Monday, June 6, 2011

Magpie Tales #68 "Good Ol' One Eye"

One eye spied
One eye spied
from high above
a lofty cushioned perch
Rolling around beside itself
watching life undulating
from afar shore
the wild slide ride
Oops an eyeball pop!
drawer full of pop's peepers
ol' popped out eyeballs
Good Ol' One eye
don't leave me; love me
"Sakes alive..."
critical cortical stem fired
Logic assumed
"You're fired..."
"You're not the image you've resumed"
"You're only pretending
to be the real Eye, Aye, I!!!"
flustered flattened
a bloated fattened cow
Now prehensively intrusive
An Andalusian pretense

Definitely apprehension
applied arts adhesive
gut-wrenchingly personal
like a touch of Eclampsia
hand shook the wiggly jiggly
eyeball hardened
stiffened somewhat
afraid of all that mush

a super ball hardball
"Play ball!"
stalwartly silent
distended, distorted
rightful, fearful
billowing moot smoke
overshot the moon

visual stimuli stimulating
socket less socket wrench world
AC/DC plug n play light forms
snake slits alive eyeball man!
fade to luminous dark
heard deep to mind
"don't forget to
leave the light on..."
"Oh Yes, Oh yes, Good Ol'
One Eye...yes,
Golden Boy
Eye will
Eye promise Eye will
Eye will
'Cause Eye've got a
Good Ol' Good Ol' Good Ol'
One Eye Open
lucky eyeball too!"


Ok, mortifiably creepy! Apologizes to Motel 6! I hope you dont feel the same! Check out the site here: please leave your eyeball stamp upon the wall;

Permission for the creative use of the Fine Art Photo of an eyeball kindly attributed to Tess Kincaid of Magpie Tales - Thank-you Tess!


  1. Eek! Oh, the visions in my head.

    What a fun prompt. : )

  2. Will the real Eye, Aye, I please stand up? Eyes are such chatty little things.

  3. I'm with Thingy...The images in my head have me reeling...

  4. Heheh - yes, creepy Ol' One Eye.

  5. oh eye yie eye.....this is great!

  6. Wooo, this is a strong one - love the lilt, the play and the images wrapped in this.

  7. Oh my this is creepy but amusing and very clever. My submission is pretty creepy too lol