Friday, April 30, 2010

Magpie #12 The Ever Evolving Evolution of The Thing

Magpie #12: The Ever Evolving Evolution of the Thing

The Thing in the jar made me wince
sitting on the shelf peering out hence
it's got a hold on me I hear myself sing
it's got to be, oh nooooooooooooo...
The Thing was a Force
my mother warned me about

"Dont let it out"
I heard a distant stacatto
a voice from the past
like from the bottom
of a huge fish barrel
the bellowing sound
came wafting up
through the Californian sequoias
and shuttered dormers
and into my breakfast nook
the snooks greenhouse alcove
it took up residence there
sitting high on the highest shelf
that is where I keep The Thing
to chat with it as I ate my lunch

At light speed
and with mercurial flight
immediately Cap'n Kirk was there
in the room!
as he beamed me up Scottie
by a blue Beam from the Moon
"Dont ever try to free The Thing"
the Cap'n urged
with consonnant emphasis
"I'll take a vowel;
not a bowel!"
Thank-you very much
(hey, that was Elvis!)
I think The Thing is thinking
about what?
I don't know...
tends to do that a lot lately
sitting looking out from the alcove
missing some missing time
The Thing aint so friendly
before dinner
you must admit
please remember
"The Prime Directive"
Our only salvation

your English Professor, Jane
did not understand
could not understand
you or The Thing
"If you touch it
you will most certainly die"
Capn' Kirk than did a dramatic

"Remember how the dear Doctor
did not listen
or how he acted so very unappropriately
as of this very minute
we all know the outcome
Dr. Dreadknot most sad to say,
he is quite dead maybe
dead as doornails by now")
(at that time
I didnt know that Cap'n Kirk
was indeed channelling
Tennessee Williams
but the thought had
occurred to me, slightly
nonetheless it just
was not the same thing
at all, no it wasn't
some warp of space
or interface
I saw Capn' Kirk and Williams
as one
one huge entity! a spirit of sorts
odd sorts!
the most unusual
spectrum of thought
like the spectrum of light
shattered by rays from where?
was indeed a hard thing
to gauge
something really totally
whacky and wierd was happenin'
now about Tennessee the place?
(you can say that again!)

Tennessee Walking Horses!
to be exact!
how's that for dura mater's
sticky tack
that Louisiana born and bred
a fine gentleman with a lovely gate
a fine filly all dressed in white
and a lovely slur
the one with the filigree stanzas and
peculiarian flare all in a row
Williams would write like mad
Baretta would act as he is mad
certainly knowing how
"In Cold Blood"
was in that jar
on the wall!

Tennessee Walking Horse
trotter exactors I thought
close enough to be an expert
as he galloped about
writing words l
ike an approaching calvary
on the attack mode
so far from home
(what, now the Civil War?)

These professional equestrians
just know how to do it
or maybe that drawling
and drooling Tennessee Williams
channeled by some remote control
Capn' Kirk owns
(maybe even lack of control?)
evoking a Kirkian effect from
The Outer Limits of Deep Space Nine
lots and lots of deep space nine
all of the time
Maybe nine times nine
usually ten times ten
(we've gone metric you know)
who knows?
from what
of the endless suction vacuum
of never-ending space

and with much cajoling
and Shakespearean fanfare
I saw him, Cap'n Kirk!
dressed to menace
phasers on stun!
a few were Klingons
(I mean clingon fans!)
at a Festival in Stratford, Ontario
(how many times to Discover?)
near the place of my birth
and he looked at me
and pointed directly
in my face
I though how rude!
and with an elbow to my rib
I knew it must be him!

From the elecutionary Cap'n's
much jocular revellery
and unusual relating
(am I related to Shatner or Kirk?)
somewhat nonstoppable
he at the speed of light
could contain
a semblance of order
in the conveyor only
in the chaotic universe
this doesn't often happen

And then he read his poetry out loud
oh so freaky beatnik poetry
Kirk clamoured
enamoured slightly
of himself
ever so slighty
and then oh too dramatically
(what a ham!)
bringing home the last stanza
like kosher bacon
waiting for the killer end

By his own voice
The Capn thus began;
"I want to smash the jar
I want to step on The Thing
I want to squish it's fingers
between my toes for some reason"
is that kinky? Cap'n Kirk!
that's so obviously Kirky!

but then suddenly I heard
a voice from the great beyond
the doors of the crypt opened
and then, just as suddenly
slammed shut
it is like the deadly squid
recreated an effect
a squishing sound like
a sonogram
from submarine land

Certain as certainty
not your typical jelly fish ballad
not your average jello in a jar
silvery shiny dancing the shimmy
and one tiny drop of that
red juice would make even
Dr. Quincy quince and vomit
(not again!)

Today it remains on the shelf
staring down at me
or rather staring me down
It is too good for me
as The Thing
takes notes
gathering evidence
of my every move
with that One Eye
on permanent open
my cover is blown
everything is known
sheets to the wind!

what? The Thing is exactly
this I do not know
invitingly so sensually appearing
so pensive, so innocent
but oh so guilty of the
Capital Crime of

Ever so slowly
creeping into my mind
The Thing
I'm sure he just wants
a big bear hug!
to want to touch and to behold
to touch my gown
my frilly things

By now, this "Thing"
is really starting to bug me
"hold me" I heard myself say
in it's multidigital, multilingual hand
(what's the term for that? I forget)
at one time such a gregarious hand
give me a Shaitsu massage
oh what a flirt
or was it Reiki?
I can't recall
and every so slowly
I'd love it when he'd
stroke my hair
and hold me in his
tenacled arms

My main thing
a complete obsession
The Thing
I wanted so much
soon to become
a bride of The Thing
my main man
The Thing always
had the right stuff

Ever so gently, he would
he did
oh so slowly,
kissed me
so sweetly
and then
neatly tucked me
into bed

Along with that
baby blue haze
The Blue Aliens
alligator heads
take over the room
giving me not
much more room for all
those unusual
(to say the least)
of all kinds
that line my shelf
the ten foot high shelves
"I need more space Cap'n"
I heard Scotty say
(there's even more serendipity
at Willow's! see below)

Those dear snarky snacky
sharks once alive
now turned alien
in suspended animation
now quite dead but alive
somehow these
baby sharks in jars
packed in like sardines cans

With foamy blue formaldehyde
the creatures could
indefinitely swim
brainstone could be our brains
on something maybe cracked eggs
many countless eons ago now
as they once swam around the Seas
and remember oh those ivory teeth
so sharp and pearly white
shark or whale I'm not sure
narl whales and gnarly whales
unicorns of the sea

Breaking waves like breaking into a song
sad song the whales song
The Thing sounded like that too!
sung a song I recall
"We're at the party and
the party is us!"
they really are something
to watch
(but not to look after;
have you ever looked after
a whale?)
beached whale poop?

One day to catch a wave
surely they've already
caught a wave to hell
that look so tenacious
and ended up here
at the all night diner
far from the shore
of scary dreams
but close to that
Field of Dreams
(appropriated to "Shoeless Joe"
Ray Kinsella)

from The Thing
a catcher of flies
in the rye
to die for
(please excuse
the dangling participle
(appropriate to "Catcher In The Rye"
by J.D. Salinger)

Those massively
HUGE alien eyes
The to me
say something
what are you saying
what do you see
when you look out upon us
what is it exactly that I miss daily
(I should have gone to mass)
with those big eyes
you could see
you should see
a quarter from space
or a space where I quarter
you as my jellied nemesis
waiting for the day
of our epic battle
(of such Lazurian Epic-o-logue"
the twins will be battling
for a very long time).
(appropriated from Lazuras
episode of "Star Trek")

Those Things on the shelf
in truth
they make me wanna gawk
and wince and throw up
(did I not say this earlier?)
those things in bell jars
those things unmentionable
for their sheer freakiness
get your freakon
Alfred Hitchcock's finest hour
I'm sure
I feel like another trip
not that kind
rather a day's outing
or at least another
a triple-header
strawberry scoop
something I can hold onto
I'll find it yet
maybe another visit
to Sea Shell City again
is in order
past Spatula City to the right
at the tip of the convergent lakes
with their vertigos and vortexes
all in a row
(but you can still use your cell
in the mitt of the hip
UP Michigan pennisula
your toes to discover
(that's Ontario's motto)
phew! I still have 10 left!
am I sure
I saw in Lake Michigan
isn't that where Hoffa ended?
all most certainly in order
I'm in Heaven now
have you been on the Mackinack Bridge
built in 1958
the longest suspension bridge
looks like the pearly gates
or some close facisimile
or at least not far from
Somewhere In Time
when I first fell in love
for the very last time
(appropriated to Christopher Reeve)

"Your mission..."
I hear the Cap'n say
"To find more "Oddities of the Sea"
to get more
to horde more
you just can't do without"
It's true Cap'n I say
better than 5 and 10
or the many fine junkies
at the one time USA chain
Benjamin Franklins
I just can't help
This Thing
I've gotta stop
it's got a hold on me
it's got an uncanny grip
I'm packing heat now
like Moby Dick's ship
I'm not goin' down
I'm not goin' die
anytime soon

Ripley's Believe It or Not
really did Believe It
yes he did
He and Houdini
ate lunch
in Niagara Falls
near the HOrseshoe Falls
(I love playing horseshoes)

Ripley (was he a doctor?)
should have known
(maybe not do to his field
of oddity research)
That this mad
utterly mad fascination
with all things creepy
has gotten my knickerbockers
in a knot
a tighty whitey twisty knot
a love knot of sorts
by Charlie's locker
(use to be Lady's Footlocker)

These secrets of the sea
what's the love loss
who cares?
(I did)
these creatures large and fair
usually far afield
coming from the blind spot
out in left field
always gave me tingles
to sweeten the pot

More than most lovers
more love to give than
than those twisted
stories like fish
caught in the haul
often tangled
the net to rake in
"The whale she war that big"
coaxing me to join the tale
heard Cap'n Blei say;
"Argh me mateys, what were ya
talkin' about?
'The Landlubbers' Journal': or the
'The Long Lost and
Mighty Tall Tales of the Sea
with Snooks and Grouper?'"

The Thing knows how to do it
it felt that way last night
as I was with "one eye open"
all that never-ending night
The fireworks quite spectacular
as my eyes started
to automatically close
then suddenly I caved
I gave in to the fish of the sea
and fell fast asleep
seven leagues deep

In the fog of the dream
I can still remember parts
The Thing was talking to me
like it always had
telling me this and that
and I'd said what a fine talker
and I'd say not a bad looker
what a fine friend to find
this far down in the sea
you'd think we were fast friends
for certainly a very long time

The Thing gave me a suggestion
and then I woke straight up
like a Zombie on all nighter binge
it's all you can drink night
two for one
unfortunately I had too much
the expresso coffee train
kept me up most of the week

The Thing just knew how
he knew how to even the score
my whole life in a flash
out like snuff
The Thing sure knew how
to do it right
in top hat and tails
he evoked all of time
Past Future and Present
(appropriated to Charles Dickens
"A Christmas Carol")

The thing then returned
to his cage on the shelf
how he knew how to do upright
right just by sitting still
and the long wait
so patient! The Thing
such a Saint!
maybe The Thing
ought to be in pictures
he sure looks the type
but maybe I better not
I ought not to hold onto hope
"no" I said to the Producers
of Horror
maybe I wasn't explicit

The Thing could get way out of hand
and into someone else's
out of my hand, out of my reach
I'd never see The Thing again
or even date
I think I'll keep the thing awhile
Yes, I'm gonna let him stay awhile

The Studios kept calling
pounding the door
all hours of the night
and in the day
the same ding dang calamity
The Thing never sleeps
often awakening at night
a quickening force
of run to the loo
nocturnal readmissions
to University no doubt!
The Thing admits
The Thing cant help it
That's why he gets up
to get out of his cage
and take a walk!

