Thursday, April 1, 2010

Flying Bananas in Mississauga

Just came back from a long voyage from the GTA. After growing up (my formative years) in Etobicoke and Rexdale, getting my wings so to speak, I guess I could say going back to the "old stomping grounds" is a (too put it mildly) a mind-opener.

It was quite unbelievable what I saw in the skies over Mississauga. No planes! What no planes? What?

That's exactly what I thought. And when I got to the hub of Mississauga, THERE WERE HARDLY ANY PEOPLE!!!

I concluded that in fact everyone had somehow decided to stay in on this sunny March 31st out like a lamb-type day. After all winter of ignoring the dust, suddenly with the sun's equatorial return we are livid when it comes to getting dust off the dormers and from every reflective surface.

Mississauga's highrises must be loaded with the homebound seeking to clean. I cannot figure out where Hazel McCallion's people were on this most sunniest of days unless they were at work (there are a lot of factories, etc in Mississauga) or were playing hyper on 2 got to clean the house/apartment/condo, etc.

Hazel must declare each Mar 31st if it is sunny for the people of Mississauga to come out of their collective indwelling abodes and enjoy enmass the merriment of spring! Especially if it bright and sunny and warming. Which it was most certainly.

The planes have decided to stay rather than leave and we are enjoying a slow down in the rush which leads us back to the land which is lovely, treed with pink apple-trees, blooming like spring's sudden spring.

And please could there be more signage and tourist information buildings for the tourist. Trying to find a roadmap was nearly impossible when Google earth gave us the wrong direction. Luckily the fine people of Mississauga who were out and about at 9 a.m. had the kindness of strangers attitude to give us a tour in the right direction.

And watch out for the flying bananas! April Fools!


  1. Hee...I was wondering where the flying banana was going to enter the picture! Happy April Fool's to you, too!

  2. I grew up in Mississauga, but moved away after university. We lived at the border of Miss and Oakville. You know—where Dundas Street turns into a shabby Las Vegas?

    I don't miss it at all. I see from my Feedjit that you're up north now. Nice!