Saturday, June 18, 2011

Emily Dickinson "By Chilvaries as tiny"

By Chivalries as tiny, by Emily Dickinson

By Chivalries as tiny,
A Blossom, or a Book,
The seeds of smiles are planted —
Which blossom in the dark.,

Books "blossom" the mind and thus make one smile! Yes, indeed Miss Emily!

Chiccoreal's Take on "By Chilvaries as tiny" by Emily Dickenson

Please Sweet Knight
Depart not
but leave a thing
a simple gift
upon my shelf
be that of Saving Grace
Sire is A Book worth reading
A Rose in Full Bloom
Blossom Forth
to gently push open
the Door of Memory's Daughter
For Wisdom's Sake

keep on Smiling!

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