Dang infernal noise
squid ring tones
all through the night
The Thing is constantly
in command
of what
not himself
The Things to frivolous
singing and ringing
you wouldn't know it
dang squid cell phone again!
looks abit different
but sure acts the same

No matter really
all things considered
the world's aquariums
nonstop flights
calling night and day
wanting to capture
the squid's unique profile
his fantastically amazing
array of tentacles
his freakish liveliness in
kodachromatic celluloidtitis

Don't want squid to get a swelled head
Making That Thing vainglorious
get the shiver me timbers
butterflies flying erratically
out from Snookie's
those many appendages
maybe wearing sparkling
Cinderella's glass slippers
Thinking he's a sponge like bob
would make Snooky look elsewhere
feeling invincible
like A Queen For A Day
that lasts a year high
it would try to get away
with far too much

Even that National Geographic
sometimes photographer
who looks say come hither
slithery and snakelike
the seduction of dear squid
Summer of 42?
as creepy as The "squid?"
this thing the photographer
wanting the squishy squid
for more than a day
maybe even a month
on an elaborate photoshoot in the
far away and cactus'd Sedona desert
use to be at one time
The Thing was once all mine
Once Upon A Time...
(appropriated to all the
Fairy Tales that ever were)

I think I'll never
never much or never ever will
shout it out loud
let it out, get it out
rather I'll just let it be
calmly, collectively
let it stay only indoors
and maybe only ever allow
The Thing
one feature film a year
A "B" Movie directors
schlocky film
by film students
who had the foresight?
can't stand any more than that
(appropriated to Foresight Films)

But what if that director
would want to make The Thing
do more than it should do
or could do by itself
what if there were
some one took advantage of Snook
way too much and with dear squid
being so simple an octagon
he would blush
a bright red
and maybe make the everyone
get out of the Hollywood hills pool
once and for all

How would anyone
How could anyone
Talk to the Thing
telling him to take direction
a bit too much
far too much for the squids own good
on the directors couch I hope not
but then someday, maybe, I pray
squid would soon sit in that same chair
Directing life through a squids-eye view
The Thing would make things happen
be happy and procreate
I'd be a grandmother one fine day!

Oh so not much
larger than life it seems
wasn't The Blob found that way
on some abandoned
Canadian Armed Forces camp
Area 51 or 52 I forget
thought they'd make a sequel
sadly never to be
until The Thing showed up
The Thing would rival
Jaws I, II, III, IV and V
(gave up count after V)
Another knock on the door
I let in the motley crew
cameras and screens
flashlights flashing
as talent scouts brushed past me
all think they are Greta Garbos all around
The Thing is the only thing
they want to talk about
so it seems

who's obsessed now?
and I've got to live somewhat, don't I?
The Thing is mine
dont they get that?
Will I ever get my squid back?

Maybe the day will come
not too soon
when I will hide The Thing
from the shelf
from peering people's purple glaze
shut their pie holes
my peeps gaze at their navals
egocentric entrepeneurs
have no care for The Thing
those big babies those baby boomers!
selfish shellfish are so cracked
all-day suckers born every minute
after the war
what do you think there parent's did?
Partying like it was l945
The Swarm, those photogs
watching from every kitty corner
with telescopic lenses
my neighbour's house has been turned
somewhat completely upsidedown!

Most certainly
it is going to happen
I am going to have to hide him
keep The Thing from prying eyes
keep The Thing from
scurrilous and wanton lies
I think I will camoflage the Thing
Somehow find a cover or a beard
yes I will
(is it a in fact a him? how would I know?)
and squirrel that dear thingy away
what if I cannot do this Plan A awaste
i must have a Plan Bor the squid's
gonna be called a panty-waist!

Suddenly my stomach growls
for my
epicurian tastes tonight
I think I will find something
close to the cupboard
something close to the breakfast nook
oh no not the snooky!
(if I cant have him
no one shall (shell?)
then I'll have him
in my big fat jelly belly
(with appropriate attributes to
Denis Lee)
that'll take care, of that
once and for all
(let's hope so!)

And then it happened;
on that lonesome
dark and clammy night
way past the midnight hour
when I was in desperate need
of a squid
how to repair a fix?
a fixation?
The Nation is fixated
(who doesn't need this?)
I'll need to find a cure
other than hemlock
or kewari poison
(only one drop on an Amazonian arrow)
with a Jack Kevorkian twist of lemon
(so divine Jack)
a Saturday night Blowfish special
a rare Sushi find
just in case
That Thing
That Damn Thing
should get out of it's case!

Oh nooooooo.....HELP!!!
It's out! Run to the hills
and hide!

(with much appropriated honourus to Dr. Suess and you!)


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ozone Mists Sprayed My Face With My Own DNA; never was any love loss was there?

Ozone Sprayed
red ochre mists
iron king dreams
usurper power
in my face
i laugh now
i win
i won the war

Eschelon of sublime

funny actually
to think you had a part
a bit part
a two bit play
in one act
to play a game
like you did
in all this
quite amazing actually

hide-a-way world
like a pull-out couch
i'm freakin' out
i'd never thought
i'd connect the dots

square one
that day
the infamous day
the high noon day
no shadows to cast doubt
all cards on the table
may I have that day?

Cavern belch up
sulphide truths
bringing much forth
get ready for this
cause here she comes
another ear worm
from the past people
things, timesare a changin'
it's changing time

Time slips of a dress the
young bride wore
it so well
yet condemned to hell
not a place anyone should be

I've come to give you life
to save your mortal soul
to free the slave
of your life's incumbrance
remembrance of past
never allowed me to reply

connections were made
to stand strong
against a peel of thunder
a quake that shook
the foundations of lies
all looked up
to find the fires
raining from the heavens
and you could have stopped it
if you had loved me
rather than lied to me

this last post of display
a telling truth
where dont mess with me
got convulted
water-downed to mean
why would anyone
so conspicuously conive
take away a family compact
from a family member thus

after victim services
panned through the nuggets
the shot
the departed
victim rose to her feet
to claim
dont mess with me world
give me the peace
i deserve
you pay the piper
all the time
just fine

ready to take on
the Dragons
that plagued life
heated debates
courtrooms on every corner
crying out from the deep
the issuance of
where is the love
(another earworm; play song here)
you so freely gave away
to someone other than me
was it my cousin?

Dumpster dwellers lament
came in short order
no one has the right
to murder
a heartfelt love
killed that day
always remembered
how it felt
to be dumped
and put out
like the trash
with the next
shiny thing
you went
shallow as pie
numbers gamer
emotionally vacant
you had a hand in all this
you managed to execute
a standing order
from secret cubbies
telling who would win
who would loose
as a yes man
you were so good at this
as all around you
fall down
you think
I'm I next?
to wear that thorny crown?
payback is an itch
a conscience for the
science of unconsciousness
science of unemotional attachment
sciene of search and destroy
in one easy
no one to know
game that people play
and you're sure one great player
the extinguished speck of spark
i thought you knew
it was all a game?
I was the dumbed down
you claimed the crown
once I knew you had it
in for me
master manipulator
Rose from the ashes
like a debacle
a great debater
the wrath knew no stop
you completely
ruined me by your lies
escalator rider
hookin' a ride
to the wench
the Babylonian babe
to another skyrider
wrote it wrong
it is was so easy to claim
another life
a broken heart
all that remained
long lost luggage
the emotional baggage
from the wake of hate
you heaped on me

labels hurt
when pulled from the skin
so do lies
piled like corpses
on top of one another


Chipnlogs: Design Tweaking

Dear Readers of this Blog: Thank-you! I appreciate your readership and think you and me; yes, we are on to something big. B-I-G!!! What is it today?
Yes, I have dealt with a number of topics of interest on this blog. Coming up to how many posts? 600? I guess it is about time to discuss how I appreciate the blog process and then later on get into the Design Tweaking concept development.
Blogging has taken me to places I never dreamed of going. I get to meet fellow blogges throughout the world an wholly appreciate their unique contribution to the uniqueness of blogging.
For the first time in history blogging promotes an open and honest dialogue between creative persons the world over. How many times, watching chronic Bugs Bunny cartoons did I wish this would happen?
We have input! Us! YOu and me! We can make things happen now! We have been handed the keys to the city. The world is indeed our oyster. We can take bits and pieces of information and reformulate them in some new and improved formula and reconstruct our world. This is heavy and heady stuff, eh?
So today, on the threshold of the individual blogger who often is fighting against the machine dictates is allowed to exist at all to me is a complete anomaly. Thanks to the computer geeks at places in Silicone Valley we have these freedoms issued to us. Thank-you and B-I-G HUGS all around. Pass this HUG on. Thanks, oh, thanks I love you!
Think about it. Input.

