Thursday, April 29, 2010

ChipnLogs FREE the Domestic Engineer Relief

Hi folks, I'd said I'd be back and guess what? I'm baaaaaack. Here's Janie! hahah! Hey dont freak, if you think this a threat, omg. you have a worse problemo then me! Today I am focusing my attention (repeat FOCUS) on the idea that we need so, need, desperately need (yes I need) to find a way to make life easier for the domestic engineer aka houseperson who does all the chief cooking and bottle washing etc.
Does it ever give me a BIG CHILL to realize the insignicance I feel when I am forced to confront the issue of how horrendous a task for the average Jane and Joe slob housekeepers.
The real difficulty in my professional opinion (I opine to be a professional, my shingle is yet to be dusted off as I had previously gotten by proxy degrees from unknown islands like Tobin's Island of Dreams in the Muskoka's...not sure if this school is recognized by any other professional association or not, however, I care not to associate with professional who are POMPOUS AS*WHOLES.(that would look wierd).
So I think, in hindsight (since we are on that topic of interest) that companies that design items for the domestic engineer should be truly designed for the domestic engineer. In other words FOR AND BY DOMESTIC ENGINEERS. Today I feel the people who are designing products have not got a clue as to WTF they are doing. They seem to make items like ok I will give you an example; like a stove for example COMPLETELY unmanageable for cleaning purposes, and I think, well, maybe it is due to the fact that I havent upgraded or maybe I have to remain in this frickin contraption of a fractal life whereby everything is already typecasted in CEMENT. Sure you know the feeling; you are trapped in an elevator that was promised to go to the 99th floor and you are stuck at level 1 to 3. So what does this mean. You lack the connective-hesiveness (i.e. familial connections) to make your "professional" mark on society. That you are down-graded for whatever reason (usually going against the grain, remain individual, being outspoken, trying to prove a point when the point is always being ground to a pulp). So do we really appreciate the outspoken? Do we appreciate being shown our faults (the mark of a true professional is to never make mistakes, yes, however, once a mistake is made, a professional would admit to this mistake, correct it, and move forward. If not, I seriously doubt the creditials of said "professional" and I would believe that the pro is actually a "yes person" hiding behind a veil of lies, and deception. This, in my opinion is the trouble we faced on Wall Street.
Yes, we need to, as professional constantly and without prejudice, judge our actions and allow for the free speech and associated examination of all components making up a FREE WORLD.
If we do not allow for an open policy of examination and critique and undating and tweaking to make more of a perfected world, than we have to wonder what powers that be sway us to a world that is not focused on achieving a modicum of professional attributes. A question to ask at this point would be "Are the few dictating to the masses instead of the masses dictating to the few". In other words, the dialogue must open to a degree to allow for the communications network to remain alive.
ONce open and free communication is thwarted, not allow to exist you might as well throw out the Free Press (a tenant of our constitution) along with all the rights and freedoms thus garnered by our foreparents.
Understanding the need to keep the lines of communication open is vital in giving the world the needed impetus to join with the freedom lovers of the world. We need to promote more, and more this required element of our constitution.
Today, more than ever we need public input. We need to find the reasons behind the actions. We need to find a more perfected world, which for some reason, in my opinion, has not been allowed to flourish. Freedom for many here in democracies feel that there rights have been denied. How can we honestly say we are open and honest and free when we close the doors to our minds and our neighbours and finally we close the doors on ourselves and any future possibility of true freedom.
Back to ChipNlogs ideals. We need to find that path again, the pathfinders need to find the pathways to the perfected place of freedom. Before the ideas censor got out their gavels and decided that only "one way" was the correct way. This I wholly disagree, that there are many ways to the open and free society we desire. We want this. We can get this again. Freedom. It isn't a concept anymore.
Freedom is being able to be free. Do you feel free or not. It begins with examining why a person in a freedom loving democracy does not feel free. We need to examine this before we loose the very thing that held the fabric of this democracy together. For us, and for future generations.
(I will get back to the practical issues of the day like stove and refridgerator design in a moment). We need your input people. All of you, each individual person is vital for maintaining democracy's lofty yet often overlooked value; FREEDOM BABY!!!

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