Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"What Am I?" asks Wild Celtic

Who are you? Sounds like the Caterpiller from Alice In Wonderland. Are we defined by our definitions or are definitions defining who we are? I would like to think of myself as a heaping load of clay which can be formed into anything which is a form of love. I want to be a vehicle of love. Or a love vessel, which means I am a conduit, I spread it around, love, that is, over here, (this side of the pond) and over there, (that side of the pond) wherever. I am created by the creator to be creative and to move the flow of love like a plasmatic amoeba. Whatever form love takes that's what I am. That's what I'll be. Hopefully.


  1. Can't find my recent post which stated i was feeling "hyper on 2" yesterday. I was antsy. No doubt about it. I found out this a.m. that my coffee jitters were actually caused by a "near miss" asteroid, 71 miles across coming between the moon and earth (moonearth distance). Here's the link if you dont believe me and just think I am hyper for no good reason.
    ps I am feeling a lot better today. Thank-you very much. Was anyone else feeling ansty yesterday. Anytime you feel "antsy" whatever definition that may be for you, write it down. There just may be another natural disaster or whatever soon to happen and your antsy itchiness or whatever is causing you to PAY ATTENTION STUPID! We really arent that in touch are we. Maybe "teched"? Sketchy news from the stratchpad of the universe!

  2. ps I am also thinking of late how many things there are no words describing events, things etc. This was going to be a topic for me. Dang if I forgot what it was, it's early...ok here's one; what is the word for the distance between the earth and the moon? circumoonearth? I will ad more one the idea(s) hit me, but not like that 71 km asteroid NM.