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M.O.M. University: Masters of Matter Branch ~ Tornado Stopping

Good morning students! Today we are focusing on the situation with the deadly tornadoes on the weekend. It really infuriates me when nothing at all is being done to understand and remedy the deadly effects of natural occurences. The clause of G8d which states "An Act of G*d" is not accurate. It is NOT G*d's intent to see people killed by natural disaster. It is G*d's intent that we master the matter here so that we can proceed to the next level of development which is discovered at MOM University's Master of Matter and Master of Mind faculties.

Today we have to understand the attacks on the physical body are important to at least pretend like we are solving. Why? It shows that we are able to solve all problems that life unfortunately has a tendency to dish to the unsuspecting public; coming out from left or right field, from our collective blind spot.

Yes, we have to admit we are not able to solve all problems, but that does not mean we must succumb to them. G*d gave humans the ability to solve problems. So what is the problem with the natural universe? Is it too big for our "mere human existence"?

Once we as a collective people acting as one spiritual force for good realize our true G*d given powers for good than the force of nature takes a back seat and our ability to use MOM (both faculties) is in the forefront.

Have humans become wimps? Allowing a meek resignation to be bombarded by whatever comes our way? Are we not in control here? Did not G8D give us dominion over the earth and all that is in it?

Is it not time to step up to the plate and say "We can do it". We can solve these problems that may seem at first daunting. Like Tornadoes. Like Hurricanes. Like Volcanoes. Like Asteroids, Comets, etc. Like Floods. Like X-Flares. Etc.

Humans must they MUST be able to work at this rather than just throwing us their hands in defeat. That is not human nature. We are more than our flesh and bones. We are spirit. Until we realize this we are going to remain decay. Is this what we want? No no no no no!!!

Today, at MOM University we have come to join hands in a collective consciousness of MOM (Mind Over Matter). We are going to use all our resources, be they physical, emotional, spiritual, etc to solve the pending problems facing humankind.
It seems daunting. It isn't. It just takes practice getting in the mode of "Yes, we can do this". Mostly "it is done". We can do this, we have done this (the impossible) and we will do this. It is already done as soon as you think it. It is collective creative visualization which leads to our physical plane of existence being in harmony. A balance. Thought comes BEFORE this physical plane of existence. And so we must think our physical plane of existence into form. Remember, in the scheme of things it is FORM FIRST, FUNCTION SECOND. The thought being the FORM the FUNCTION being the physical outgrowth of that FORM.

Let's form positive thoughts of how we want our universe to be and it shall be. We think homeostases, we get homeostases. We think balance; we get balance. This is one aspect of the way humans need to exist. Disaster is far from inevitable. We need to imprint this thought of a world we want to inhabit. This may have already happened apriori (before time or before). We don't really know. However, we are learning that the capacity of the human thought process is MIND BLOWING!!!

So today let's concentrate on the tornados. What are they?
To me, I believe they are residual energy collected from the sun when it sends proton particles into space when the sun gives the earth it's seed. The proton. The sun is trying to homeostatic it's core. It is achieving this by the protonic mix with the polar opposite magnetic earth protonic core.

As I had mentioned in my previous lectures on this blog, the earth was spewed from the sun billions (how many I do not know exactly) years ago. The sun did this because the sun was going through a "phase". Perhaps from the core of the universe where the protonic plasma (one cell) exists. ONce the sun started the sloughing process (originally the big bang caused this multi-gogaplex splitting of atomic particles from the one cell solar energy. Now the sun needs to find the lost "energy strings) to that central core which is present in this energy sourcing.

The sun and the earth interplay. This interplay on the particle level is as yet misunderstood. However, we see the effects of the protonic discharges from the sun. The sun's X-flare cause a host of problems on the earth. Like Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Volcanoes, etc, etc. (mentioned in 2nd paragraph).

So we need to figure out where these protonic discharges are forming. We see the Aurora Borealis in the Northern magnetic section of the magnetic poles. We see this as a colelction spot. I call this spot a P-spot. It is a protonic collection site. Once the protons collect at these specific earth-magnetic sites, the excessive protons create a semi-fusion type of solar regenesis action. This is shown in the circular motion of hurricanes, tornadoes. The protons are trying to fuse and create a one cell sun universe. Or what the sun was like before the big bang; One Cell Energy universe.

So the interactions of the Solar activity is consistent with a Solar Phase.What Solar Phase are we in right now? Let's examine this.

Maybe due to the galaxy's (our Milky Way) alignment with the centre energy string (which by the way connects all stars and to some extent planets, etc). What Solar Phase are we in? We certainly can tell what phase we are in by looking at other stars. Stars close to the outer reaches of the galaxy may be experiencing this energy flux as in Solar Active Phase I.

The Solar Active Phase I is consistent with other stars in the same position as our sun on the outer arm of the MW galaxy. We are not able to collect the needed sourcing energy for the central core of the galaxy because we are shifting from the central line of the galaxy. Or just the opposite. It is difficult to determine at this time. Research here please.

Next; immediate need; Tornado reduction. Solar Phase ONe is a huge problem, not unsolvable. I have mentioned in previous post how to manage this. Right now I am discussing the immediacy of Tornado etc control. We need to find the p-spots where the convergence of the proton energies exist on the planet. Yes they do shift. However, this is easily remedied by protonic ionizers. We will demagnetize the protons in the collection sights. HOw? With HUGE PROTON COLLECTORS.

These Huge Proton Collectors then can be demagnetized at the collection site. We must find the main sites. LIke a web, or a grid these particles collect in this way. We need to understnad how the grid works. Are you with me on this?

ONce we gets some data on this we can proceed to the next level. Where do I find the number crunchers? Any mathematicians, data collectors, statitians? Astronomers, Physicists, anyone? If so contact me for some further ideas on this topic.

Ps posted below is an interesting article on the Toronto STar website. It is about aliens. I think this sounds interesting. We must enlist all the help we can get!

Class dismissed! Go forth and find the answers. And then get back to me! Thanks class. We CAN do this! Yes we can. It is already done. Visualize it as being done, the way you want it. Controlled tornados. Yes. Yes indeed!

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