ChipnLogs FREE the Domestic Engineer Relief

Hi folks, I'd said I'd be back and guess what? I'm baaaaaack. Here's Janie! hahah! Hey dont freak, if you think this a threat, omg. you have a worse problemo then me! Today I am focusing my attention (repeat FOCUS) on the idea that we need so, need, desperately need (yes I need) to find a way to make life easier for the domestic engineer aka houseperson who does all the chief cooking and bottle washing etc.
Does it ever give me a BIG CHILL to realize the insignicance I feel when I am forced to confront the issue of how horrendous a task for the average Jane and Joe slob housekeepers.
The real difficulty in my professional opinion (I opine to be a professional, my shingle is yet to be dusted off as I had previously gotten by proxy degrees from unknown islands like Tobin's Island of Dreams in the Muskoka's...not sure if this school is recognized by any other professional association or not, however, I care not to associate with professional who are POMPOUS AS*WHOLES.(that would look wierd).
So I think, in hindsight (since we are on that topic of interest) that companies that design items for the domestic engineer should be truly designed for the domestic engineer. In other words FOR AND BY DOMESTIC ENGINEERS. Today I feel the people who are designing products have not got a clue as to WTF they are doing. They seem to make items like ok I will give you an example; like a stove for example COMPLETELY unmanageable for cleaning purposes, and I think, well, maybe it is due to the fact that I havent upgraded or maybe I have to remain in this frickin contraption of a fractal life whereby everything is already typecasted in CEMENT. Sure you know the feeling; you are trapped in an elevator that was promised to go to the 99th floor and you are stuck at level 1 to 3. So what does this mean. You lack the connective-hesiveness (i.e. familial connections) to make your "professional" mark on society. That you are down-graded for whatever reason (usually going against the grain, remain individual, being outspoken, trying to prove a point when the point is always being ground to a pulp). So do we really appreciate the outspoken? Do we appreciate being shown our faults (the mark of a true professional is to never make mistakes, yes, however, once a mistake is made, a professional would admit to this mistake, correct it, and move forward. If not, I seriously doubt the creditials of said "professional" and I would believe that the pro is actually a "yes person" hiding behind a veil of lies, and deception. This, in my opinion is the trouble we faced on Wall Street.
Yes, we need to, as professional constantly and without prejudice, judge our actions and allow for the free speech and associated examination of all components making up a FREE WORLD.
If we do not allow for an open policy of examination and critique and undating and tweaking to make more of a perfected world, than we have to wonder what powers that be sway us to a world that is not focused on achieving a modicum of professional attributes. A question to ask at this point would be "Are the few dictating to the masses instead of the masses dictating to the few". In other words, the dialogue must open to a degree to allow for the communications network to remain alive.
ONce open and free communication is thwarted, not allow to exist you might as well throw out the Free Press (a tenant of our constitution) along with all the rights and freedoms thus garnered by our foreparents.
Understanding the need to keep the lines of communication open is vital in giving the world the needed impetus to join with the freedom lovers of the world. We need to promote more, and more this required element of our constitution.
Today, more than ever we need public input. We need to find the reasons behind the actions. We need to find a more perfected world, which for some reason, in my opinion, has not been allowed to flourish. Freedom for many here in democracies feel that there rights have been denied. How can we honestly say we are open and honest and free when we close the doors to our minds and our neighbours and finally we close the doors on ourselves and any future possibility of true freedom.
Back to ChipNlogs ideals. We need to find that path again, the pathfinders need to find the pathways to the perfected place of freedom. Before the ideas censor got out their gavels and decided that only "one way" was the correct way. This I wholly disagree, that there are many ways to the open and free society we desire. We want this. We can get this again. Freedom. It isn't a concept anymore.
Freedom is being able to be free. Do you feel free or not. It begins with examining why a person in a freedom loving democracy does not feel free. We need to examine this before we loose the very thing that held the fabric of this democracy together. For us, and for future generations.
(I will get back to the practical issues of the day like stove and refridgerator design in a moment). We need your input people. All of you, each individual person is vital for maintaining democracy's lofty yet often overlooked value; FREEDOM BABY!!!

ChipnLogs Notions Day

Been meaning to talk about ways of improving everyday life but the dang x-flares got the better of my attention(no kidding). I was watching Jay Leno last night (it was his birthday) it was about 11:40 pm EST. And then my tv zapped off. I was typing awhile previously here (see my Free Association article two blog entries down) and I said WTF.
And then I noticed the upstairs tv was "frozen" on a certain commercial, the Lashblast commercial with Drew Barrymore. It was so odd. The commercial stopped on this one odd frame. It looked like a "cartoon Drew" walking on a road in the design of a huge MOFO lash in yellow and black. and then in the left hand corner there was this odd (very odd) disclaimer with asterik as if to say "dont try this at home". Like I am going to walk on a roadway that looks like a lash. Anyway, this stop-frame stayed that way and I fell asleep. I awoke up and the Solar X-flare oddness was behind me. And the stopframe commercial was gone.
I keep feeling that when and if the time comes (and it is coming according to experts...yes "pros like you" are saying...the earth will be attacked by Coronal (sp?) Mass Ejection. I have had Coronal Mass that the same thing. (laugh now). Where's my laughing box when I need it. I need one of those applaud boxes with canned laughter. (I do hate canned laughter however). Never will I force you to laugh on logb.
So anyway, it was odd cause Jay Leno was getting a bit risque talk with his guest (I will never do that to you). And it was about Jenny McCarthy's dog. (I care not repeat) So I thought, maybe...maybe it was (the cheap talk) being Censored by the Censor gods (who ARE they, really). So much for free association, eh?
So next, my blog comment section (yes I was doing an experiment seeing how many self-comments I could make before the mr. bigs at Goggle got a google at this and decided to axe my posts. I was really trying to catch up with NaMoPo (National Poetry Month) which is April. I wanted to make a least a poem a day and what an easier way than a fistful of automatically generated free association triffles. Not appreciated because MY COMPUTER FROZE LAST NIGHT ALONG WITH MY TELEVISION. I TAKE it THAT THE SOLAR X-FLARE view from may have been the culprit. Either that or censorship. I often wonder how exactly this works as now I cannot get my PASSWORD to work correctly and have to do my magical fingers action to get things to work correctly. I mean if this isnt a bunch of manipulated crap I don't know what is...What IS? This is a diversion I regress; I get back to main topic of interest. Don't hate me because I am beautiful. If I am interested in nature so be it. Can one get a "pass go" card on that one, please. I mean no harm. I am simply simple plain Jane dumb idiot. What would be the harm in that? A person who is interesting. Is that a threat to whom? Why? I have a right to exist. And if someone wants to CENSOR ME they will be looking at something falling out of the closet..the one with the skeleton in it. BACK OFF!
Back to ChipnLogS Inc in a minute folks! Got to get the better half his better half; a coffee!






Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Today I am starting a lag-along poem/story whatever. Totally STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS...TOTALLY nonthought and wholly fun for the fan of FREE ASSOCIATION

fan fun ton lust life last
got won ton soup can
find flicka stop bickering
seems on seams seem unseemly
fly by high guy
stop not top bik
laugh tap top tilp
trip to tap
suddenly singing sounds
swiggle room
soup to nuts
stop gap
fling lang
fly high
trapist monk
flow thru teabags
no consequence
tantamount wreckers
lush bush dwellers
wacky hackers
semilit illiterates
contemplating naval school


Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Two souls
from disparate worlds
the moon wakes up
countless remembrances
distant pasts converge
echoes down corridors
silent footsteps
heard in my head
beating heart's
tymphanum time
echoes of ghosts
sleeping on my right ear
my foreparents hear me
yet their worlds seem
invisible to my waking mind

standing alive again
for me
please come back
stay awhile
I will set up tea
in this time capsule
of a playhouse I have made
the real world
shut outs
(like shut-in's that stay longer
lingering forever
like in the lavender and mothball
vanity tables scented drawers

maybe for all time
or for a streaming minute
in my mind anywaythese things seem to go away
fading fast
not like the fast set
of colours melting together
and blending genes
like tie-dyed tee-shirts
and summers at wasaga
in the kodachrome black and whites
long gone snapshot past expiry date
souls depart earth
quickened souls
quickened eart
quickened heaven
instantaneously made
like purple martinizers
dry cleaned images
that I want to keep

only bones remain now
I imagine that's not all
there's something
calling me back
like elephants returning
to rub the bones of their
departed ancestors
to remember
as to never forget
these things need recall
before we are recalled
to pass along snapshots
neural synapse imprints
springs to mind
shutter cocked
ready to take
a piece wit us
that turns to dust
but not really
if we should keep room
in our keeping room genes
hidden in our spiritual soul keeper
design of unknown emtomology origin
templates of temples
Doric Order
The High Sky ordered
but what if
reflecting pools ordered we do this
recall all this imprint once in awhile
to refresh or reboot
our seared brains
before the yellow leaf
sears other things
like branded X or Y

for humans to claim
memories of long gone
some cold comfort
those departed
persons and memories
holds a tight grip on me
can't let go never no
I will never let go
of our time together

remains unassuming then
worlds recalled evoked
long lost memories shelved
to me now
amazing how
those never telling times
hidden deep within shhhhhh's
these things remain behind the curtain
never to see the light of day
if they should
the dream would fade away
by the bleaching sun
the imprint would evaporate
like hot rising mists from hot summer pavement
after a cooling storm in mid-July

undecipherable rhymes
veils of concrete encased
layers of blot out sheets
bombardments of ramparts
damn it
what happened
to make all this residual stuff
contantly churning the butter
the rancid fish heads
try to remember
and if you remember
than follow...
a earworm again
follow what...
was there a pattern
of what?
was there a pathway
was there a light to follow
who knew? did you know?
or were you kept ignorant
all this lost
these should have beens
gone like no tomorrow
was ever going to come

that's just the way it is
these things seem impossible to change
do these events happen like the colour of your hair
the shape of your head, the things inherited
like neural dischaged patience
generational secrets kept in small spaces
mitochondrial dna
kept hidden secret keepers
lost to the wind blown away
whispers sweet nothings
drowned in the sea's endlessness
lives once lived so alive
extinquished by fires eventually
mortal souls cry
seek to shakeup the long lost lands
laid waste by treating truth like
hide and seek
how many secrets hidden
the kind of secrets that depend on life
now buried with the dead
how many Detroit Times
will tell me what I do not know now
how many stratas removed
will shine light on the truth
these questions too, remain unknownfor a time
until the illogic folds upon itself
the truth outs like a drag queen
who, pray tell, was my great grandfather
the most intelligent in Detroit
is he Dr. William F. Harris
or someone you care not say
since family means compact
tight little lies
when it comes to
finding out my history
finding out where my genes have been
where they should go knowing
maybe theres some genetic
residual effect
to memories and stardust
finding out the big if
who I am?

red rock mysteries
places I've never been
but have seen in dreams
means what? exactly?
maybe just something not described completely
but in part or in thirds definitely not whole enough
not complete, not formed to fullness
all these partitions get in the way
I should petition!

how many
long lost times ago
did the clipper ship
the copper clock horse
the backward big hand
spins round the other way
just as fast
stopped before noon
that OK Corral Time
I'm sitting on the fence again
Where the heck are you?

my half dismount life
how could I get on the horse
how could I get on with life
a life that didn't seem quite right
like missing bolts of time
the fabric was missing
crossed off blocks of calendar days
without a single incident happening
without incidental happenings
without a clue of what to do
because I didnt have a
background story to light
my backfire's motivation to
find the fire in me
the fierceness of being
I wish I could be
but I am
just without the smokey trails
of yesterday's spinning wheels
burning smoke in my eyes
along with the smell of burnt rubber
and guys hotrods squealing out of
Saunders parking lot at noon
trying not to get caught
when time seemed to stop

I wanted to stay behind
to finish an exam or two
never to complete
in terminal examroom
one foot on the horse
one foot on the ground
never visualizing completion
of neatly hung and framed diplomas
license to for suck air
melting like hot butter
on the walled hallway
bells never stop ringing

Copper Blanche
that filly fine
sits on the mantel of my mind
put away in the history's
time keeper's box
pushed back
somewhere inbetween
Amherstburg and Windsor
as items in the 'rents breezeway
torn through like a tornado
blow around and get rusted
(I'll call Rusty)
without acid rain bitterness
and before Sarnia blob
the cadillac remains
permanently parked
in the driveway
and my grandfather is there again
come back to life like he was never gone
a ghost rider in the calm
the thunderstorms now distant sounding
collecting dust speckles in sunlight
let in this world where we try to ignore
when those who have changed form
want to communicate but we ignore
invisible words
and worlds lost to our senses
the smells of future springs
we havent made senses of these yet

dandelions gone to seed
not bad seed
good seed needing tending
the grass needs cutting
blowin' in the wind
dream catchers spin
something falls from a chair
someone is visiting
from the "crossing over" show
and santa claus' wishes remain
sent back to the north pole
with a puff of bellowed breath
from a chest full of hope and dreams
silent prayers to the maker

these reclaiming powers
in the field of what if's
charmed by possibilities
maybe I may have been if's
never has beens
but what if it had been?
long lost found
a bean of Jack's sprout
Dora's Delarosa revisited
begot by a long list of unknowns begun-ins
pivotal players in this game of life
that keeps living a vital part
actors on loan to a long dead rocker
characters all play their parts
step into the roles we play
like a straight-jacket costume
or any costume really
is that really what was ordered
or something given to wear
or something made to wear
or something forced to wear
I am sure I did not order
one of these roles
but got to play one anyway
by default
or proxy
not by my
direct order
of making what
I wanted from this given
not directly to me
but somehow, and through osmosis
i got what I was given like it or lump it
and I got to make the best of the lesserness
of all it has become
by believing what I was told
and that was not entirely honest
maybe a lie?

