Emily's Last Testament, here departure from life to life; to spirit life. She has no worries as to what is happening to her, in fact quite relishes the

"One might depart an option" (should this not read;

An option? To die? I am not sure that one would choose to die unless they were certain that the afterlife would be much better. Perhaps a reference to the next sentence; "of Enterprise below" meaning the earth continues turning and making merry!

"As it has usual done"

Would that not read; "as it has 'usually' done"?

The modern triple end-word sentences which stand out as per their placement in the poem does seem to be an almost construct in this concept; "beam" "burn" "done". As there is a clue here, as Emily also seems very modern when using the two end words of the second and third sentence reading "live" "on" a clue in the last words here."die" only seems to be a word which transports one to a new life and to think that Life will "Live" "On"! The conventions of the times perhaps did not allow her to continue in the same modern vein as the prose does turn back into her usual images, "We Will with Daisies" as in 'pushing up daisies'. There is a certainty that Emily knows the facts of life and death. She is satisfied knowing this for her friend;

and you should live

The appearance of Emily's birds and bees a pleasant feature in this death day "die". As well as "Daisies" and "gentlemen so sprightly" are these the previous poem's "men"? half men half angel or wholly men? They are "sprightly" so they are spirit men I believe; perhaps angels!

conduct the pleasing scene

Is Emily watching as she imagines what the world would look like after her soul has departed this world?

There is much hope for nature if this is the case!


Chiccoreal's "If I should die" again!

If I should die
another day again!
What continues now
when once was then
and hence
it is not of now
this momentary glimpse
as fast as lightening peels onions
and thunder roars lions
flight of the bumblebee humms loudly
a short quickening home to centre
to the upper reaches
to the tallest branches
that which our light has seen
as light bodies now fully dispatch
as light bodies now fully absorb
as light bodies now fully embody now
as we looked happily down upon
the world once known now
how quaintly so
so slowly turning
going on and on
day after day
until that day
when one is whisked away
making haste not to waste
a single drop of this precious life

when all the Commerce
when all the Enterprise
when all the Trades
make hay under the sunshine
Robin fly away
out of sight
out of our mind
to spirit flow
and all is as it should be
as this is the nature of the beehive
continue to awaken infinitude
until infinitude is breached by
the far shore beach
the luminous night
light of being
zips light of a higher vibrational tone
fully filled Spirit Source of Joyous Love
Living has a new feel
to feel with these new old feelings
like old new clothes
mixed in the clouds
surround us comfort us
give us these days
as if one big day
new screen unfolds
new scene displays
This Glory Day Banner
renew my soul
Harken me back
to my forever at home

Emily Dickinson "Taken from men — this morning —" 52/1775

Taken from men — this morning — by Emily Dickinson

Taken from men — this morning —
Carried by men today —
Met by the Gods with banners —
Who marshaled her away —

One little maid — from playmates —
One little mind from school —
There must be guests in Eden —
All the rooms are full —

Far — as the East from Even —
Dim — as the border star —
Courtiers quaint, in Kingdoms
Our departed are.

Emily is undoubtedly talking about the death of a young female child.

A common hard fact of life and daily occurrence during the Victoria days. So much so that Emily expands upon this fact;

All the rooms are full —

Notice how Emily discussed "men" "taken" and "carried". Men of heaven and earth. The men being an interesting way of suggesting the way it must have seemed to Emily. The pallbearers being men and angels being men.

"Gods" are apparently not described as men by Emily which I find extremely interesting. "Gods" is also interesting here as it is a departure from pure Ancient Grecian fantasy of the Epic novel studied at Amherst.

Emily's fantasy foray is for this readership to this point 53/1775 critical in her direct approach to using actual life events mixed with her studies especially the Ancient Greek poem, etc. It is a departure for Emily to discuss "Gods" especially if there is a capital "G". Is Emily angry at the Big G? For the many deaths she had to endure, or does she blame "men" for there role in this grand design of unknown origin?

