Saturday, June 25, 2011

GAME TIME!!!IT'S THE "You Follow Me I'll Follow You" Blogger Game!

Hey! All of You! Out there in Bloggyland!

Let's play a game! I will start a sentence and you add a sentence; then add me to your Follow List and then I'll add you to my Follow List (unless I cannot for some techy-glitchy reason).

Simple eh? Ok? OK!!! Here goes; for the fun times!

If I Follow You and You Follow Me who is Following them?

(now you contribute the next sentence please!

Let's try to get into the Guiness World Records or some lost blog archive!)


  1. We follow the fun wherever that may be...

    (I already follow you, but I wanted to play) : )

  2. Hey thanks thingy! I will put this on presently! Yeah, the Husky game is open to all. goes! Seeing how many people like playing games etc! It may or may not take off..but what the heck; I tried! :)