Because we are Great
given that knowledge
understanding that knowledge
living that knowledge
should have made us something
and yet held in the constant ebayance drawer
like a flood about to let loose
our lives suddenly become forefront
the yin/yang balance held up by
some force or other
unknown kind
unkind known
kindness now
immediately takes over my life
all that residual held back flow
all is go
all knows where to go
finally now

After thinking for years
somethings got to give
it is going to me
I will give and give and give
and when and if I should
be so lucky
for the tables to turn
for the turn of the dial
for a spin in the golden cadillac
something more should be by now
like floating cars and mind thought mobility
and three wishes
(trick: always keep your last wish for another three wishes)

a memory locked-on
and loaded
forever encapsulated
Apollo capsules
now a distant dreams
past glories seemed possible until
something called no said i couldnt
was it me or something I thought was me
and how would I know the difference?

fleeting link
all too fast
these things
i forgot to write down
once was stable crib
unchangeable diapers
unmoveable pins
now like done dinner
loose change
loosed upon earth
freely accepted loss
as if for the good
as empty just seems
so flat and shallow
so to the place where
all these convergent strings
meet at the godhead near the school
upon the earth placement
to all parts scattered
fine particulate of matter

me sitting on the fence
eating an orange dreamsicle
Billy Jean's at my door
maybe Uncle Albert too
all long gone but remain still
as I welcome them in to stay
the only ghost keeper house
on the block
these old friends
never go away
these old friends
always want to stay
these old friends
like this old house of mine
and I don't have to write all the time
Aunt Tine, Uncle Urban
Grandma, Grandpa both patrilineal and
nursed by time for a time and then forever
peering from these gamma inversed worlds
that only I can see
me and John Edwards

picture this;
on a seagull'd standing rock
Allenwood Beach
summertime 65
a part not wanted but taken
a misplaced mugwump
a young girl
split tooth grin
one piece bathing suit
strap half down arm
that's me looking back at me
energies reflect back
and back and back and back
going up and down
the rna
collecting Archie comics
in stacks
Graperoo gum eater tongue
Halcyon Days and
endless summer
whipoorwills twilight songs
sunset and sunrise
awaken me to eternity
when remembering these things
these people
these places
these times
these mind spaces

when did I get that
Ootpik from Eaton's
Simpson's or SearsI know it was from
my sister
I wanted to go to JC Penney to get
big all day suckers
as I had seen when I could
escape to the States
in these wonderfully magical places
like almost somewhere I'd been in dreams
deja vu could be
a blip in all this converging
energy of time and space
for how long?
Boblo Island is long gone
the trip with
only knew him til I was 10
A fading memory I want to keep
but how, so few tokens kept
where's his voice I can no longer remember?

although that chilly hand
puts me back there in an instant
when something should come from behind
the wispy fake spiderwebs over my face
how creepy that old
Haunted House ride
my neckhair still stands on end
the spine still chills
instanteously recalled
horrors of fun
what about sublime memories
rather than remorse
where do they go where will they end?
did I pass all these memories to whom?
or do we all keep each other memories
unbeknownst to ourselves, places and things

loss when i recall all that all those
sinking gut feelings
how to express emotion?
by triggering something
that reminds you of something else
close to that something
but not quite the same
but you can use that indelible
memory to remember the thing close to it
pnemonics and ancient Greek thing
in this way we imprint the most
Drama Queen
the rest remain deep in the subconscious
at rest
to remember we need to remain calm and conscious
then we can become
the fully functioning brain
the perfectly functioning form

the evocation of eclipse
my folks evacuated
like a time vacuum
before a chapter
could be closed
another opened
continuing the constant
turning of many pages
from many different books at once
the eons of ones and zeros
all adds up
with endless pi-r-squared
endless number means we're in this
for the long haul journey
did you pack a lunch?

yours and mine
life like a cross between
these two worlds
which have just begun
to intersect
new worlds emerge
to change the old
down the rickety
past the vacant
old lane
with the fitful
barn swallows


Monday, April 26, 2010

M.O.M. University: Masters of Matter Branch ~ Tornado Stopping

Good morning students! Today we are focusing on the situation with the deadly tornadoes on the weekend. It really infuriates me when nothing at all is being done to understand and remedy the deadly effects of natural occurences. The clause of G8d which states "An Act of G*d" is not accurate. It is NOT G*d's intent to see people killed by natural disaster. It is G*d's intent that we master the matter here so that we can proceed to the next level of development which is discovered at MOM University's Master of Matter and Master of Mind faculties.

Today we have to understand the attacks on the physical body are important to at least pretend like we are solving. Why? It shows that we are able to solve all problems that life unfortunately has a tendency to dish to the unsuspecting public; coming out from left or right field, from our collective blind spot.

Yes, we have to admit we are not able to solve all problems, but that does not mean we must succumb to them. G*d gave humans the ability to solve problems. So what is the problem with the natural universe? Is it too big for our "mere human existence"?

Once we as a collective people acting as one spiritual force for good realize our true G*d given powers for good than the force of nature takes a back seat and our ability to use MOM (both faculties) is in the forefront.

Have humans become wimps? Allowing a meek resignation to be bombarded by whatever comes our way? Are we not in control here? Did not G8D give us dominion over the earth and all that is in it?

Is it not time to step up to the plate and say "We can do it". We can solve these problems that may seem at first daunting. Like Tornadoes. Like Hurricanes. Like Volcanoes. Like Asteroids, Comets, etc. Like Floods. Like X-Flares. Etc.

Humans must they MUST be able to work at this rather than just throwing us their hands in defeat. That is not human nature. We are more than our flesh and bones. We are spirit. Until we realize this we are going to remain decay. Is this what we want? No no no no no!!!

Today, at MOM University we have come to join hands in a collective consciousness of MOM (Mind Over Matter). We are going to use all our resources, be they physical, emotional, spiritual, etc to solve the pending problems facing humankind.
It seems daunting. It isn't. It just takes practice getting in the mode of "Yes, we can do this". Mostly "it is done". We can do this, we have done this (the impossible) and we will do this. It is already done as soon as you think it. It is collective creative visualization which leads to our physical plane of existence being in harmony. A balance. Thought comes BEFORE this physical plane of existence. And so we must think our physical plane of existence into form. Remember, in the scheme of things it is FORM FIRST, FUNCTION SECOND. The thought being the FORM the FUNCTION being the physical outgrowth of that FORM.

Let's form positive thoughts of how we want our universe to be and it shall be. We think homeostases, we get homeostases. We think balance; we get balance. This is one aspect of the way humans need to exist. Disaster is far from inevitable. We need to imprint this thought of a world we want to inhabit. This may have already happened apriori (before time or before). We don't really know. However, we are learning that the capacity of the human thought process is MIND BLOWING!!!

So today let's concentrate on the tornados. What are they?
To me, I believe they are residual energy collected from the sun when it sends proton particles into space when the sun gives the earth it's seed. The proton. The sun is trying to homeostatic it's core. It is achieving this by the protonic mix with the polar opposite magnetic earth protonic core.

As I had mentioned in my previous lectures on this blog, the earth was spewed from the sun billions (how many I do not know exactly) years ago. The sun did this because the sun was going through a "phase". Perhaps from the core of the universe where the protonic plasma (one cell) exists. ONce the sun started the sloughing process (originally the big bang caused this multi-gogaplex splitting of atomic particles from the one cell solar energy. Now the sun needs to find the lost "energy strings) to that central core which is present in this energy sourcing.

The sun and the earth interplay. This interplay on the particle level is as yet misunderstood. However, we see the effects of the protonic discharges from the sun. The sun's X-flare cause a host of problems on the earth. Like Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Volcanoes, etc, etc. (mentioned in 2nd paragraph).

So we need to figure out where these protonic discharges are forming. We see the Aurora Borealis in the Northern magnetic section of the magnetic poles. We see this as a colelction spot. I call this spot a P-spot. It is a protonic collection site. Once the protons collect at these specific earth-magnetic sites, the excessive protons create a semi-fusion type of solar regenesis action. This is shown in the circular motion of hurricanes, tornadoes. The protons are trying to fuse and create a one cell sun universe. Or what the sun was like before the big bang; One Cell Energy universe.

So the interactions of the Solar activity is consistent with a Solar Phase.What Solar Phase are we in right now? Let's examine this.

Maybe due to the galaxy's (our Milky Way) alignment with the centre energy string (which by the way connects all stars and to some extent planets, etc). What Solar Phase are we in? We certainly can tell what phase we are in by looking at other stars. Stars close to the outer reaches of the galaxy may be experiencing this energy flux as in Solar Active Phase I.

The Solar Active Phase I is consistent with other stars in the same position as our sun on the outer arm of the MW galaxy. We are not able to collect the needed sourcing energy for the central core of the galaxy because we are shifting from the central line of the galaxy. Or just the opposite. It is difficult to determine at this time. Research here please.

Next; immediate need; Tornado reduction. Solar Phase ONe is a huge problem, not unsolvable. I have mentioned in previous post how to manage this. Right now I am discussing the immediacy of Tornado etc control. We need to find the p-spots where the convergence of the proton energies exist on the planet. Yes they do shift. However, this is easily remedied by protonic ionizers. We will demagnetize the protons in the collection sights. HOw? With HUGE PROTON COLLECTORS.

These Huge Proton Collectors then can be demagnetized at the collection site. We must find the main sites. LIke a web, or a grid these particles collect in this way. We need to understnad how the grid works. Are you with me on this?

ONce we gets some data on this we can proceed to the next level. Where do I find the number crunchers? Any mathematicians, data collectors, statitians? Astronomers, Physicists, anyone? If so contact me for some further ideas on this topic.

Ps posted below is an interesting article on the Toronto STar website. It is about aliens. I think this sounds interesting. We must enlist all the help we can get!