Maybe someone called this little dead girl "one little maid" in parting, and this had a traumatic effect on Emily. As I can imagine that using the word "Gods" with a capital G would be severely frowned upon in uptight Victorian culture.
"one little mind from school" How many little girls had the opportunity to go to school and become as important as the "men" in this poem. Those who are so responsible as to not know the origin of the unknown? Emily seems biting here.

"There must be guests in Eden"

Here and in the next stanza "Eden" "Even" "East" is used to describe an alliteration of the mystical kind. Is "Even" reference to the Evening Star (Christ) in the "East" which is where heaven or "Eden" (The Garden of Eden) now resides?

"Dim as the border star"

Who is awaiting at the border? The little dead girl or "one little maiden"? Why is it dim? Is earth's spirituality "dim"? Is this what Emily is suggesting by way of poetic license?

Now the dead are "Courtiers Quaint", "in Kingdoms" "Our departed are"
It seems that the dead become part of the court or "Courtiers" of heaven "Eden".
Why they are "Quaint" maybe a sarcastic attack on the handling of this little dead girl and her once lively "mind". Quaint may be like saying "cute" in a sarcastic and sardonic way today.

"Our departed are" now living in some capacity "in Kingdoms" of heaven, indeed Eden maybe a lower heaven to Emily, as Heaven is segmented into levels arranged for spiritual attainment, the priest, etc; (144,000?).

No longer a men-matter event now that this one "little maid" (wouldn't she be a maiden?) This is also an anomaly; and I find this poem questioning, if not somewhat disturbing a thought-process.

Chiccoreal's Take on "Taken From Men This Morning"

Bright Morning Star
A light has grown Dim
Where little lights go
dressed as old Maids
where only the dead go now
Men! What a task left
to bury the life once rose
to the morning sun
When only Maidens
the youthful blush of life
as quick as the rose
Harken back
the Heralding of Angels
A quick sinner's prayer
and Enter the Kingdom of Heaven
Open The Gates For All for see
Eden's back and call


Emily Dickinson Returns! A Poem A Day Continues 52/1775

thanks mb for photo prompt
Whether my bark went down at sea — by Emily Dickinson

Whether my bark went down at sea,
Whether she met with gales,
Whether to isles enchanted
She bent her docile sails ;

By what mystic mooring
She is held to-day, —
This is the errand of the eye
Out upon the bay.

After Comments by Chiccoreal

A very lyric poem of a visionary boat by a transcendental mystic. Also throughtly modern!

Miss Emily em"barks" with much imagination a scene of such personal tragedy and levity; the dictomy whimsical as it is her boat;

"my bark"

Emily may be describing a bobbing bark which she has found and is espousing upon with her vivid imagination. Again we are impressed to yet another one of Emily's witty puns. "Bark" being both the bark of a wooden ship as well as evoking the term to embark upon a journey. The journey being an invisible journey of the imaginary kind.

As Emily's imagination suggests that the boat "bark" may have met with fate of two various kinds. One being a "gale" or that of being met to "isles enchanted".

Emily leaves us guessing in the first stanza. "Whether" also conjures the homonym "weather" and the very crucial importance of weather at sea. The "weather" always being "if-y", and unsure thing, and a sailor is constantly on watch for good or bad weather. The journey (life) can be pleasant or unpleasant just as the weather can flip like a coin at a moment's notice. One must be prepared spiritually at a moment's notice as well.

"She bent her docile sail" suggest a foment of meaning to Emily; undoubtly having personal connotations. Possibly meaning Emily has relented to the nature of the tide, of life's storms, "whether" good or bad, etc. "Bent" being also suggestive of having to succumb to the physical hardships of the material world. Emily feels she must become "docile" because the storms are often larger than life and beyond human control.

"By what mystic mooring" reference is indicative of a Chrisitan-themed imagery. The Christian mystic image of a boat, references Christ miracles on the Dead Sea, his walking on the water, and in particular the calming of the storm with the apostles in tow; witnesses to Jesus' miracles

For Emily knows that it is wise and advisable to place trust in one's faith, not to place too much concern or worry about the storms of life; they will always be present.

