Thursday, April 29, 2010

ChipnLogs Notions Day

Been meaning to talk about ways of improving everyday life but the dang x-flares got the better of my attention(no kidding). I was watching Jay Leno last night (it was his birthday) it was about 11:40 pm EST. And then my tv zapped off. I was typing awhile previously here (see my Free Association article two blog entries down) and I said WTF.
And then I noticed the upstairs tv was "frozen" on a certain commercial, the Lashblast commercial with Drew Barrymore. It was so odd. The commercial stopped on this one odd frame. It looked like a "cartoon Drew" walking on a road in the design of a huge MOFO lash in yellow and black. and then in the left hand corner there was this odd (very odd) disclaimer with asterik as if to say "dont try this at home". Like I am going to walk on a roadway that looks like a lash. Anyway, this stop-frame stayed that way and I fell asleep. I awoke up and the Solar X-flare oddness was behind me. And the stopframe commercial was gone.
I keep feeling that when and if the time comes (and it is coming according to experts...yes "pros like you" are saying...the earth will be attacked by Coronal (sp?) Mass Ejection. I have had Coronal Mass that the same thing. (laugh now). Where's my laughing box when I need it. I need one of those applaud boxes with canned laughter. (I do hate canned laughter however). Never will I force you to laugh on logb.
So anyway, it was odd cause Jay Leno was getting a bit risque talk with his guest (I will never do that to you). And it was about Jenny McCarthy's dog. (I care not repeat) So I thought, maybe...maybe it was (the cheap talk) being Censored by the Censor gods (who ARE they, really). So much for free association, eh?
So next, my blog comment section (yes I was doing an experiment seeing how many self-comments I could make before the mr. bigs at Goggle got a google at this and decided to axe my posts. I was really trying to catch up with NaMoPo (National Poetry Month) which is April. I wanted to make a least a poem a day and what an easier way than a fistful of automatically generated free association triffles. Not appreciated because MY COMPUTER FROZE LAST NIGHT ALONG WITH MY TELEVISION. I TAKE it THAT THE SOLAR X-FLARE view from may have been the culprit. Either that or censorship. I often wonder how exactly this works as now I cannot get my PASSWORD to work correctly and have to do my magical fingers action to get things to work correctly. I mean if this isnt a bunch of manipulated crap I don't know what is...What IS? This is a diversion I regress; I get back to main topic of interest. Don't hate me because I am beautiful. If I am interested in nature so be it. Can one get a "pass go" card on that one, please. I mean no harm. I am simply simple plain Jane dumb idiot. What would be the harm in that? A person who is interesting. Is that a threat to whom? Why? I have a right to exist. And if someone wants to CENSOR ME they will be looking at something falling out of the closet..the one with the skeleton in it. BACK OFF!
Back to ChipnLogS Inc in a minute folks! Got to get the better half his better half; a coffee!

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