Friday, April 16, 2010

Magpie #10 Time Will Surely Tell

Time Will Surely Tell
that I always did love you
this I always did know
as first our eyes met
long long time ago
as I hear your voice for the first time
now from there where you are
the ethereal plains
the rarified air
calling me home
to quell the fires
of longstanding desire

ah to hear your loving voice again
an audible voice from the past imperfect
to guide me out from this thorny thicket
out of the brambled briar of untruth
when truth returns
the lonely quest
resorts to flagrant retorts
kept hidden all these years
in secret cubbies and
hidden bomb shelters
now to find
this searchlight
beams finding me
so alone again
so unnaturally so
my blighted soul
a wretched mess

on butterflies wings rippling
to alight on the edge of time
to peer over the ledge of space
to not only feel but to be
as free
as a floating bee
flying high on a hope
flying by my window
a sparrow to share my dinner
past my existence
a fantastical feast
still i hear you
as certain things remind me
call me home
as I recall
those times
of youth
summers pasts
April is never long enough
to enjoy the newness of everything
could it be a gathering storm
or spring shower
drenching me in memory?

As your buzz still tickles my ears
awaiting your return I hear you there
I heard you tell you'd love me always
your embraces love were like fresh air
my chilvarous knight you did not care
my humours did dwell in your every word
your every thought my command
as now alone to swell in painful contortionwithout fitting that piece of my heart lost in the wake
that washed ashore that summer day
a dejected flower to wither and die
as I turned to look at the heavens
returning gaze
painful to the ground
I want to fly forever
what I found
a drop of blood
from the white lily
on the golden bird of paradise

such a fine filly she
petting her dream horse
rejected in her prime
dies so slowly once
torn away
ripped from one moorings
more's the pity
withered and worn
once the young bride
full of anticipated joy
never to be known

at your earliest convenience
my dear I can hear you still
through the old mottled window frame
you stow the time in your locker
where Davey Jones use to sing
"Swing Low Sweet Chariot"
for me is it the same
wait for how long
never ever comes
I wish the old truth
I believed in when
Spirits would sweep me off my feet
"Take me home, country roads"
Where I belong
the green green grass of home
seems so far away now

the road is long but never too far
when it comes to finding you again
as I am growing all too weary
age preys on my soul
waiting for never ever after
too weary to be
hanging a star on a tree
all I can be
without you
in my life
I'll never be
I fear I'll never
be loved again
if in fact true love
is truly love
by my man
why did you leave me there
waiting for godot

low i cannot speak for you
or begin to return the favour
the flavourful favour of the month
treat of the week
(bet that's a first in a poem)
held captive in this moat
sentenced to a life unlived
not fully but in part only
missing pieces and gaps
Closing the Gap
This I was wont to do
and maybe one day
say "I do"
love knots not for me
i cannot share the nest
with those who cannot dream

abruptly interrupted by lost moments
stolen plans
now i must
be released by my heart's meme slave
stopped by the flow of Holy sanguine
life-marrow inflammed
thrown to the wind
my emotive heart
the soul of the matter
as I linger longer
like a ghost at a wishing well
(Gordon Lightfoot acknowledgement)
near comatose state
by the distant shore
my corpse
in gossamer sheets
dapper in cotton
500 count sheets
all hope seems dashed
upon the rocky shoal
my ship of fools
all overboard
assumed drown
buried at sea

As it is written
be a patient man
await my gentle man please
time scarred me too deeply
my pure intentions mocked
the ravens have eaten
my eyes from their sockets
a treat for them surely
empowering them with lust
not the love I had once
my long lost visions
my long lost lover
turned to volcanic dust
now or never

this so clearly nearly extinguished the light
cried though the foul wind not to hear
the sad lament
crying of endless nights
weeping for love's return
to wait and wait and wait
kept in the tower
lady to rot
long-suffering such a sour and bitter repast
wishing it were not some other lover
that which time surely must have forgot
was once keep in the lighthouse
there her search began as she begot sons
from the begotten and a daughter of our mother
never to be told or called a horrible name
Mother Mary or Lady Madonna make ends meet

Savage ravages of time and space
grid claims everyman sooner or later
no one is immune to flesh flash freeze
searching the horizon for a scion of truth
for a sign of your light
a soulful reunion
to complete the circle route
all I could do
my love
was sigh
he may not be coming back
for sure
the Lady of Short Change
got blamed like a scape goat
for everyone woes
woe is me
spread out forgetmenots
I shall return