Class dismissed! Go forth and find the answers. And then get back to me! Thanks class. We CAN do this! Yes we can. It is already done. Visualize it as being done, the way you want it. Controlled tornados. Yes. Yes indeed!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Magpie 11: The Lady and The Swagger Stick

The Lady and The Swagger Stick

Act I Scene 1

Scene: The Barracks Queen's Own Rifles Ballroom Ball; Year circa 1860's

(note: The Lady In Red a ravaging beauty is thirty years the Colonel's junior. The Lady In Red and The Colonel arrive at the ball separately as to not appear to be an item. They have been carrying on an affair for the last six months since the Duke of Wellington first introduced them at the Mayfair Room. As the dancing continued after the awards cermony, The Colonel nonchalantly asks The Lady In Red if she would like to dance. Soon they are dancing in the candlelight cheek to cheek.)

The Colonel: You look lovely tonight, my dear sweet Lady in Red. I cannot wait to get you home; this party is getting so droll. It is always another party, another parting. To state it simply, my dear; I cannot live without you; I must have you. I cannot, not for any longer carry on appearances, it is too much to ask, I ache for you. (sighs deeply) You must be mine tonight my dear.. What's say we slip out early before anyone notices us missing...

The Lady In Red: Oh, and you, Colonel, you look absolutely smashing what with that swagger stick and all! It was a lovely present from the Regiment. May I hold it? (she seductively fondles the stick).(In a whispered tone) Are you sure she is out?

(note; the Colonel fingers his longish moustache and smiles slyly at the Lady, and widens his deep brown eyes. The LIR returns his grin with a Mona Lisa smile and coquettishly flirty eye flapping and leans over to display her ample bosom)

The Colonel: Oh you mean Lady Willoughby? Yes, she is out for the evening, across I believe at Lady Aspley's apartment. She said had errand to run. My dear Millicent is quite forgetful these days. She said she would be staying at the Wellington House, You know the house at Hyde Park in swinging London town. Poor dear Millicent she always has work to do with the suffragettes. When she will be finished with her work I'll never know, although I did so much prefer she continue her needlepoint. I would know exactly where she would be. Now it's anyone's guess really.

Lady In Red: (said in hush tones) Oh Colonel, I do so want you too. I cannot wait as well. We must be sure the missus is not there; I do not want to create a calamity. You promise she will not be there?

The Colonel: She will not be getting back for a fortnight. We'll have plenty of time and space we need my darling for playing cat and mouse games. Tonight I will be most privileged to play the part of the bemoustached mouse. (note the Colonel rolls his moustache again and smiles wontingly at The Lady In Red.)

The Lady In Red: Oh Colonel! You really ARE game, aren't you!

The Colonel: Well you know my dear, it isnt really who catches whom but whom catches what. Ahhha haha! I little joke for the moral my dear. I am so hungry for you my dear; the hunger pangs are making me dizzy. Why not say we slip out early; the carriage is waiting out back. Give me a wink and I will call the winged faeries to ferry us away!

The dance ends and the Colonel goes over to the head table to sit while The Lady In Red sits at the side table with a young soldier. The Colonel sits down and begins to light his Meerchaum pipe. A billowing puff of smoke covers the crowd. The Duke of Wellington goes to the podium at the head table and begins to make an rallying speech. The Colonel makes eyes at the Lady In Red; she returns his gaze and winks. She gets slowly up her billowing deep red velvet dress against her porcelain white skin draws all eyes to her. Exit Stage Right.Door slams. All at the Ball turn to look and then all have mouths agape. After the speech the Colonel asks to be excused and Exits stage right, door slams. All turn to look at the departing Colonel and shrug their shoulders. continues to the awaiting carriage where The Lady In Red is waiting. The Colonel takes her pale hand and kisses it tenderly and seductively. He then boards the waiting hansom.)

(Lights fade to dim)

Act II Scene 2

Scene The Wellington House at Hyde Park London. Lady Willoughby is in the Parlour of the manse with a brigade of suffragettes. All women are busy in some capacity making placards and protest posters. From the long ribbons around their torsos the women are chanting protests songs "We Will Overcome" etc.. The women are listening to Lady Willoughby's speech about the protest they are going to be having in a week's time.

Lady Willoughby: Ladies, we are here for a purpose; to get the vote. We will not stop. I repeat; we WILL NOT stop until we get the vote once and for all!

(There is a loud applause as the women start holding high the placards and start marching around Lady Willoughby. Lady Willoughby smiles a wide cheshire cat smile, and continues her speech)

Lady Willoughby: That's right ladies, we wont stop marching, we wont stop protesting, we will not do any menial work in our homes, we will not help our husbands, we will abandon all work for our children until men give us the vote!

(An even louder applause with hurrays and cat calls. The women have now lifted the Lady Willoughby on their shoulders and are marching her around the marbled halls of The Wellington House and out into the square at Hyde Park). Two bobbies on the beat are trying to stop the women from their spontaneous protest march)

1st Bobby: Ok ladies, what's with this, then? You can't go marching in the streets without a license! You stop you foolishness right now. I will give you until the count of ten.

Lady Willoughby: You cant stop us officer; this isnt an official protest. The real protest starts in a week. Then you should start to arrest us!

2nd Bobby: Call it quits ladies before we call this in, you know you don't want to have to talk to the magistrate!

Lady Willoughby and the Suffragettes:(in loud unison) We Want the Vote! We want the vote!

Bobby #1: You know Lady Willoughby we are going to have to call your husband to come and get you. Or the men in white!
Which would you prefer? (As they start to apprehend and cuff The Lady Willoughby.

Lady Willoughy: Clare; make sure you get a picture of this police brutality. Wait til my lawyer gets hold of this!

Clare: Yes, Mam, right away! (Clare takes an old fashioned picture of the supposed 'police brutality" for the press release in the morning.)

Bobby #2: I am dispatching a page to Colonel Willoughby as we speak Lady Willoughby. He'll have to answer for you. We do not need any more of this nonsense! You women should know that you place is in the home!

Lady Willoughby: Go ahead and call the Colonel; see if I care!

(The two bobbies arrest Lady Willoughby and other police carriages arrive on the scene to arrest the other fifty or more Suffragettes. All of the ladies are screaming and start singing Suffrage Songs and Verses by Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860-1935). New York: The Charlton Company, 1911.

With God Above–Beneath–Beside–
Without–Within–and Everywhere;
Rising with the resistless tide
Of life, and Sure of Getting There.
Patient with Nature's long delay,
Proud of our conscious upward swing;
Not sorry for a single day,
And Not Afraid of Anything!

With Motherhood at last awake–
With Power to Do and Light to See–
Women may now begin to Make
The People we are Meant to Be!

(attributed to

The suffragettes continue to sing; "We shall overcome, we shall overcome someday..."

House Lights to black

Act I Scene 2

The Lady in Red and The Colonel arrive at the Oxfordshire country estate of Colonel Willoughby's. It is dusk and the two lovers walk arm in arm into the palacial residence. The double doors open to the luxurious great hall.

The Colonel: Here you are my dear, there's one step down, don't trip now, you were drinking the brandy. Oh dear, where did I place my swagger stick. Did you see it dear?

The Lady In Red: Oh, isnt this lovely? No, Colonel I don't know where you put your swagger stick. The last I remember you had it with you when we were dancing. Let's forget about it...Do you really love me Colonel? Did you say you wanted all this (she swirls around) to be all mine? I will be the new Lady Willoughby? What would Lady Willoughby think of that?

The Colonel: Oh my dear let's not talk about Lady Willoughby right now. Come over here. The Colonel points and then pats the seat of a large silk damask settee near the massive fireplace. The fires glowing embers cast a romantic reddish light on The Lady In Red.

The Lady In Red: Oh Colonel, you do so know how to treat a lady.

The Colonel: My pleasure, my dear. (again strokes his moustache)

(Suddenly there is a loud knock on the door. The Colonel excuses himself and gets up to answer the door.

The Colonel: Yes...

The Lady In Red: Oh dear...what's happened?

The two Bobbies: Not to alarm you at this time Sir, but I think there is a matter of importance you should pay attention to...

The Colonel: And what's that?

The 1st Bobby: Well, Colonel, Sir, it's about your wife and this baton she gave me.

The 2nd Bobby: She said you lost it and that maybe you'd like it back right away. As well she has sort got herself into a bit of a fix.

The Colonel: How did she..I mean..I couldnt find my baton, I left the Ball! At the head table! How did she could she..find this fast! Oh what were you saying about Lady Willoughby?

(Suddenly the large double doors of the manse open and there standing in the doorway is The Lady Willoughby. She looks downcast at the young woman The Lady In Red sitting half undressed upon her ivory silk damask settee.)

The Lady Willoughby: I see you keep quite busy when the cat is away Colonel. You may go now Lady In Red and don't bother coming back!

The Colonel: I'll do anything you want Lady Willoughby. Anything, just name it.

The Lady Willoughby: Perhaps giving me the vote would be a fair exchange considering the circumstances. (Lady Willoughby looks chagrined over at The Lady In Red and she rolls her eyes).

The Colonel: I will ask The Duke of Wellington to make this allotment. He has many connections, you know, and I think he may get you what you want. Just don't mention this to your lady friends, please. I don't need the bombardment tonight. Good night Lady In Red...I think I will retire early; I have a splitting headache.

Lady Willoughby: Good night girl, and please, don't ever come back. You are not welcome here.

(As the Lady In Red leaves the parlour The Lady Willoughby gives her a slip of paper)

As The Lady In Red closes the double doors, (rather SLAMS the doors) of the Colonel's and The Lady Willoughby's estate, she reads out loud

The Lady In Red: Wonders what this is from dear Lady Willoughby! "Thank-you Lady In Red for your services tonight. They will be amply rewarded". (Lady Willoughby turns and slams door)

The Lady In Red: I guess he might want this back. The poor old Colonel. He is getting so forgetful! (The Lady In Red takes the swaggerstick from underneath her billowing red dress. She carefully places the swagger stick leaning delicately against the wall near the thick double doors of the estate.) He won't forget this in the future! (rings door)

(The Lady In Red smiles a wide smile and starts to dawn her Suffragette ribbon she removed from her evening bag).

The Lady In Red: To the Duke of Wellington House at Hyde Park, driver. Thank-you, Peter.

Peter: (the driver with a wink and a nod) You are most certainly welcome my dear Lady In Red! Same as usual?

Lady In Red: Most definitely Peter! The same as usual!

Peter: I noticed you returned the swaggerstick? It was a fancy piece that would have got you at least a 5 bob!

Lady In Red: Yes, Peter indeed I would have gotten a pretty penny for that stick. However, the Colonel will certainly needs it more than I will after the ladies get the vote! The Duke of Wellington insisted it be returned. That Duke is such a card!

Peter: You're right about that dear Lady Wellington, you're right about that!

Lady In Red: Peter, I'm right about everything! I am woman hear me roar!

Peter: Certainly Lady In Red, I hear ya!

