Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Volcano

The Volcano

Mount Olympian
mound of terra firma
borne by fire
birthed by earth
pushed forth
earth clouds
electric lightening
telltale songs of long ago
as solar protons recreate
big bang politics
melt and merge
play with clay
globe with
meeting ground
with the airborne grunts
majesty unbounds unfurls
once purely solar energy
freeing earth's slaves
no more to matter as
to Hydrogen and Helium
in many peptide chains
strung with strings
round and round again

and with such fine particle decay
a spectacular rebirth come may
as we witness the next Nexus
to come as soon we become
some other form or other
as matter changes things
Intentionally of made by hand
plans of time
dressed to course
through our lives like droplets
of water

The Volcano's crashing
pushing wheezing sputtering
spewing spitting belching
retching tastes of putrifaction
the sulphur smell of death is everywhere
sound unwelding tone
unnatural to our ears
use to sweet songs of birds

The Volcano
welded iron and sun magnets
core engineered by divine design
powers unknown in their youth
unknown powers in their age
make us or keep us
break us or repair us
melt us down or build us up
to flake away or to fly away
like dusten ash turning into diamonds
sheer force drama
the mirror cracked
splintered and split
our endless dna
gathering us together
like the gathering storms we face
torqued fork ms rachette
turning of our fates
pressure cabin tactics
all points unify
like melted wax
converge where merge
slag hag laughs
protons charge-it
neutrons dull-it
electrons negate-it
compound matter
confounded matter!

Let loose fires
The Sun's
powerful magnetic desire
seduces the earth
warmed passion's flames
awakened rising sun to
put to bed
twilight's last light of day
glowing embers
in our collectively unconscious brains
entwine these book of days
deja vu
as lived before
finally end these days
premeditated madness
spewing rock masses
smitten smoke
falling in heaps
close so close to our feet
burning near toes
walking over hot lava rocks
global fouling of air and sea
molten elements recombination
witches' cauldron's troubles
dragons' lair the maiden's hair
Hades fires ignite the night
stoked with premonition
of a thousand souls
dying to get out
the earth's weighted clothes

The Volcano
the heaviness weighs
upon us like a
ledbetter leaded weight
as reams of sulphur emit
admits not one but all
The Greatest Show On Earth
AS our time is surely nigh
waiting for godot and a train
transfiguration's continued high
Angels made of stone

The Volcano
of choking smoke
I can't stop
from getting
in my eyes
smokey mirrors
of my mind

The Volcano
billows from the
self-made earth goddess
rounds the mound
and mounts to the sky
the dragon exhales
it's smokey acrid breath
deadly to inhale
it's all the same

The Volcano
as people watch
the tower of doom
from the throne above
the earth
formed by a place
a lovely ice palace
Kingly abode of frozen eons
until now
we always calmly awaited
once upon a time
until now
threatening to take over
the human experience
life held in the ballast

The Volcano
we move over
make more room
for pending disaster
to make no error
this disaster looming
could destroy all
as innocuous as
benign cancer
we wait to hear
how serious
the earth's mood
s waiting
to burst
like a preadolescent teen
with sullen mood
and then lashes out
due to erupted face
quite a mess
how to calm and quell
Clear a power hold
of internalized
spill over of powerful emotions

The Volcano
the fury of fiery plumes
lightening of the lava gods
divine retribution
the earth lording it over
its inhabitants
gaia the earth mother goddess
is angry at something
her lover Zeus never returning
her protonic phone calls
the magnetics all askew
I ask you
what earth do you want?

The Volcano
before us
The next apolcalyse
the next ice age
The next unknown
waiting patiently
to take us home
unless we find in time
a recipe to calm the beastly forces
of energies intermingling like lovers

The Volcano
End of Days
with each daily weather forecast
planes stalled in Europe
as the ashen gods of death
assume like broken glass
its too hard to fix
or to put back together
is our world broken
or just letting off steam

The Volcano
As scientists dash to find
the answer to the rhyme
how long do we have
til Volcanoes claim
as sun becomes block
some choke and die
some starve from lack of earth
to grow food
when the next ice age comes upon us
to cover the earth in a sheet of white
layer and layers of ice shelves
glacier rebuild up again
as like eskimoo we are forced
to adapt
or give up


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