As Bathsheba bathed in her sumptuous milk bath
As a disembodied voice of David heard faint
in her head which had swollen to unknown porportions
her tears never ended with no more tears brand
calls out to you in subtle unknown ways
such as a bird on a high wire sings
such as flowers in the desert do bring
wonderous joys
who's beauteous array displays
love flow from a
wounded heart bleeding out
held its own for as long as it could
until that time where it was called upon
to return again, unfortunately, to the cold cold ground

these cries, these haunting echoes of my voice return
to taunt me
cajole me
ridicule my very existence
continuing to hear you through the Florida glades
bearing witness to your ghost lost to me
through all this bitterness
frought with naught much love for me
my dear lover mine
never let go of me
can you hear me through the wine?

though my premptive and shellshocked mind
set on the cryptic past long past midnight
the crypt opens wide awaiting my shroud
mysteries unwind like broken glass from
my grandfather's old gold pocketwatch
crashing to the floor
the flying hands of time go akimbo
far flung away
from the Janus'd faced Sun
Suddenly I am swept away by the blue sea in August
(Lena Wertmueller the Italian director acknowledgement)

Return to the place of pristine Camelot
there where the fairies dwell
there where hobbits many esoteric stories did tell
there where Robin Hood and his merry men play
As Will robed in Scarlet, and Little John and Frair Tuck
robbed from the rich
and gave to the poor
freedoms bounty
for everyone
years of happily ever after
as each share in the plenty
chasing deers in the evergreen woods
by the Great Oak of Sherwood Forest

As King Arthur's Excaliber shone so bright
like a Light Sentinel of the starry night
that mighty majesty's powerful sword
in the stone by the work bench
my shoulders could feel cupid's bow
find its mark
upon the heart stung like a bee bite
the pull of the lids til dreams claim "it can be"
if you believe it shall be yours to discover
its yours as we all resort to playful interludes
"I believe in faeries" "I believe in mercy"
As Merlin's wand cast
Magic love spells
nocturnal incantations by candlelight
wonderously erupts like Mt Vesuvius
overflow covers the doric temples
endless pools of continual refraction
of soul refreshment
sleeping soundly complete relaxation
healing pools found in places forgotten
imbibing these waters with
flowing life energies galvanized
the two cojoined lovers
once again born! to live! another day
as one flesh; amoeboid embodiment
with my lover in the warm ponds of Bath
in the English countryside so fine so rich
to enlivening breath of fresh sea air
to take it all in the Ptolemic potion
can this be real this fantasy
As Fantasy becomes surrealistically super real
oIs it real or is it memorex in a box
caught in the time sequence
release the hounds
the truth my love
will out

here's to here
real time
in the here and now!
Listen; you can
hear a twig break
in the forests of the mind
the misty primevael forest
covered in fallen leaves, the syre
the floor of our love cave
as shape-shifting wolves
growl as hunger gets the better of them
thick fog encompasses our little town
wooly gathering of the tribes
world weary of encroaching stealth
long lost sheep found
but never coming home
when the home fires suddenly burnt out
and all again gone in a flash
like the last light of twilight
keep those home fires burning friend

Suddenly and without much fanfare
trampled sounds of army boots
trumpets resound; heard all around and everywhere
gathering energies into a clamorous shell
Boticelli's Venus reborn
of Lightening crash
and symbals clash
Titans soon to follow the mortals
as you were once again and since then
as we once were back in the day when
once upon a time on the moon in June or July
the young amorous lovers looked up
and watched
Romeo and Juliet
transfixed upon the spot
the other's looked upon the soul
as much as one would want to make last
ended too soon for poor sweet Juliet
as she drank the poisoned hemlock
to be without her love for all
eternity was far too much
and heavy a lodestone
weighted to bear
slowly she swooned
and collapsed
to the ground
as Romeo kissed
her once cherry lips now acrid-tasting of death
from the unholy communion of life and death
such sorrowful commotion
the concoction fair thee well to the pearly gates
and last bid farewell to her knight this night of her youth
nevermore to love; to have or hold