Heard in the distance can be heard the return of the suffragette's haunting music of "We Will Overcome" Fading into the distance. As the sounds of horses hooves can be heard on the cobblestone into infinity. Next the song "Lady In Red" by Chris Deburgh plays with all the actors on stage lip-synching the song all of them (57 actors) dressed in the same red velvet dress as The Lady In Red. All have swagger sticks! (and a swaggerstick for each audience member who is then allowed to lipsynch on stage with the actors.

Lights out. House lights up. Cast party~RSVP!

Please note: this is meant to be a comedy with exaggerated slapstick-like theatrics. I am working on how to make it funnier. Any suggestions would be most (almost) appreciated!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Euphemism Generator: BORED?Here's A Load of Funk on A Hairy Day Lily

Thursday's Calm After the Storm with Larry King

Looking all around
from the celestory windows
I witness a stark lone reminder
I am still here
woken up by light's
magical melatonin
or some pre-emptive consciousness
slave urging me out of bed
to wed the day
and make it mine

Looking all around
there are rumours
and rumours of rumours
I wont let them mess
with my fine humours
as I put them back to bed
and concentrate on
Seizing the day
Shorts on Curly today

the real
the real important issues
of the day
as the daylight
streams through my head
awakening my present to you
of now
now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now...
the night's funny monsters are having
an all day slumber party
on my dime
eating cake in bed
making a mess of all
i thought i could be
without dreams
and the emotive push
brought forth from what?
some undetected emotional
upheaval shoved back
into the back-of-the-brain box
for a rainy day
not today!
my things one and two
are messin'
unbeknownst to me

So as I sit and ponder
what topic of interest today
what gets my goat or two
I sit back and contemplate
the immediate-idiocy of my brain
what peaks its mindfulness of attendance
what thing should I put
all my energies unto
what thing should get
the bonus question
what thing should
get the cake?

A upheaval sigh
like that belching volcano
which is sputtering out like
the midnight hour
i use to wait on you
kept the light on
like Motel 8
until that time
when I realized
you "ain't comin' back"
I'll turn the light off
I would rather fight than switch
the light off, especially
that special heart-light
that unfettered ember of remember
the same
as usual
King Friday

The bitter cold today
reminds me of fall going into winter
when it should be
must be
absolutely has to be
spring bud
a spring tonic to be had
to make
to take
to rake
the winter slough
from me
as we all flake
when the earth shakes
and bakes us so
lets find another way
about the inevitable
come on
I'm talkin
to you
as that ear worm made its way into
this part poem part prose verse
part the sea for all I care
this dictomic poetry is for the birds
of the sea and air
and maybe landbased too
who knows?
I am so sick of marrying up
this two worlds
good and bad
ugly and beautiful
Good, bad and ugly
as well as
almost opposites
that dont go together
but would in a push
depending on one's
point of view
my point of view
does that really matter to you

Endless Whys
Endless Days
Endless Doldrum days
thinking wondering planning
but not actually doing
as doing has become
so undignified lately
a doer does
a thinker thinks
a procrastinator
does none of the above

So I'll give you my penny
a thought a day or two
whether you like or not
no matter at all
all just order in the chaos
dang another polar opposite!
what to do?
when these loopy extremes
get you down?

Whats the matter for me
I just want to see
and be seen by all the
cool cats in town
(I repeat I am not a crazy cat lady)
when I paint the town red
I want to do it in style
maybe post-modern abstract
in the mix
can't eat the paint yet?

If I would have it all
going my way
I'd send it to you
I'm like that
I'd give you more of a share
than what I'd want to sit
on my derriere
of course you know why
you know to much
why is that?

Lording it over me by the pool
I sat alone all these days
to figure out
why I never got it right (correct)
however, I figure enjoy the hour
as I biked around the park
(you know which one)
and thought why can't I make
this go my way
it is all
falling down
as I look
at the Humpty Dumpty Statuary
for far too long

ONce upon a time
I found my thoughts going to
a place I'd never be
so turn it around
look into how Oprah does it
really how does she do it
She visualizes what she wants
and by some sainted feat
her dreams become
her reality
bestowing upon her
all the honour and all the glory
which isnt too bad
if I might say so myself

What about Larry King?
Do you believe that?
Larry, Larry
how does your garden grow?
obviusly with sisters all in a row
Larry you'd make a great Viagara commercial
your poor wife
had to find a sexy latin lover
and do him in the clover
now he's green with ivy
(gawky attempt at a limerick; not too rich
but Larry is!)

What if I had a new pup?
What kind of dog should I get?
Would you like me to get a
black lab (1st choice)
or a Prynesse Newfie mix
or a greyhound
or a MIB pug
or a Boston terrier
or a British Bulldog?
the Irish wolfhound only lives seven years
I'd be crying too long
I think the black lab would be best
a replacement for my loving pet
so soon to leave this crossed plain
sent to heaven
as in
All Dogs Go To Heaven
one day
Watch Tower
when will be that day
will I see it today
will it be on Larry King
or Kitty Kelley's Oprah biography?
Dr. Oz knows
I aint in Kansas anymore
but somedays which I were
as a lot of fine people come from there

Lord, what will I talk about
guide my path
I talk too much
it's time to give up
I'll leave it to you
to carry on the conversation
lets put our money
where our mouth is
what a euphemism!

I'm so outta here!
Have a nice day!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

CHI-CHI News Report: The Volcanic-Solar Interaction Interview Dr.T. Banani with Dr. Joe Schmoe

Dr. Joe Schmoe: Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Today we are interviewing Dr. Topi. Banani, head of the world's only scientist conducting research into the solar-volcanic connection with the recent flux of earthquake/volcanic activity. Dr. Banani; what is it exactly that is causing this massive earthquake and volcanic assault on the earth in recent months?

Dr. Banani: Well, Joe, the volcanic and earthquake activity is really caused by a number of factors, all having a part to play to some extent. It is my opinion, and a growing number of professionals in the volcanic and earthquake area that the activity within the last few years is directly porportional to solar activity.

Dr. Schmoe: Topi, I really think this is possible after examining your research. The cross reference to the solar flare activity, in particular, the X-class flares always seem to have within days or weeks a stunning effect on volcanic and earthquake activity. How reliable are you at determining, through your findings the next battery of volcanic/earthquake attacks upon the earth; and can you determine location?

Dr. Banani: Joe, our findings are extraordinarily accurate to about .0000010. After the Chi-icular Z proton Isolator reads the recent particles there is no doubt exactly where and when the next earthquake will strike. It is realitively simple to conclude; the protons are amassing at a certain site; a certain polarity and then this collection of protons cannot be contained by the earth's core; thus we have earthquake or volcanic activity called EAQ-VOL active.

Dr. Schmoe: This seems quite complex, yet the results are consistent; you and your group are able to isolate the exact time and place where the next EAQ-VOL active areas will exist. This is quite an accomplishment! Do you see a time when man will be able to control the protonic activity from the sun to stop or greatly reduce EAQ-VOL activity?

Dr. Banani: Yes, Joe, thank-you it has been many years of collaborative efforts with many in the scientific community. Yes, we do see a time, in the near future where we will be able to stabilize the earth's protonic equation; to stabilize the way the earth's own protons and the solar protons interact at the EAQ-VOL areas of concentration.

Dr. Schmoe: This new research is very fascinating. Are you saying your team is producing a machine to stop earthquakes?

Dr. Banani: Yes, Joe, in a sense we are conducting initial research into the Z-proton Convergence Protonic Deactivator.
CPD for short. Cern was instrumental in our understanding of the Z-particle differentials and the accumulatation numbers of zparticle to xparticle balance.

Dr. Shmoe: What's a "x-particle"?

Dr. Banani: Joe, and x-particle is the gamma reverse particle to the z particle. The two are in constant flux, moreso during the sun's active X-class flares. The research has found that there are simple ways to control these fluxes with Negative-Positive reversal switching. Basically using the z and x particles, one is able to reverse there charge and to negate their damaging activity.

Dr. Schmoe: Wow, this is amazing! And very encouraging. Do you, Dr. Banani see a day when we will be able to control the
EAQ-VOL activity once and for all.

Dr. Banani: Yes, Joe, the research looks very promising. We are on another threshold of scientific development.

Dr. Schmoe: That is so very great. I am sure you are going to be up for a Nobel Prize soon.

Dr. Banani: Thank-you Joe. Right now we are trying to get as many "onboard", as many scientists working on these new theories. It really is quite an interesting way to Earth Geophysical control mechanism. As the chief engineer of the program I am more than happy to discuss even the most remote of possible theories to solve the very real and disturbing destructive mechanisms in our chaotic universe. At the Chi-Chi labs we take pride in finding all answers to all problems. This is our mandate; to promote, worldwide an open paper on solving these immediate issues. If we do not understand them soon, and begin to control them artificially, we may not be here tomorrow, and tomorrow may just be one day away. Time is now to enlist scientists for this very important endeavour. Are you onboard?

Dr. Schmoe: I am definitely onboard Topi and have been from the very start. It is so very fascinating to see how your Group comes up with this amazing research. Certainly this research is critical in saving countless lives. It certainly will be the day when we can remain calm when attacked by x-class flares from the sun. This research will ultimately save the earth's populations. Is there any research into control the mechanisms of the sun so we do not have these X-class flares?

Dr. Banani: Again, thank-you Joe. Yes there is ongoing research as we speak about controlling the mechanisms of the sun; which remain, at this time, highly complex. The fueling mechanism of the sun has only recently been discovered by ChipnLogs group at M.O.M. University. It may take about two years to find start the first experiments in Solar Protonic Activity Control. It is not the far into the future; but research does not have the luxury of time. The solar activity is definitely a telling sign of solar activity phase one. We need to learn more about the phases of the sun's internal processes.

Dr. Sshmoe: Dr. Banani, what exactly are these solar processes?

Dr. Banani: It is looking at this time, Joe, like a simple mechanism. There are zparticle on and off switches. The sun is fuelled by the protoplasmic Mother Earth Cell Soul Amoebic Sun discovered by Chipnlogs M.O.M. University. I could get into the area, but I am afraid you'd be staring at a complex set of physics equations for a very long time. Basically, the physicists have the solar cycle almost completely figured out except that .000001 second which everyone is discussing. We think that missing time is a blip. A tear in the fabric of time space; a warp that gives the change from one cell protoplasm to multibillion gogalplexed universe we have now. Room for further discussion in my lecture hall at M.O.M. University. You are welcome to attend; go to New material is being presented daily. I must go back to the lab! Time is precious and cannot be afforded to waste. Thank-you for allowing me this platform for open discussion!

Dr. Schmoe: We will stay in touch Topi, as I realize you are extremely busy. Thank-you for all of us for affording us this opportunity to understand the work being done presently in this extremely vital scientific area.

