Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chipnlogs: Design Tweaking

Dear Readers of this Blog: Thank-you! I appreciate your readership and think you and me; yes, we are on to something big. B-I-G!!! What is it today?
Yes, I have dealt with a number of topics of interest on this blog. Coming up to how many posts? 600? I guess it is about time to discuss how I appreciate the blog process and then later on get into the Design Tweaking concept development.
Blogging has taken me to places I never dreamed of going. I get to meet fellow blogges throughout the world an wholly appreciate their unique contribution to the uniqueness of blogging.
For the first time in history blogging promotes an open and honest dialogue between creative persons the world over. How many times, watching chronic Bugs Bunny cartoons did I wish this would happen?
We have input! Us! YOu and me! We can make things happen now! We have been handed the keys to the city. The world is indeed our oyster. We can take bits and pieces of information and reformulate them in some new and improved formula and reconstruct our world. This is heavy and heady stuff, eh?
So today, on the threshold of the individual blogger who often is fighting against the machine dictates is allowed to exist at all to me is a complete anomaly. Thanks to the computer geeks at places in Silicone Valley we have these freedoms issued to us. Thank-you and B-I-G HUGS all around. Pass this HUG on. Thanks, oh, thanks I love you!
Think about it. Input.

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  1. visit as many blogs as possible,
    do one post at a time,
    after a few months,
    you will formulate and everything will be in place.