"She is held to-day" reflects how the imagery has effected her physically this image of the ghost ship of the mind's imagination.

As Emily is describing this ghost ship, one which is holds a "mystic mooring" so that "an errand of the eye" makes it appear as if by mystical magic. Emily again, uses a pun in "errand" meaning the eye travels.

There is a very important job to perform; that is to seek that which is unseen as well as the punned word being, possibly, "errant" of the eye, which would make more sense, as the "fooling the eye" or "trompe l'oiel" is very much in the mind's eye of the Victorian mind-set who did employ amply this treatment of using imagination in art, architecture, etc. Here Emily uses verbal "trompe l'oeil" for a simple, and brilliant effect!

Chiccoreal's Take On "Whether My Bark Went Down At Sea"

To see the trees
Bobbing there
One little piece of wood
A dog barking in the park
Drifting off to sleep
Don't fear the too Deep
Far beyond the Great Beyond
This Ship of Fools
Never sinks
It Is not waterlogged
It is shipworthy
all these years
for prime time
for the enjoyment
of the imagination
tugs of the heart string
pull her into shore
As Muse of Imagination
Emily's there!
She'll Always Inspire
on the Far Shore


Magpie #69 Spirit Shell HAIKU

Spirit Shell

Spirit Within us
Uncover seashore-worn forms
She'll always spiral

Monday, June 6, 2011

Chiccoreal's 3 Haikus + Original "Paint"

hike along the highest ridge
touch base with the edge of space
Do Walking Clouds Mist?

Meandering Wanderling
Streams' flow; twist and turn
Find Source where you are

Coo Coo Coo Lonely Sad Sound
Mourning Dove who cries
Where is the one you have loved?


Magpie Tales #68 "Good Ol' One Eye"

One eye spied
One eye spied
from high above
a lofty cushioned perch
Rolling around beside itself
watching life undulating
from afar shore
the wild slide ride
Oops an eyeball pop!
drawer full of pop's peepers
ol' popped out eyeballs
Good Ol' One eye
don't leave me; love me
"Sakes alive..."
critical cortical stem fired
Logic assumed
"You're fired..."
"You're not the image you've resumed"
"You're only pretending
to be the real Eye, Aye, I!!!"
flustered flattened
a bloated fattened cow
Now prehensively intrusive
An Andalusian pretense

Definitely apprehension
applied arts adhesive
gut-wrenchingly personal
like a touch of Eclampsia
hand shook the wiggly jiggly
eyeball hardened
stiffened somewhat
afraid of all that mush

a super ball hardball
"Play ball!"
stalwartly silent
distended, distorted
rightful, fearful
billowing moot smoke
overshot the moon

visual stimuli stimulating
socket less socket wrench world
AC/DC plug n play light forms
snake slits alive eyeball man!
fade to luminous dark
heard deep to mind
"don't forget to
leave the light on..."
"Oh Yes, Oh yes, Good Ol'
One Eye...yes,
Golden Boy
Eye will
Eye promise Eye will
Eye will
'Cause Eye've got a
Good Ol' Good Ol' Good Ol'
One Eye Open
lucky eyeball too!"


Ok, mortifiably creepy! Apologizes to Motel 6! I hope you dont feel the same! Check out the site here: please leave your eyeball stamp upon the wall;

Permission for the creative use of the Fine Art Photo of an eyeball kindly attributed to Tess Kincaid of Magpie Tales - Thank-you Tess!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Deadly New E-Coli Strain is SMOTE by Magnetic E-Pulsing FROM GOD

Does the spring "awaken" these new bacterias/viruses, etc

(eg 1918 Spanish Flu Epidemic) etc because of the certain

energy from the sun at certain times of year? Also, could

these bacterias/viruses be made dormant again via same

magnetic manipulation via man-made synthetic or natural

magnetic therapy? If the switch can be turned "on" to allow

viruses/bacteria to activate than it can, in turn, be turned

"off". As we are all linked on the subatomic level via the

sun's active magnetic initiation of intense magnetic pulsing

activity at various frequency of vibration and/or spectrum-array

eg Solar Flares, etc.