Dr. Banani: I'm so outta here. Later Joe!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Volcano

The Volcano

Mount Olympian
mound of terra firma
borne by fire
birthed by earth
pushed forth
earth clouds
electric lightening
telltale songs of long ago
as solar protons recreate
big bang politics
melt and merge
play with clay
globe with
meeting ground
with the airborne grunts
majesty unbounds unfurls
once purely solar energy
freeing earth's slaves
no more to matter as
to Hydrogen and Helium
in many peptide chains
strung with strings
round and round again

and with such fine particle decay
a spectacular rebirth come may
as we witness the next Nexus
to come as soon we become
some other form or other
as matter changes things
Intentionally of made by hand
plans of time
dressed to course
through our lives like droplets
of water

The Volcano's crashing
pushing wheezing sputtering
spewing spitting belching
retching tastes of putrifaction
the sulphur smell of death is everywhere
sound unwelding tone
unnatural to our ears
use to sweet songs of birds

The Volcano
welded iron and sun magnets
core engineered by divine design
powers unknown in their youth
unknown powers in their age
make us or keep us
break us or repair us
melt us down or build us up
to flake away or to fly away
like dusten ash turning into diamonds
sheer force drama
the mirror cracked
splintered and split
our endless dna
gathering us together
like the gathering storms we face
torqued fork ms rachette
turning of our fates
pressure cabin tactics
all points unify
like melted wax
converge where merge
slag hag laughs
protons charge-it
neutrons dull-it
electrons negate-it
compound matter
confounded matter!

Let loose fires
The Sun's
powerful magnetic desire
seduces the earth
warmed passion's flames
awakened rising sun to
put to bed
twilight's last light of day
glowing embers
in our collectively unconscious brains
entwine these book of days
deja vu
as lived before
finally end these days
premeditated madness
spewing rock masses
smitten smoke
falling in heaps
close so close to our feet
burning near toes
walking over hot lava rocks
global fouling of air and sea
molten elements recombination
witches' cauldron's troubles
dragons' lair the maiden's hair
Hades fires ignite the night
stoked with premonition
of a thousand souls
dying to get out
the earth's weighted clothes

The Volcano
the heaviness weighs
upon us like a
ledbetter leaded weight
as reams of sulphur emit
admits not one but all
The Greatest Show On Earth
AS our time is surely nigh
waiting for godot and a train
transfiguration's continued high
Angels made of stone

The Volcano
of choking smoke
I can't stop
from getting
in my eyes
smokey mirrors
of my mind

The Volcano
billows from the
self-made earth goddess
rounds the mound
and mounts to the sky
the dragon exhales
it's smokey acrid breath
deadly to inhale
it's all the same

The Volcano
as people watch
the tower of doom
from the throne above
the earth
formed by a place
a lovely ice palace
Kingly abode of frozen eons
until now
we always calmly awaited
once upon a time
until now
threatening to take over
the human experience
life held in the ballast

The Volcano
we move over
make more room
for pending disaster
to make no error
this disaster looming
could destroy all
as innocuous as
benign cancer
we wait to hear
how serious
the earth's mood
s waiting
to burst
like a preadolescent teen
with sullen mood
and then lashes out
due to erupted face
quite a mess
how to calm and quell
Clear a power hold
of internalized
spill over of powerful emotions

The Volcano
the fury of fiery plumes
lightening of the lava gods
divine retribution
the earth lording it over
its inhabitants
gaia the earth mother goddess
is angry at something
her lover Zeus never returning
her protonic phone calls
the magnetics all askew
I ask you
what earth do you want?

The Volcano
before us
The next apolcalyse
the next ice age
The next unknown
waiting patiently
to take us home
unless we find in time
a recipe to calm the beastly forces
of energies intermingling like lovers

The Volcano
End of Days
with each daily weather forecast
planes stalled in Europe
as the ashen gods of death
assume like broken glass
its too hard to fix
or to put back together
is our world broken
or just letting off steam

The Volcano
As scientists dash to find
the answer to the rhyme
how long do we have
til Volcanoes claim
as sun becomes block
some choke and die
some starve from lack of earth
to grow food
when the next ice age comes upon us
to cover the earth in a sheet of white
layer and layers of ice shelves
glacier rebuild up again
as like eskimoo we are forced
to adapt
or give up


Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Wobbling Earth/Sun/Universal Magnets Need Recharge

Both the sun and the earth look like they need a reboot; a magnetic recharge. How? Insert fused earth P-spot cell (a mother earth sun charged to earth to recharge and change matter).
Have you noticed the jet stream lately? It has "bumps" in it. Not always yes, but there is a distinct blip. A sign that the earths once pristine consistent axis is faltering. Not working as well. We need to discover if this is due to the sun's magnetic core needing a reboot. Being as it is far from other sun's charge mechanism which keeps a constant core magnetic power of ?number. Which in term keeps the rest of solar system in homeostatic field (same field) resulting in consistent readings and astro-mechanical homeostases.
Could the other parts of the universe (or those close by) be expiencing a similar demagnification process such as the sun and earth (moon) are going through at this time (and other planets?). Much to be learned; more to be discovered. Keep on asking those questions folks. Help us out! comment section has some interesting Creationist theories held by the Ancient Greeks. For inspiration!

Warning: Turn Off The Cern (temporarily to test a theory first)

That brings up the topic of the Iceland volcano. What is it's name. Most volcanoes this friggy huge have a name. Look at Mt Vesuvius. Mt St. Helens etc.
I think we need to rethink volcanic activity from the bottom up. Reverse engineer a new protonic model. The sun interacts with the earth and other planets in this way. Check out the storm activity on other planets. Is it active? Why? Solar activity? Yes. So therefore the solar x-flares which are releases of protonic activity are REACTING with the planets and "turning on a mechanism of some sort or other and I believe it is protonic activity." The X-class flare could be a promotion of a return to the chaotic state of molecular (on the z particle level change). Ever since they mucked with that Cern reactor? Could it be? Could the sun be reactive to the particle separator? Heck ya! or it may just be another coincidence. I would say halt the Cern for awhile. Or create the reverse effect (oh this may make it worse) We need to create a homeostatic zparticle field not an active one. Let's face it the zparticle matrix may be very delicate and prone to decay which may be the process which has been set in motion. WARNING....TURN OFF THE CERN. SEE WHAT HAPPENS. IF IT GETS TO LESS VOLCANO ACTIVITY, CLASS X FLARES DISCHARGE GREAT. WE LEARNED SOMETHING AND CAN GO ONTO STEP 2.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Magpie #10 Time Will Surely Tell

Time Will Surely Tell
that I always did love you
this I always did know
as first our eyes met
long long time ago
as I hear your voice for the first time
now from there where you are
the ethereal plains
the rarified air
calling me home
to quell the fires
of longstanding desire

ah to hear your loving voice again
an audible voice from the past imperfect
to guide me out from this thorny thicket
out of the brambled briar of untruth
when truth returns
the lonely quest
resorts to flagrant retorts
kept hidden all these years
in secret cubbies and
hidden bomb shelters
now to find
this searchlight
beams finding me
so alone again
so unnaturally so
my blighted soul
a wretched mess

on butterflies wings rippling
to alight on the edge of time
to peer over the ledge of space
to not only feel but to be
as free
as a floating bee
flying high on a hope
flying by my window
a sparrow to share my dinner
past my existence
a fantastical feast
still i hear you
as certain things remind me
call me home
as I recall
those times
of youth
summers pasts
April is never long enough
to enjoy the newness of everything
could it be a gathering storm
or spring shower
drenching me in memory?

As your buzz still tickles my ears
awaiting your return I hear you there
I heard you tell you'd love me always
your embraces love were like fresh air
my chilvarous knight you did not care
my humours did dwell in your every word
your every thought my command
as now alone to swell in painful contortionwithout fitting that piece of my heart lost in the wake
that washed ashore that summer day
a dejected flower to wither and die
as I turned to look at the heavens
returning gaze
painful to the ground
I want to fly forever
what I found
a drop of blood
from the white lily
on the golden bird of paradise

such a fine filly she
petting her dream horse
rejected in her prime
dies so slowly once
torn away
ripped from one moorings
more's the pity
withered and worn
once the young bride
full of anticipated joy
never to be known

at your earliest convenience
my dear I can hear you still
through the old mottled window frame
you stow the time in your locker
where Davey Jones use to sing
"Swing Low Sweet Chariot"
for me is it the same
wait for how long
never ever comes
I wish the old truth
I believed in when
Spirits would sweep me off my feet
"Take me home, country roads"
Where I belong
the green green grass of home
seems so far away now

the road is long but never too far
when it comes to finding you again
as I am growing all too weary
age preys on my soul
waiting for never ever after
too weary to be
hanging a star on a tree
all I can be
without you
in my life
I'll never be
I fear I'll never
be loved again
if in fact true love
is truly love
by my man
why did you leave me there
waiting for godot

low i cannot speak for you
or begin to return the favour
the flavourful favour of the month
treat of the week
(bet that's a first in a poem)
held captive in this moat
sentenced to a life unlived
not fully but in part only
missing pieces and gaps
Closing the Gap
This I was wont to do
and maybe one day
say "I do"
love knots not for me
i cannot share the nest
with those who cannot dream

abruptly interrupted by lost moments
stolen plans
now i must
be released by my heart's meme slave
stopped by the flow of Holy sanguine
life-marrow inflammed
thrown to the wind
my emotive heart
the soul of the matter
as I linger longer
like a ghost at a wishing well
(Gordon Lightfoot acknowledgement)
near comatose state
by the distant shore
my corpse
in gossamer sheets
dapper in cotton
500 count sheets
all hope seems dashed
upon the rocky shoal
my ship of fools
all overboard
assumed drown
buried at sea

As it is written
be a patient man
await my gentle man please
time scarred me too deeply
my pure intentions mocked
the ravens have eaten
my eyes from their sockets
a treat for them surely
empowering them with lust
not the love I had once
my long lost visions
my long lost lover
turned to volcanic dust
now or never

this so clearly nearly extinguished the light
cried though the foul wind not to hear
the sad lament
crying of endless nights
weeping for love's return
to wait and wait and wait
kept in the tower
lady to rot
long-suffering such a sour and bitter repast
wishing it were not some other lover
that which time surely must have forgot
was once keep in the lighthouse
there her search began as she begot sons
from the begotten and a daughter of our mother
never to be told or called a horrible name
Mother Mary or Lady Madonna make ends meet

Savage ravages of time and space
grid claims everyman sooner or later
no one is immune to flesh flash freeze
searching the horizon for a scion of truth
for a sign of your light
a soulful reunion
to complete the circle route
all I could do
my love
was sigh
he may not be coming back
for sure
the Lady of Short Change
got blamed like a scape goat
for everyone woes
woe is me
spread out forgetmenots
I shall return

As Bathsheba bathed in her sumptuous milk bath
As a disembodied voice of David heard faint
in her head which had swollen to unknown porportions
her tears never ended with no more tears brand
calls out to you in subtle unknown ways
such as a bird on a high wire sings
such as flowers in the desert do bring
wonderous joys
who's beauteous array displays
love flow from a
wounded heart bleeding out
held its own for as long as it could
until that time where it was called upon
to return again, unfortunately, to the cold cold ground

these cries, these haunting echoes of my voice return
to taunt me
cajole me
ridicule my very existence
continuing to hear you through the Florida glades
bearing witness to your ghost lost to me
through all this bitterness
frought with naught much love for me
my dear lover mine
never let go of me
can you hear me through the wine?

