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'If I should die" by Emily Dickinson 54/1775

If I should die, by Emily Dickinson

If I should die,
And you should live —
And time should gurgle on —
And morn should beam —
And noon should burn —
As it has usual done —
If Birds should build as early
And Bees as bustling go —
One might depart at option
From enterprise below!
'Tis sweet to know that stocks will stand
When we with Daisies lie —
That Commerce will continue —
And Trades as briskly fly —
It makes the parting tranquil
And keeps the soul serene —
That gentlemen so sprightly
Conduct the pleasing scene,

"If I should die" By Emily Dickinson

Emily's Last Testament, here departure from life to life; to spirit life. She has no worries as to what is happening to her, in fact quite relishes the

"One might depart an option" (should this not read;

An option? To die? I am not sure that one would choose to die unless they were certain that the afterlife would be much better. Perhaps a reference to the next sentence; "of Enterprise below" meaning the earth continues turning and making merry!

"As it has usual done"

Would that not read; "as it has 'usually' done"?

The modern triple end-word sentences which stand out as per their placement in the poem does seem to be an almost construct in this concept; "beam" "burn" "done". As there is a clue here, as Emily also seems very modern when using the two end words of the second and third sentence reading "live" "on" a clue in the last words here."die" only seems to be a word which transports one to a new life and to think that Life will "Live" "On"! The conventions of the times perhaps did not allow her to continue in the same modern vein as the prose does turn back into her usual images, "We Will with Daisies" as in 'pushing up daisies'. There is a certainty that Emily knows the facts of life and death. She is satisfied knowing this for her friend;

and you should live

The appearance of Emily's birds and bees a pleasant feature in this death day "die". As well as "Daisies" and "gentlemen so sprightly" are these the previous poem's "men"? half men half angel or wholly men? They are "sprightly" so they are spirit men I believe; perhaps angels!

conduct the pleasing scene

Is Emily watching as she imagines what the world would look like after her soul has departed this world?

There is much hope for nature if this is the case!


Chiccoreal's "If I should die" again!

If I should die
another day again!
What continues now
when once was then
and hence
it is not of now
this momentary glimpse
as fast as lightening peels onions
and thunder roars lions
flight of the bumblebee humms loudly
a short quickening home to centre
to the upper reaches
to the tallest branches
that which our light has seen
as light bodies now fully dispatch
as light bodies now fully absorb
as light bodies now fully embody now
as we looked happily down upon
the world once known now
how quaintly so
so slowly turning
going on and on
day after day
until that day
when one is whisked away
making haste not to waste
a single drop of this precious life

when all the Commerce
when all the Enterprise
when all the Trades
make hay under the sunshine
Robin fly away
out of sight
out of our mind
to spirit flow
and all is as it should be
as this is the nature of the beehive
continue to awaken infinitude
until infinitude is breached by
the far shore beach
the luminous night
light of being
zips light of a higher vibrational tone
fully filled Spirit Source of Joyous Love
Living has a new feel
to feel with these new old feelings
like old new clothes
mixed in the clouds
surround us comfort us
give us these days
as if one big day
new screen unfolds
new scene displays
This Glory Day Banner
renew my soul
Harken me back
to my forever at home

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