Tuesday, April 13, 2010

University of Mind Over Matter

Here at The University of Mind Over Matter
Acronym M.O.M.
(not to be confused with over affiliate
University of Master of Matter )
all come under the M.O.M. banner
because Matter and Mind combine
to make MaMi Recombinant form
Thought = Matter and Matter = Thought
the two bridge at parallex P r squared
However separate the two parallexes
and most complex the invention to
bridge the inexorbinant gap in not only understanding
but in the conventional approach to affixed gapitry
(formerly known as Gap-ping; Bridging the universal
completions to make systems combine in a smooth
flow-chart of smoothalaritry
telemetry that is smooth, no gap-ping and complete
to 0.000000...and -0.000000...

The structure begins with either the chicken (matter) or
the egg (mind). As matter can be distinquishable from mind in that the mind is a manipulator of matter and matter should not manipulate the mind.

Firstly, the mind-matter barrier will be discussed in proximity to the First Template of Matter; The Mind
The Second Template of Matter-Mind Barrier Transference Point
in the Universal equation of IIr2 (pie r squared..I dont have a sci calulator on this keyboard; use your imagination!)
Next the Mind-Matter barrier will be discussed from the proximal veil to the carbon 14 connundrum. Where did matter-mind merge and have they or have they not merged. The questions will be in lecture format open to free verse.
Nextly, the Nexus! Unlike the Lexus this car is not being recalled. It is a vehicular approach to staging the mind-matter contraversy and putting to bed once and for all the dogma machine of pronostication for procrastinators. Bring your alarm clocks!
As we continue along the same current of affairs we are suggesting here that all new labels be posed and set to rest the needed and acquire accredition for any anti-requists the anti-thesis of learning anew.
Apriori matter and priori matter and contraprex matter will be discuss ad infinitum until infinity wraps up the equations into one neat little package of bought and sold.
Hold on to your hats; there's more!
Included in this one time fee (advance pay at the door) there will be strict adherence to all forms of matter vs mind and mind collaborating with matter. These two twilight forms of anti-regenesis lectures will commence at the beginning of lecture hall 3, first door to the left.
Enjoy your ride; and being in the moment when mind meets matter.
See you soon chippers!

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