Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ozone Mists Sprayed My Face With My Own DNA; never was any love loss was there?

Ozone Sprayed
red ochre mists
iron king dreams
usurper power
in my face
i laugh now
i win
i won the war

Eschelon of sublime

funny actually
to think you had a part
a bit part
a two bit play
in one act
to play a game
like you did
in all this
quite amazing actually

hide-a-way world
like a pull-out couch
i'm freakin' out
i'd never thought
i'd connect the dots

square one
that day
the infamous day
the high noon day
no shadows to cast doubt
all cards on the table
may I have that day?

Cavern belch up
sulphide truths
bringing much forth
get ready for this
cause here she comes
another ear worm
from the past people
things, timesare a changin'
it's changing time

Time slips of a dress the
young bride wore
it so well
yet condemned to hell
not a place anyone should be

I've come to give you life
to save your mortal soul
to free the slave
of your life's incumbrance
remembrance of past
never allowed me to reply

connections were made
to stand strong
against a peel of thunder
a quake that shook
the foundations of lies
all looked up
to find the fires
raining from the heavens
and you could have stopped it
if you had loved me
rather than lied to me

this last post of display
a telling truth
where dont mess with me
got convulted
water-downed to mean
why would anyone
so conspicuously conive
take away a family compact
from a family member thus

after victim services
panned through the nuggets
the shot
the departed
victim rose to her feet
to claim
dont mess with me world
give me the peace
i deserve
you pay the piper
all the time
just fine

ready to take on
the Dragons
that plagued life
heated debates
courtrooms on every corner
crying out from the deep
the issuance of
where is the love
(another earworm; play song here)
you so freely gave away
to someone other than me
was it my cousin?

Dumpster dwellers lament
came in short order
no one has the right
to murder
a heartfelt love
killed that day
always remembered
how it felt
to be dumped
and put out
like the trash
with the next
shiny thing
you went
shallow as pie
numbers gamer
emotionally vacant
you had a hand in all this
you managed to execute
a standing order
from secret cubbies
telling who would win
who would loose
as a yes man
you were so good at this
as all around you
fall down
you think
I'm I next?
to wear that thorny crown?
payback is an itch
a conscience for the
science of unconsciousness
science of unemotional attachment
sciene of search and destroy
in one easy
no one to know
game that people play
and you're sure one great player
the extinguished speck of spark
i thought you knew
it was all a game?
I was the dumbed down
you claimed the crown
once I knew you had it
in for me
master manipulator
Rose from the ashes
like a debacle
a great debater
the wrath knew no stop
you completely
ruined me by your lies
escalator rider
hookin' a ride
to the wench
the Babylonian babe
to another skyrider
wrote it wrong
it is was so easy to claim
another life
a broken heart
all that remained
long lost luggage
the emotional baggage
from the wake of hate
you heaped on me

labels hurt
when pulled from the skin
so do lies
piled like corpses
on top of one another


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