Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Sticky mass of southwest heat
as woodwind blows cool
surrendering sweat offer

Cardinal trails Azure Sky
Short walk on Long Point
Frogs please show your green faces

pungent lilac breezes call
come out of your hut
take a walk on the wild side

dog too hot to be top dog
lap dog too snoop dog
Zoe finds her shadow niche

clouds form anthropomorphic
shapes from nothingness
become some kind animal

new leaves blow sound full echoes
through June First new breeze
renewed passion-fresh slice

examine the fullness of heart
with each new moon phase
write your intent on the soul

June Sun shone hot this a.m.
yellow smiley face
toothy grin too hot summer

turtles splash when walking past
my shadow tails them
anxious to leave before I do

Great Lakes lapping shoreline
waves bye-bye sea blues
remembers the day we wed

Core Lawn Ashram Yoga
Bend Stretch Dragon Breath
Hips over head walk through the sun

Lilacs found by way of smell
deep within the woods
Where Old Homestead must have been

Placed flowers on the old rock
hoping you'd find them
overheard overhead "wish"

dream of things that cannot be
please dare ask why not
dream your own reality

heal yourself by finding your own
Circadian Clock
Cicada's hot drone sounds well

Forever long takes to wait
life slowly pans by
I AM taking life's picture

Have you tackled your tackle?
fishing gear gone fishy?
the one that got away; back?

on anything other than
we dont stay mum for long

as one waits and waits and waits
droll dreary draggy
be more fun watching grass grow

I was born a rumbling' mam
do in' the best I can
try in' to make a livin'

six words to plagiarism?
often you don't say
five word never say never

lazy day nothing doing
bored no axe to ground
fired all dud weapons dude

Here In Vortex Triangles
focused telescope
background zooms into foreground

Dream diet states eat whenever
bust fat or do not
Eat whatever you want friend

Love unconditionally
Non conditional
Odd Commodity Love Is!

Spirit Walkers Find Clouds Fun
Hopping and Hoping
Dreams Float by on Endless Sky

Gold Market Strikes Soar
Stinking Fear of Denial
When Crash comes to Cash Crunch

Nature Breeds those Waxen'd Wings
Overheard Wires
Pass Over Kamikaze

Plants don't plant themselves Says Bill
It takes a village
enjoy fruits this labour day

Vacation a must says stats
Take two weeks off please
kick back get better lifetime



  1. i understand how that dog feels...smiles. really like the waxen wings one too...some very poignant haiku you got there....

  2. true, plants don't plant themselves.
    well conveyed message.

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