Then knocking on the bullet-proof glass
the all-encompassing struggle for life
ended with the bell's hallowed clang
when did love end and
how did this change of time come about
this backwards walking
this sin-eater talking
this evil stalking us
from the changing seasons
Spring to Winter
all hell broke loose
when you broke my heart
as with her change came
the changing of the guard
soon to be a Queen of the Game
who would win
it is always a matter of time

she could no longer hold onto
the space laid bear
agape in her wounded and open heart
an opening
a happening
an awakening
that moment in time
On the winged chariot of fire
as the mighty steed approached
this dark horse with no rider
as the lone knight gathered
her soul as she screamed
the years
bear down upon me so
weighing heavy on my soul
caught in this premeditated entanglement trap
a hunter's snare; a sinful man
held captive all these years
to abide there like the hellhole
of Calcutta
like a prisioner of Endor
a concubine in binladens harem
countless days remain
weilding such horribilus power over me
in this hellish dragon's lair
this battling warrior's dismal life t date
finally succumbed she said wholly
consumed "il consume est"
"it is finished"
I am done like dust
she wailed

Heard through deaf ears
the key of g she remembered
Moonlight Sonata by Chopin
Awakened anew what she could hear
Come to me now, my romantic lover
not where we once danced and dreamed
not in the heather fields the heated fields
as our eternal youth has fully unfolded
untold stories of unrequitted love
lost in the wins of war

Come to me now, love
the lady commands
to your love tent and your true love
Mostly valor; the palor of love
a whiter shade of palor
now in these quickening sands
the quickening
of time standing still
let no moss grow on you
you rolling stone
in the killing fields
the dreaded decay
here in the earthen mired bog
as helpless children we cry out
Save Our Souls
Please...Save us
from this estrangement of self
this corrupted flesh
as snares to the feet
as long-suffering finally
melting from my bones

love can last
love will win at last
this battle royale
your final test

The occluded world
once such Beauty known
hidden forever by
pervasive as the Sorcerer's perverted cloak
subtly persuasive subtly suggestive
this fine veneer of Vermeer is a fake
an endless pool of a fanned mirror array
deceptively reflecting an infinity of pain
over and over again
ad infinitum
this path will never reach
not were fpr the cross not to stop
this evil dreadknot of a fated design
the evil rings that never were mine
my precious

Never shall we weep or tread upon
or eat sweetbreads and refreshing milk
on these soft pillow of light hue
pastel pink and blue
through clouded now Rococco dreams we knew
once filled delicious confections of
misty memories and you were there
now only hindsight
missing you
Misting over my eyes tear
and I see such startling visions
as the scales that were my eyes
now removed their slough
become clear again slowly
as I drink in your intoxicating elixir
I can see again in my dreams
and then vanquished all
all vanished in a flash
yet I remain here
where you'll never find me
Somewhere In Time
(thank you Christopher Reeve)

now means never shall I be
visited by any mortal souls again
the spirit evaporated
As I sink lower, my love,
into the endless sea of sand

Heard like some faint child's whisper
my lover's voice
"do something soon!"
again to be heard
"my love cannot stand the wait"
again, silence
Not to be continued
not any time soon
all is in vain
my lover will certainly leave
my heart irratically skips a beat
crying out Love, love...where did you go?
not in my deepest tragedy
in the hour of my mourning
not to hear me though
not to hear me through
layers of flaccid and dank matter
the horrid death
in my final hour
I plead with the fates
bring back my true love
please bring back my beau
please, let me hear
the Balm of Gilead
pouring forth unending
this viscous fluid
this healing ointment found
the sweet scent of sandalwood
my salvation is met
camel haired brushstrokes on angel's wings
gently heard in the night silent sighs
my lover's soft and calming
tender, deeply lilting voice
lifting me up higher to where I should be
far above the maddening crowd

the swift-footed stags
sudden return to spring
leap into battle once more
the plumes of endless fires
smouldering the brackish smoke
billowing up through these wooded
these hollowed and eternal caverns
these lost worlds these long shafted mines
return to me
my kind
lover of mine

As now is forever lost to me
save your voice for salvation
your heroic face ever etched in my memory
marble mantle of the apple tree's core
continue on, to save the others
with much trepidation
as I have transpired now
and by the time you can hear this
like a little mouse squeaking
my faints voice sounding
much like the voice of destitution's
deadly destruction
something to be avoided
like the black plague
or the locusts' lunch