Noticing the spring and fall

cycle solar-magnetic activity which could be turned off

magnetically. Perhaps through the same or artificial

magnetic impulse via the Cern Particle Accelerator to de-

accelerator or de-activate the intense Universal/Multiverse magnetic

impulsing from our PULSAR SUN to produce anti-magnetic or

correct the magnetic of the biological type of proactive

and prophaltic-type therapy?

As humans who are definitely

smarter than viruses/bacteria etc but maybe not at the

atomic level YET powerful ENOUGH


AS we need to know how these energetic

life forms were formed eons ago.

Need to know how these

intense magnetic effect us the biologic-magnetic on the

sub-atomic level and how we can tweak these magnetic

energies to successfuly manage these intense magnetic

pulses from our sun and perhaps the Galatic Centre
(which may be positoned DIRECTLY IN THE CENTRE OF SUN as all begins there with lines going back to the big bang as we travel outward into deep space further from the Galatic core) and further into reaches beyond? jj

from Yahoo News today!

LONDON - The World Health Organization said

Thursday that the E. coli bacteria responsible for a deadly

outbreak that has left 18 dead and sickened hundreds in

Europe is a new strain that has never been seen before.

Preliminary genetic sequencing suggests the strain is a

mutant form of two different E. coli bacteria, with

aggressive genes that could explain why the Europe-wide

outbreak appears to be so massive and dangerous, the agency


Hilde Kruse, a food safety expert at the WHO, told The

Associated Press that "this is a unique strain that has

never been isolated from patients before."

She added that the new strain has "various characteristics

that make it more virulent and toxin-producing" than the

hundreds of E. coli strains that people naturally carry in

their intestines.

So far, the mutant E. coli strain has sickened more than

1,500 people, including 470 who have developed a rare

kidney failure complication, and killed 18, including one

overnight in Germany, the country hit hardest by the


Researchers have been unable to pinpoint the cause of the

illness, which has hit at least nine European countries,

and prompted Russia on Thursday to extend a ban on

vegetables to the entire European Union.

Kruse said it's not uncommon for bacteria to continually

mutate, evolving and swapping genes. "There's a lot of

mobility in the microbial world," she said. Kruse said it

was difficult to explain where the new strain came from but

said strains of bacteria from both humans and animals

easily trade genes, similar to how animal viruses like

Ebola sometimes jump into humans.

"One should think of an animal source," Kruse said. "Many

animals are hosts of various types of toxin-producing E.

coli." Some scientists suspect the deadly E. coli might

have originated in contaminated manure used to fertilize


Previous E. coli outbreaks have mainly hit children and the

elderly, but the European outbreak is disproportionately

affecting adults, especially women. Kruse said there might

be something particular about the bacteria strain that

makes it more dangerous for adults.

But she cautioned that since people with milder cases

probably aren't seeking medical help, officials don't know

just how big the outbreak is. "It's hard to say how

virulent (this new E. coli strain) is because we just don't

know the real number of people affected."

Nearly all the sick people either live in Germany or

recently travelled there. Two people who were sickened are

now in the United States, and both had recently travelled

to Hamburg, Germany, where many of the infections occurred.

British officials announced four new cases, including three

Britons who recently visited Germany and a German person on

holiday in England.

German officials have warned people not to eat lettuce,

tomatoes and cucumbers. To avoid foodborne illnesses, WHO

recommends people wash their hands before eating or cooking

food, separating raw and cooked meat from other foods,

thoroughly cooking food, and washing fruits and vegetables,

especially if eaten raw. Experts also recommend peeling raw

fruits and vegetables if possible.

Fearful of the outbreak spreading into Russia, the country

on Thursday extended its ban on vegetable imports to all of

the EU. Russia had banned fresh imports from Spain and

Germany on Monday.

The United Arab Emirates issued a temporary ban on

cucumbers from Spain, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands.

