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Emily Dickinson "To venerate the simple days" 57/1175

To venerate the simple days by Emily Dickinson

To venerate the simple days
Which lead the seasons by,
Needs but to remember
That from you or I,
They may take the trifle
Termed mortality!

Yes this poem is a little "preachy" but evidently Emily felt this need to describe her feelings.

In "To venerate the simple days" Emily does not include her trademark imagery of birds, flowers or bees, or her allegorical anthems either. Although "days", "mortality" and "seasons" do repeat often in her work.

Here, Emily is right-on-the-money; driving home her home run stress on the importance of knowing life is fleeting and in need to be enjoyed in the moment; as it occurs; one "simple day" at a time!
Life is a "trifle". It is mortal. It ends. Enough said! We "venerate" or honor "the simple days". It is the same "simple days" seemingly so innocuous that one day will "lead" us by and by to the same "termed" fact of "mortality". This fact of life dwells in Emily's heart, knowing full well her own "mortality".

Emily gives us, with a flowery profusions of fresh poetic flowers, a retraction of mortality. Her words, defy "mortality" defines her poetry as the life she imbued into her art continues to communicate her soul to live on and on!

Chiccoreal considers "To venerate the simple days" in 'an off-shoot' poem"

"A Journey of Days"

Honor the Simple days
worship the flowers underfoot
take a moment to smell the roses
appreciate the minutiae
slow down time
for a quickening is upon us
when evening comes
hopes to find us luminous
as when we had begun
upon this journey of days

each minute by minute
second by second
the heartbeat pounds
the knock upon the door
That which gives life to each breath
when only our mortality remains
each day a wave
breaching beyond the point
of no return
on that far shore


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