Remember love
when in doubt
let it go child
remember me not in this pitiful place
this dreaded institution
of divine retribution
breach the walls
of my containment
if you cannot
worry not
cry for me no longer
only found truth is sought

Evoke the time we had together
when love once conquered all
and dragons were put to test
by knights errant all
finally by might
put to their final rest
as once the power
of a thousand fires
as we stoked
the back-fires alight
the consuming night's dirvish
we doused those devilish blazes
the Fires of Hades extinquished
but only for a time
Repose would not be ours
curse the lingering thought
As returning evil power
reclaimed poor souls
as wise virgins
forgot the oil
we were caught unawares
baring all in our heart of nakedness
as we hear in hindsight
"Pity the Fool"
who or whom took our dear knights
and left a Book of Days

Please do not stop your thoughts
or further remembrances of me
please do not discourage true love
it is and shall be
in the lingering shadow
lurching longer around corners
drawing out all that remain hidden
hide your heart
someone needs to play the goat

found once again
lost once in the everpresent somewhere
you are my heavenly present
to all who knew you and love you
you remain my one true love
the most love of my life
as it is written
so it shall be
and it is written, so it shall be
one can hope

Dream of me Lover and I shall lift you up
through the misty veils of time
the sooty gravel dust
clear through to the heavens above
clear to Midland
and on a dove
lift you to the highest pinnacle of the sky
to the highest heights
and breadths
the soul
can reach
(Barrett-Browning acknowledgement)

Heard soon shall be sung by Celestial Choirs
on angel's wings flapping; forms renew
with all sorts of sounds to sooth
as I serenade you back to my waiting room
composers return to life to play
live and in person our classical love song
the genius playing put unseen
certainly only love can sounds this divine
as my yearning, longing for you once again

Placing mints and aloes upon your pillow
This to shall be revealed one day
it is sealed forever in the my coins' reliquary jar
hung on a string high above the mountain tops
prayer wheels turning psalms to sky
seated in the bejeweled throne room
Opal, Turquoise, Jasper, and Moonstone
All Saints come
immediately marching home

Soon sounds change their fevered pitch
from smooth, silky. light and airy
to coarse, gritty, rough and hairy
the pitted flesh that clung
clings to bones like sweetmeat
rots pearly teeth
time my love awaits us no longer
it must have been ours once to conquer
recalled our souls on the altar
The Spirit to claim
regain our missing
long-lost souls

Adieu sweet Prince of Time
now my life is but
a repository of mind passages
a scrapbook of storybook
almost weddings

a single souvenir
to recollect all our recollectibles
this scarlet rose burnt deeply
into my bountiful chest
a reminder
the remainder of the day
of an indelible meme
of my love for you

until we meet again
souls keep intact
awaiting you there where he walked
along with the other saints in heaven
under the altar, move over rover
there the martyr'd lovers entwined
convergence dance
posted the lover's lane tree
She loves Him
round the bend
and back again
and long past
the dark blue sky of midnight
the silent riders of the sky
seesaws riders in the darkened park
recalling those places they use to go
where lonely lovers meet and greet
and say only "hello" and then sadly go
back to the everyday world of the grind
by pocketwatch and fob
my watch keeps time
keeps up with my lack of being

a golden piece of memory
travellers lost in love
caught in the middle
of time and space
the Universe only knows space
time is irrelevant
but for now
forever we'll be lovers
Adieu sweet Love


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  3. Wow. That wasn't exactly a short piece, was it?
    The link you used on the magpie page does not work (it is also not the first time this happens). If you had not commented on my blog (thanks!) I might not have found your novel.

  4. Now that is a poem, a long poem. Quite entertaining. Full of distinct images. In answer to your question on my comment page we can write for letter from the president. Congrats to your parents on their 60th.

  5. What a poem! I love the intertwined references and I especially like 'the past imperfect.'

  6. I like to read a poem in which the language is really energized, playful yet profound! Vicki is right, the references are intertwined, forming a spiral, like DNA.

  7. Chiccoreal,
    Time can not erase the love interupted prematurely. No poem can be long enough to assuage the greif felt by the one left behind.

  8. You chose a massive theme and a massive poem resulted. I think this is your best work so far, absolutely beautiful and all the strands coming together at the end.
    Bravissimo, senora!

  9. Love the Gordon Lightfoot reference. Long, and lovely piece.

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