Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday's Calm After the Storm with Larry King

Looking all around
from the celestory windows
I witness a stark lone reminder
I am still here
woken up by light's
magical melatonin
or some pre-emptive consciousness
slave urging me out of bed
to wed the day
and make it mine

Looking all around
there are rumours
and rumours of rumours
I wont let them mess
with my fine humours
as I put them back to bed
and concentrate on
Seizing the day
Shorts on Curly today

the real
the real important issues
of the day
as the daylight
streams through my head
awakening my present to you
of now
now now now now now now now now now now now now now now now...
the night's funny monsters are having
an all day slumber party
on my dime
eating cake in bed
making a mess of all
i thought i could be
without dreams
and the emotive push
brought forth from what?
some undetected emotional
upheaval shoved back
into the back-of-the-brain box
for a rainy day
not today!
my things one and two
are messin'
unbeknownst to me

So as I sit and ponder
what topic of interest today
what gets my goat or two
I sit back and contemplate
the immediate-idiocy of my brain
what peaks its mindfulness of attendance
what thing should I put
all my energies unto
what thing should get
the bonus question
what thing should
get the cake?

A upheaval sigh
like that belching volcano
which is sputtering out like
the midnight hour
i use to wait on you
kept the light on
like Motel 8
until that time
when I realized
you "ain't comin' back"
I'll turn the light off
I would rather fight than switch
the light off, especially
that special heart-light
that unfettered ember of remember
the same
as usual
King Friday

The bitter cold today
reminds me of fall going into winter
when it should be
must be
absolutely has to be
spring bud
a spring tonic to be had
to make
to take
to rake
the winter slough
from me
as we all flake
when the earth shakes
and bakes us so
lets find another way
about the inevitable
come on
I'm talkin
to you
as that ear worm made its way into
this part poem part prose verse
part the sea for all I care
this dictomic poetry is for the birds
of the sea and air
and maybe landbased too
who knows?
I am so sick of marrying up
this two worlds
good and bad
ugly and beautiful
Good, bad and ugly
as well as
almost opposites
that dont go together
but would in a push
depending on one's
point of view
my point of view
does that really matter to you

Endless Whys
Endless Days
Endless Doldrum days
thinking wondering planning
but not actually doing
as doing has become
so undignified lately
a doer does
a thinker thinks
a procrastinator
does none of the above

So I'll give you my penny
a thought a day or two
whether you like or not
no matter at all
all just order in the chaos
dang another polar opposite!
what to do?
when these loopy extremes
get you down?

Whats the matter for me
I just want to see
and be seen by all the
cool cats in town
(I repeat I am not a crazy cat lady)
when I paint the town red
I want to do it in style
maybe post-modern abstract
in the mix
can't eat the paint yet?

If I would have it all
going my way
I'd send it to you
I'm like that
I'd give you more of a share
than what I'd want to sit
on my derriere
of course you know why
you know to much
why is that?

Lording it over me by the pool
I sat alone all these days
to figure out
why I never got it right (correct)
however, I figure enjoy the hour
as I biked around the park
(you know which one)
and thought why can't I make
this go my way
it is all
falling down
as I look
at the Humpty Dumpty Statuary
for far too long

ONce upon a time
I found my thoughts going to
a place I'd never be
so turn it around
look into how Oprah does it
really how does she do it
She visualizes what she wants
and by some sainted feat
her dreams become
her reality
bestowing upon her
all the honour and all the glory
which isnt too bad
if I might say so myself

What about Larry King?
Do you believe that?
Larry, Larry
how does your garden grow?
obviusly with sisters all in a row
Larry you'd make a great Viagara commercial
your poor wife
had to find a sexy latin lover
and do him in the clover
now he's green with ivy
(gawky attempt at a limerick; not too rich
but Larry is!)

What if I had a new pup?
What kind of dog should I get?
Would you like me to get a
black lab (1st choice)
or a Prynesse Newfie mix
or a greyhound
or a MIB pug
or a Boston terrier
or a British Bulldog?
the Irish wolfhound only lives seven years
I'd be crying too long
I think the black lab would be best
a replacement for my loving pet
so soon to leave this crossed plain
sent to heaven
as in
All Dogs Go To Heaven
one day
Watch Tower
when will be that day
will I see it today
will it be on Larry King
or Kitty Kelley's Oprah biography?
Dr. Oz knows
I aint in Kansas anymore
but somedays which I were
as a lot of fine people come from there

Lord, what will I talk about
guide my path
I talk too much
it's time to give up
I'll leave it to you
to carry on the conversation
lets put our money
where our mouth is
what a euphemism!

I'm so outta here!
Have a nice day!


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