Thursday, April 15, 2010

University of M.O.M. I&II (Mind Over Matter/Masters of Matter)Lecture 1

Woke up early today because James Brown was playing loudly say "I feel good" at 4 a.m. makes one wake up to find out how one can "feel good" at that time of the morning. Why does my better half insist that the tv remain on and on a radio cable channel? Even low the sound belts into my subconsious and stimulates my "wake up" turn the brain back on, experience the pivotal reality of awareness of all this; which is what exactly? Exactly my point. This lecture or whatever you'd like to call this discussion is about; Consciousness. I think I will categorize this in the University of M.O.M. (Mind of Matter) affiliate.

So when I get so rudely awakened from my odd deep dream or REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. That sleep where I am nearly (Dr. Oz says I am catatonic, that parts of my body are paralyzed)dead to the world and existing in another world; somewhere. Some ephemeral whisp of a world. Usually very similar to this world; all the peripheral goodies are there; the same gestalts just not the same people, place, time, friends strangers and self.

As I see myself peering from behind a self I do not see. There are rarely mirrors in dreams. Have you noticed this? When I did see myself in a mirror, I was different looking. I had dark long hair (I have med blonde hair now) and I was thin about 20. I wonder if this is my true avatar? However, I have sensed this before; these alternate reality worlds found in the dream-self.

As the dream unfolds they are usually, and unfortunate for me I suppose, moralistic dreams. Always dreams with emotive feelings of right and wrong. I always know what is right or wrong. I always am trying to balance these emotions of moralistic nature. Maybe this is coming from my strict religious background. No matter. It is a reality for me. I must deal with it.

Ok take for example tonight. Before the electronic voice of James Brown awoke me into consciousness. I remembered my dream. Upon awakening abruptly I could remember what exactly was going on in my dream this night. I was on a bus! Again! I was sitting in the back of a bus going down a very busy road. It felt like I was in another time, but since I was from that time I don't remember it feeling odd. As I peered out from my entity I could see people on the bus. I was having interactions with them. They were all strangers to me in my awake state. In the dream I knew them, the were part of my world.

I think I was interested in someone on the bus, they were an old friend, but I am not sure if the girlfriend of the man liked the fact that I was friendly with the guy. They seemed to be all working class slugs. I mean they just were not very intelligent; they were frivolous and shallow. And yet I seemed to get into this world and interact anyway. What the? This I would not do as myself. I would be finding another world to exist in, or to inhabit. I do not like bad vibes. This definitely was turning into a "bad vibe".

So I awoke, remembering the odd street I was on, the odd people I was with, the odd happenings on the bus, the unusual but somewhat familiar scenery. As I analyze these dreams, I realize that I am, in my dream state, acting out various scenarios, trying to examine the entire spectrum of the human existence. Emotions and all. The whole bag of wax.

Since Emotions seem to play so prevalently into my mind, I have to think this is the reason for my dream. I am trying to come to terms with some emotion. Tonight's emotion was jealousy. Perhaps my ID has felt I have not adequately dealt with this most tawdry of emotions. Jealousy is very lousey an emotion, and I guess I have not learned how to deal with it...yet. Or this is what my subconscious is telling me.

I believe that we go through these nocturnal emotional roller coasters for a reason. When we live out the emotion in the dream, our subconsious minds think this dream state is real that this dream state has a consciousness, but in our wake state we are aware that the dream state is not real. So what is it? Who wins out? The Id who says the subconscious is real or the conscious mind that says "it's just a dream"?

Our battling worlds between the conscious and subconscious worlds has always intrigued me. I believe that the subconsious mind may be a parallel universe world intersecting this consciousness. This may explain MPD. A fractured self. The fracture; like the original split in the cosmic egg of consciousness really is a repeating pattern. To use a metaphor; like a mirror reflecting itself over and over again and with time and space converging; and with this constant gradual change comes some corruption in the original mirrored image; ad infinitum; going on forever and ever again. Do you understand what I am trying to say here?

So I awoke this morning and took some notes. I want to write a poem on consciousness. Consciousness being such a big topic of interest in so many new age spiritualism and I think important in our understanding of our place in this electronic universe.

Here is my poem to date. I may tweak it later for poeticness/ proseticness.


Wake up
To this world
Expand and stretch
your existing structure
as the universe is constantly
on the move

From your vantage point
explain the meaning of life
awake to the millenial shakeup
rearrange the furniture change

so slowly the universe
emerges in ripples of electronic
waves captured by our Receiver
The consciousness electric
stimulated by the beginning
waiting to warp
this way and that
and reaccumulate to set the pattern
that originated our Receptacle selves
yearning for more experience

As matter never dies
it only changes form
so says Sir Isaac Newton
whom wrote more about
spirit than physics

This electronic experience
a sensual feast of the senses
The universe always trying to
interact in this personal way
as we are not only Receivers
but we are amazing Recorders
Capturing the captive and
errant and expansive
electronic ripples
to make them our own
Experiencing life in this way
good or bad
we owe it all to the residuals
given to us by the Originator
The Creative Impetus
of Electronic Life Music
Played Live and In Person
Right Now

these worlds do
try to equalize
try to formulize how to equalize
try to find an equilibrum in all things
for health of us depends on the health
of the molecules that own us
treat these electronic mini-me's nicely
they are what you are
so you better figure out how to make the
best of the possible way in which these
molecules interact; these light molecules
weigh heavy and wake us up on how to be
more real in the world of the energy molecule
more real in the world of rhe hologram universe
more real in the world of spiritual purity
Electronic Molecules (of whatever sort)
are us and own us and make us into whatever
so how to control their distortion when
chaos seems to exists?
Get back to the lab and figure out
the best configuration and how and where
these energies dwell
or if not we could be one day
living a living hell!

As consciousness tries
to balance all things
like a teetertotter
like a folcrum and pendulum
Momentum's B*tch
like a continual motion machine
which is gradually wearing out
from decay and corruption of
the centre energies
needing a reboot again soon
as we have been building up these reserves
like a K10 or RRSP
on the other side
of the Gamma world
in Negative grams
This physics isnt beyond us to manage
if we can, we should, we were given
this providence
to make something
from nothing
to multiple
The Command
"Go Forth And Multiply"
we're all mathematicians
go figure!

We are the middle children of the Universe
caught in the middle in this way
balancing Chaos and Order
balancing Consciousness and Unconsciousness
balancing matter and non-matter, Gamma and Neg Gamma
How do we do that?
What a feat!
We are a actual causal in the mechanisms of the Universal
Chain of Events
We are one on the rung
of the Chain of Command
we were that pearl necklace so well

As if all that
were here and now
balancing on this pivotal moment
of time and space
intersected by other pivotal moments
in that time and space
like spinning tops where the focus
point lies here
and another top the focus point is there
be aware of these focus points
and gathered reserves of energy
we'll need them to escape the
particle decay
when we trap and lock
the energy field into a creative constant
a more creative consicousness
using heavy/light atomic particle physics
as it relates to
the Human Experience
Right Now
Before Now
After Now


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