State news agency WAM said the Gulf nation's Minister of

Environment and Water issued the order based on information

"from international food safety agencies and news reports."

Lyubov Voropayeva, spokeswoman for the Russian Agency for

the Supervision of Consumer Rights, told the AP the Russian

ban has been imposed immediately and indefinitely.

The agency's chief Gennady Onishchenko told Russian news

agencies that this "unpopular measure" would be in place

until European officials inform Moscow of the cause of the

disease and how it is being spread.

"How many more lives of European citizens does it take for

European officials to tackle this problem?" he told the

state-owned RIA Novosti news agency.

No fatalities or infections have yet been reported in


The European Union argued the Russian ban was

disproportionate. Frederic Vincent, a spokesman for the

EU's Health and Consumer Policy Commissioner John Dalli,

said Thursday that the European Commission would write to

Russia to demand further clarification of the ban.

Meanwhile, Spain's prime minister slammed the European

Commission and Germany for singling out the country's

produce as a possible source of the outbreak, and said the

government would demand explanations and reparations.

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero told Spanish National Radio

that the German federal government was ultimately

responsible for the allegations, adding that Spain would

seek "conclusive explanations and sufficient reparations."

The outbreak is already considered the third-largest

involving E. coli in recent world history, and it may be

the deadliest. Twelve people died in a 1996 Japanese

outbreak that reportedly sickened more than 9,000, and

seven died in a 2000 Canadian outbreak.


Vasilyeva contributed to this story from Moscow. Associated

Press writers Kirsten Grieshaber in Berlin, Gabriele

Steinhauser in Brussels, Ciaran Giles in Madrid and Adam

Schreck in Dubai contributed to this report.
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Sticky mass of southwest heat
as woodwind blows cool
surrendering sweat offer

Cardinal trails Azure Sky
Short walk on Long Point
Frogs please show your green faces

pungent lilac breezes call
come out of your hut
take a walk on the wild side

dog too hot to be top dog
lap dog too snoop dog
Zoe finds her shadow niche

clouds form anthropomorphic
shapes from nothingness
become some kind animal

new leaves blow sound full echoes
through June First new breeze
renewed passion-fresh slice

examine the fullness of heart
with each new moon phase
write your intent on the soul

June Sun shone hot this a.m.
yellow smiley face
toothy grin too hot summer

turtles splash when walking past
my shadow tails them
anxious to leave before I do

Great Lakes lapping shoreline
waves bye-bye sea blues
remembers the day we wed

Core Lawn Ashram Yoga
Bend Stretch Dragon Breath
Hips over head walk through the sun

Lilacs found by way of smell
deep within the woods
Where Old Homestead must have been

Placed flowers on the old rock
hoping you'd find them
overheard overhead "wish"

dream of things that cannot be
please dare ask why not
dream your own reality

heal yourself by finding your own
Circadian Clock
Cicada's hot drone sounds well

Forever long takes to wait
life slowly pans by
I AM taking life's picture

Have you tackled your tackle?
fishing gear gone fishy?
the one that got away; back?

on anything other than
we dont stay mum for long

as one waits and waits and waits
droll dreary draggy
be more fun watching grass grow

I was born a rumbling' mam
do in' the best I can
try in' to make a livin'

six words to plagiarism?
often you don't say
five word never say never

lazy day nothing doing
bored no axe to ground
fired all dud weapons dude

Here In Vortex Triangles
focused telescope
background zooms into foreground

Dream diet states eat whenever
bust fat or do not
Eat whatever you want friend

Love unconditionally
Non conditional
Odd Commodity Love Is!

Spirit Walkers Find Clouds Fun
Hopping and Hoping
Dreams Float by on Endless Sky

Gold Market Strikes Soar
Stinking Fear of Denial
When Crash comes to Cash Crunch

Nature Breeds those Waxen'd Wings
Overheard Wires
Pass Over Kamikaze

Plants don't plant themselves Says Bill
It takes a village
enjoy fruits this labour day

Vacation a must says stats
Take two weeks off please
kick back get better lifetime