though my premptive and shellshocked mind
set on the cryptic past long past midnight
the crypt opens wide awaiting my shroud
mysteries unwind like broken glass from
my grandfather's old gold pocketwatch
crashing to the floor
the flying hands of time go akimbo
far flung away
from the Janus'd faced Sun
Suddenly I am swept away by the blue sea in August
(Lena Wertmueller the Italian director acknowledgement)

Return to the place of pristine Camelot
there where the fairies dwell
there where hobbits many esoteric stories did tell
there where Robin Hood and his merry men play
As Will robed in Scarlet, and Little John and Frair Tuck
robbed from the rich
and gave to the poor
freedoms bounty
for everyone
years of happily ever after
as each share in the plenty
chasing deers in the evergreen woods
by the Great Oak of Sherwood Forest

As King Arthur's Excaliber shone so bright
like a Light Sentinel of the starry night
that mighty majesty's powerful sword
in the stone by the work bench
my shoulders could feel cupid's bow
find its mark
upon the heart stung like a bee bite
the pull of the lids til dreams claim "it can be"
if you believe it shall be yours to discover
its yours as we all resort to playful interludes
"I believe in faeries" "I believe in mercy"
As Merlin's wand cast
Magic love spells
nocturnal incantations by candlelight
wonderously erupts like Mt Vesuvius
overflow covers the doric temples
endless pools of continual refraction
of soul refreshment
sleeping soundly complete relaxation
healing pools found in places forgotten
imbibing these waters with
flowing life energies galvanized
the two cojoined lovers
once again born! to live! another day
as one flesh; amoeboid embodiment
with my lover in the warm ponds of Bath
in the English countryside so fine so rich
to enlivening breath of fresh sea air
to take it all in the Ptolemic potion
can this be real this fantasy
As Fantasy becomes surrealistically super real
oIs it real or is it memorex in a box
caught in the time sequence
release the hounds
the truth my love
will out

here's to here
real time
in the here and now!
Listen; you can
hear a twig break
in the forests of the mind
the misty primevael forest
covered in fallen leaves, the syre
the floor of our love cave
as shape-shifting wolves
growl as hunger gets the better of them
thick fog encompasses our little town
wooly gathering of the tribes
world weary of encroaching stealth
long lost sheep found
but never coming home
when the home fires suddenly burnt out
and all again gone in a flash
like the last light of twilight
keep those home fires burning friend

Suddenly and without much fanfare
trampled sounds of army boots
trumpets resound; heard all around and everywhere
gathering energies into a clamorous shell
Boticelli's Venus reborn
of Lightening crash
and symbals clash
Titans soon to follow the mortals
as you were once again and since then
as we once were back in the day when
once upon a time on the moon in June or July
the young amorous lovers looked up
and watched
Romeo and Juliet
transfixed upon the spot
the other's looked upon the soul
as much as one would want to make last
ended too soon for poor sweet Juliet
as she drank the poisoned hemlock
to be without her love for all
eternity was far too much
and heavy a lodestone
weighted to bear
slowly she swooned
and collapsed
to the ground
as Romeo kissed
her once cherry lips now acrid-tasting of death
from the unholy communion of life and death
such sorrowful commotion
the concoction fair thee well to the pearly gates
and last bid farewell to her knight this night of her youth
nevermore to love; to have or hold

Then knocking on the bullet-proof glass
the all-encompassing struggle for life
ended with the bell's hallowed clang
when did love end and
how did this change of time come about
this backwards walking
this sin-eater talking
this evil stalking us
from the changing seasons
Spring to Winter
all hell broke loose
when you broke my heart
as with her change came
the changing of the guard
soon to be a Queen of the Game
who would win
it is always a matter of time

she could no longer hold onto
the space laid bear
agape in her wounded and open heart
an opening
a happening
an awakening
that moment in time
On the winged chariot of fire
as the mighty steed approached
this dark horse with no rider
as the lone knight gathered
her soul as she screamed
the years
bear down upon me so
weighing heavy on my soul
caught in this premeditated entanglement trap
a hunter's snare; a sinful man
held captive all these years
to abide there like the hellhole
of Calcutta
like a prisioner of Endor
a concubine in binladens harem
countless days remain
weilding such horribilus power over me
in this hellish dragon's lair
this battling warrior's dismal life t date
finally succumbed she said wholly
consumed "il consume est"
"it is finished"
I am done like dust
she wailed

Heard through deaf ears
the key of g she remembered
Moonlight Sonata by Chopin
Awakened anew what she could hear
Come to me now, my romantic lover
not where we once danced and dreamed
not in the heather fields the heated fields
as our eternal youth has fully unfolded
untold stories of unrequitted love
lost in the wins of war

Come to me now, love
the lady commands
to your love tent and your true love
Mostly valor; the palor of love
a whiter shade of palor
now in these quickening sands
the quickening
of time standing still
let no moss grow on you
you rolling stone
in the killing fields
the dreaded decay
here in the earthen mired bog
as helpless children we cry out
Save Our Souls
Please...Save us
from this estrangement of self
this corrupted flesh
as snares to the feet
as long-suffering finally
melting from my bones

love can last
love will win at last
this battle royale
your final test

The occluded world
once such Beauty known
hidden forever by
pervasive as the Sorcerer's perverted cloak
subtly persuasive subtly suggestive
this fine veneer of Vermeer is a fake
an endless pool of a fanned mirror array
deceptively reflecting an infinity of pain
over and over again
ad infinitum
this path will never reach
not were fpr the cross not to stop
this evil dreadknot of a fated design
the evil rings that never were mine
my precious

Never shall we weep or tread upon
or eat sweetbreads and refreshing milk
on these soft pillow of light hue
pastel pink and blue
through clouded now Rococco dreams we knew
once filled delicious confections of
misty memories and you were there
now only hindsight
missing you
Misting over my eyes tear
and I see such startling visions
as the scales that were my eyes
now removed their slough
become clear again slowly
as I drink in your intoxicating elixir
I can see again in my dreams
and then vanquished all
all vanished in a flash
yet I remain here
where you'll never find me
Somewhere In Time
(thank you Christopher Reeve)

now means never shall I be
visited by any mortal souls again
the spirit evaporated
As I sink lower, my love,
into the endless sea of sand

Heard like some faint child's whisper
my lover's voice
"do something soon!"
again to be heard
"my love cannot stand the wait"
again, silence
Not to be continued
not any time soon
all is in vain
my lover will certainly leave
my heart irratically skips a beat
crying out Love, love...where did you go?
not in my deepest tragedy
in the hour of my mourning
not to hear me though
not to hear me through
layers of flaccid and dank matter
the horrid death
in my final hour
I plead with the fates
bring back my true love
please bring back my beau
please, let me hear
the Balm of Gilead
pouring forth unending
this viscous fluid
this healing ointment found
the sweet scent of sandalwood
my salvation is met
camel haired brushstrokes on angel's wings
gently heard in the night silent sighs
my lover's soft and calming
tender, deeply lilting voice
lifting me up higher to where I should be
far above the maddening crowd

the swift-footed stags
sudden return to spring
leap into battle once more
the plumes of endless fires
smouldering the brackish smoke
billowing up through these wooded
these hollowed and eternal caverns
these lost worlds these long shafted mines
return to me
my kind
lover of mine

As now is forever lost to me
save your voice for salvation
your heroic face ever etched in my memory
marble mantle of the apple tree's core
continue on, to save the others
with much trepidation
as I have transpired now
and by the time you can hear this
like a little mouse squeaking
my faints voice sounding
much like the voice of destitution's
deadly destruction
something to be avoided
like the black plague
or the locusts' lunch

Remember love
when in doubt
let it go child
remember me not in this pitiful place
this dreaded institution
of divine retribution
breach the walls
of my containment
if you cannot
worry not
cry for me no longer
only found truth is sought

Evoke the time we had together
when love once conquered all
and dragons were put to test
by knights errant all
finally by might
put to their final rest
as once the power
of a thousand fires
as we stoked
the back-fires alight
the consuming night's dirvish
we doused those devilish blazes
the Fires of Hades extinquished
but only for a time
Repose would not be ours
curse the lingering thought
As returning evil power
reclaimed poor souls
as wise virgins
forgot the oil
we were caught unawares
baring all in our heart of nakedness
as we hear in hindsight
"Pity the Fool"
who or whom took our dear knights
and left a Book of Days

Please do not stop your thoughts
or further remembrances of me
please do not discourage true love
it is and shall be
in the lingering shadow
lurching longer around corners
drawing out all that remain hidden
hide your heart
someone needs to play the goat

found once again
lost once in the everpresent somewhere
you are my heavenly present
to all who knew you and love you
you remain my one true love
the most love of my life
as it is written
so it shall be
and it is written, so it shall be
one can hope

Dream of me Lover and I shall lift you up
through the misty veils of time
the sooty gravel dust
clear through to the heavens above
clear to Midland
and on a dove
lift you to the highest pinnacle of the sky
to the highest heights
and breadths
the soul
can reach
(Barrett-Browning acknowledgement)

Heard soon shall be sung by Celestial Choirs
on angel's wings flapping; forms renew
with all sorts of sounds to sooth
as I serenade you back to my waiting room
composers return to life to play
live and in person our classical love song
the genius playing put unseen
certainly only love can sounds this divine
as my yearning, longing for you once again

Placing mints and aloes upon your pillow
This to shall be revealed one day
it is sealed forever in the my coins' reliquary jar
hung on a string high above the mountain tops
prayer wheels turning psalms to sky
seated in the bejeweled throne room
Opal, Turquoise, Jasper, and Moonstone
All Saints come
immediately marching home

Soon sounds change their fevered pitch
from smooth, silky. light and airy
to coarse, gritty, rough and hairy
the pitted flesh that clung
clings to bones like sweetmeat
rots pearly teeth
time my love awaits us no longer
it must have been ours once to conquer
recalled our souls on the altar
The Spirit to claim
regain our missing
long-lost souls

Adieu sweet Prince of Time
now my life is but
a repository of mind passages
a scrapbook of storybook
almost weddings

a single souvenir
to recollect all our recollectibles
this scarlet rose burnt deeply
into my bountiful chest
a reminder
the remainder of the day
of an indelible meme
of my love for you

until we meet again
souls keep intact
awaiting you there where he walked
along with the other saints in heaven
under the altar, move over rover
there the martyr'd lovers entwined
convergence dance
posted the lover's lane tree
She loves Him
round the bend
and back again
and long past
the dark blue sky of midnight
the silent riders of the sky
seesaws riders in the darkened park
recalling those places they use to go
where lonely lovers meet and greet
and say only "hello" and then sadly go
back to the everyday world of the grind
by pocketwatch and fob
my watch keeps time
keeps up with my lack of being

a golden piece of memory
travellers lost in love
caught in the middle
of time and space
the Universe only knows space
time is irrelevant
but for now
forever we'll be lovers
Adieu sweet Love