Wednesday, April 21, 2010

CHI-CHI News Report: The Volcanic-Solar Interaction Interview Dr.T. Banani with Dr. Joe Schmoe

Dr. Joe Schmoe: Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Today we are interviewing Dr. Topi. Banani, head of the world's only scientist conducting research into the solar-volcanic connection with the recent flux of earthquake/volcanic activity. Dr. Banani; what is it exactly that is causing this massive earthquake and volcanic assault on the earth in recent months?

Dr. Banani: Well, Joe, the volcanic and earthquake activity is really caused by a number of factors, all having a part to play to some extent. It is my opinion, and a growing number of professionals in the volcanic and earthquake area that the activity within the last few years is directly porportional to solar activity.

Dr. Schmoe: Topi, I really think this is possible after examining your research. The cross reference to the solar flare activity, in particular, the X-class flares always seem to have within days or weeks a stunning effect on volcanic and earthquake activity. How reliable are you at determining, through your findings the next battery of volcanic/earthquake attacks upon the earth; and can you determine location?

Dr. Banani: Joe, our findings are extraordinarily accurate to about .0000010. After the Chi-icular Z proton Isolator reads the recent particles there is no doubt exactly where and when the next earthquake will strike. It is realitively simple to conclude; the protons are amassing at a certain site; a certain polarity and then this collection of protons cannot be contained by the earth's core; thus we have earthquake or volcanic activity called EAQ-VOL active.

Dr. Schmoe: This seems quite complex, yet the results are consistent; you and your group are able to isolate the exact time and place where the next EAQ-VOL active areas will exist. This is quite an accomplishment! Do you see a time when man will be able to control the protonic activity from the sun to stop or greatly reduce EAQ-VOL activity?

Dr. Banani: Yes, Joe, thank-you it has been many years of collaborative efforts with many in the scientific community. Yes, we do see a time, in the near future where we will be able to stabilize the earth's protonic equation; to stabilize the way the earth's own protons and the solar protons interact at the EAQ-VOL areas of concentration.

Dr. Schmoe: This new research is very fascinating. Are you saying your team is producing a machine to stop earthquakes?

Dr. Banani: Yes, Joe, in a sense we are conducting initial research into the Z-proton Convergence Protonic Deactivator.
CPD for short. Cern was instrumental in our understanding of the Z-particle differentials and the accumulatation numbers of zparticle to xparticle balance.

Dr. Shmoe: What's a "x-particle"?

Dr. Banani: Joe, and x-particle is the gamma reverse particle to the z particle. The two are in constant flux, moreso during the sun's active X-class flares. The research has found that there are simple ways to control these fluxes with Negative-Positive reversal switching. Basically using the z and x particles, one is able to reverse there charge and to negate their damaging activity.

Dr. Schmoe: Wow, this is amazing! And very encouraging. Do you, Dr. Banani see a day when we will be able to control the
EAQ-VOL activity once and for all.

Dr. Banani: Yes, Joe, the research looks very promising. We are on another threshold of scientific development.

Dr. Schmoe: That is so very great. I am sure you are going to be up for a Nobel Prize soon.

Dr. Banani: Thank-you Joe. Right now we are trying to get as many "onboard", as many scientists working on these new theories. It really is quite an interesting way to Earth Geophysical control mechanism. As the chief engineer of the program I am more than happy to discuss even the most remote of possible theories to solve the very real and disturbing destructive mechanisms in our chaotic universe. At the Chi-Chi labs we take pride in finding all answers to all problems. This is our mandate; to promote, worldwide an open paper on solving these immediate issues. If we do not understand them soon, and begin to control them artificially, we may not be here tomorrow, and tomorrow may just be one day away. Time is now to enlist scientists for this very important endeavour. Are you onboard?

Dr. Schmoe: I am definitely onboard Topi and have been from the very start. It is so very fascinating to see how your Group comes up with this amazing research. Certainly this research is critical in saving countless lives. It certainly will be the day when we can remain calm when attacked by x-class flares from the sun. This research will ultimately save the earth's populations. Is there any research into control the mechanisms of the sun so we do not have these X-class flares?

Dr. Banani: Again, thank-you Joe. Yes there is ongoing research as we speak about controlling the mechanisms of the sun; which remain, at this time, highly complex. The fueling mechanism of the sun has only recently been discovered by ChipnLogs group at M.O.M. University. It may take about two years to find start the first experiments in Solar Protonic Activity Control. It is not the far into the future; but research does not have the luxury of time. The solar activity is definitely a telling sign of solar activity phase one. We need to learn more about the phases of the sun's internal processes.

Dr. Sshmoe: Dr. Banani, what exactly are these solar processes?

Dr. Banani: It is looking at this time, Joe, like a simple mechanism. There are zparticle on and off switches. The sun is fuelled by the protoplasmic Mother Earth Cell Soul Amoebic Sun discovered by Chipnlogs M.O.M. University. I could get into the area, but I am afraid you'd be staring at a complex set of physics equations for a very long time. Basically, the physicists have the solar cycle almost completely figured out except that .000001 second which everyone is discussing. We think that missing time is a blip. A tear in the fabric of time space; a warp that gives the change from one cell protoplasm to multibillion gogalplexed universe we have now. Room for further discussion in my lecture hall at M.O.M. University. You are welcome to attend; go to New material is being presented daily. I must go back to the lab! Time is precious and cannot be afforded to waste. Thank-you for allowing me this platform for open discussion!

Dr. Schmoe: We will stay in touch Topi, as I realize you are extremely busy. Thank-you for all of us for affording us this opportunity to understand the work being done presently in this extremely vital scientific area.

Dr. Banani: I'm so outta here. Later Joe!

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