Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Wobbling Earth/Sun/Universal Magnets Need Recharge

Both the sun and the earth look like they need a reboot; a magnetic recharge. How? Insert fused earth P-spot cell (a mother earth sun charged to earth to recharge and change matter).
Have you noticed the jet stream lately? It has "bumps" in it. Not always yes, but there is a distinct blip. A sign that the earths once pristine consistent axis is faltering. Not working as well. We need to discover if this is due to the sun's magnetic core needing a reboot. Being as it is far from other sun's charge mechanism which keeps a constant core magnetic power of ?number. Which in term keeps the rest of solar system in homeostatic field (same field) resulting in consistent readings and astro-mechanical homeostases.
Could the other parts of the universe (or those close by) be expiencing a similar demagnification process such as the sun and earth (moon) are going through at this time (and other planets?). Much to be learned; more to be discovered. Keep on asking those questions folks. Help us out! comment section has some interesting Creationist theories held by the Ancient Greeks. For inspiration!


  1. In Plato one experienced unit is a state, or object existing, which can be observed. The time parameter is set at "ever"; that is, the state is to be presumed present between observations. Change is to be deduced by comparing observations, but no matter how many of those you are able to make, you cannot get through the mysterious gap between them to account for the change that must be occurring there.

    [edit] Stoics

  2. All things come into being by conflict of opposites, and the sum of things (ta hola, "the whole") flows like a stream.

    In the bow metaphor Heraclitus compares the resultant to a strung bow held in shape by an equilibrium of the string tension and spring action of the bow:[43]

    the above Heraclitean quotes from HERACLITUS on Thank-you collective commons agreement!

  3. Eternity is a child moving counters in a game; the kingly power is a child's."[49]
    Wisdom is "to know the thought by which all things are steered through all things",[50] which must not imply that people are or can be wise. Only Zeus is wise.[51] To some degree then Heraclitus seems to be in the mystic's position of urging people to follow God's plan without much of an idea what that may be
    In Heraclitus a perceived object is a harmony between two fundamental units of change, a waxing and a waning. He typically uses the ordinary word "to become" (gignesthai or ginesthai, root sense of being born), which led to his being characterized as the philosopher of becoming rather than of being.

  4. Heraclitus' treatment of fire. In addition to seeing it as the most fundamental of the four elements and the one that is quantified and determines the quantity (logos) of the other three, he presents fire as the cosmos, which was not made by any of the gods or men, but "was and is and ever shall be ever-living fire."[

  5. please not the above comments are notes from wikipedia Heraclitus...fascinating, huh?