Sunday, April 11, 2010

ChipnLogs Day 1

Goodmorning peeps of the Universal Design created by an Intelligent Creator! Today I looked out my kitchen window to see the rising sun at dawn. Streaming in the window it can get difficult to read the comp screen. Notheless, and with the many windows of the Viceroy, I realize; hey; I can't see very well but my mind still thinks and so I will type this near blind as I try to see the screen. Good thing I remember my asdfghjkl; which soon, I am sure, will be replaced with some form of voice-recognition. If you have a VR (voice recognition) program like DRAGON, could you please tell me if you like it or not. I am finding my typing invariably cannot keep up with my brain fingers as I type in my mind much faster than tertiary reality can do (If you dont know what tertiary reality is, neither do I, well I do, it is 3rd level like the colour wheel reality whereby all self-imposing and restrictive mechanism to creativity are removed and one goes NAKED through the tulips of the mind. Two lips? Another magpie installment? We'll see!

Anyhooo...I guess I was washing dishes (yes, by hand!) and I thought, oh, how beautiful this sunny Sunday. I should go to church. I loved going to church. Albeit to say I cannot get out seeing as I so far (so far) from civilization. I live in an igloo actually.

Ok I lied! I dont live in an igloo. I like in a chalet-igloo. A Pittsburg Glass Igloo. I love it. I love the open concept. It is light and breezy. Besides, we need the room. I guess I am happy to be here yes, but I am still sad. I miss my dog who passed this January. I miss doing things with my dog like the walks, the hugs, our conversations. The oddist thing is; when my dog Bear passed, one week or so before he "crossed over" another black lab dog (mixed breed) showed up. And my dog never like other dogs very much, but allowed this dog to come into our house and enjoy the Christmas spirit. Maybe due to the fact the new dog I called Fergie (later to learn she has another name; can you guess?) is a girl my dog Bear was ok with that fact.

Back to the idea; getting back to normal or attempting at going normal is what I term getting back to a creative state of mind or, another term I invented is "tertiary reality". Three steps away from a person's normal mind-set. Actually normal's socks are blown clear off. C'est la vie. Normal must sometime surrender to a new way of being, a new way of seeing. Welcome to the creative way of thinking!

As we go about our everyday, mundane routines, the latent tertiary "let's have fun brain", the creative brain that resides within all of us, is "itching" to get out. To experience what it is exactly that it wants to experience. And that experience of the tertiary mind to connect to the primary mind is the need for both minds to combine forces or to let the tertiary mind have it's uninterrupted play time. An escape hatch for the mind so to speak. So what, exactly does the tertiary mind want?

"Girls just want to have fun". Let things happen without too much or none hopefully, apriori thought. Keep up the heels, enjoy life. This need, like a brain vacation is important when trying to be creative. Some imbibe or try all kinds of things to bring out the creative side that often gets side-lined in the routine. The best way I find to release the tertiary field is to allow a state of "nothingness" to creep into my busy life.

The Zen philosophy of "no-ing". That helps. Be determined to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. That is why ideas often happen after waking up from sleep or the state of "doing nothing". Dreams certainly are my biggest idea factory. So how to get the best sleep? Have a room with absolutely nothing in it but a bed. This ideal. For me this isnt real. Yet.

Anyway...back to the idea program. Today, this a.m. I thought about the sun and the way when I noticed a shadow sun in my field of vision being blue. So the sun which is bright yellow now because of the spring. "Read my poem Nitrogen Spring" is not as greenish as last year. That means the sun is going through (probably) a less active or whatever spectral elipse. Here's my idea today; I believe the sun is going through, with the seasons a spectral change as well which either activates or deactivates various viral, biologic, etc mechanism of whatever emtymology. (sp?)

So today the sun is yellow (with blue contrast). Last year the sun may have been yellow orange with neon green contrast (which opened up the 1918 H1N1 virus). So now we can tell if this year will be a heavy viral year because the sun spectrum is in a danger zone ready to open the pandora's box of Viralicity?(sp? wd?) there is my new idea of the day. Hope you like it. And what are you about thinking newbie?

And So to continue without distrubance, continuation of the same pattern, repeating pattern, the dull routine to make way for a splash of new pond spring water! Without the Beaver Feaver. Don't you just love Justin Bieber (should read Beaver not a spelling mistake)...Love yas! jj


  1. Hello Chicci, hope you don't find if I call you that. Thanks for stopping by my neck of the weeks. About 2 years ago (when I was 70) my job was taken into the city and I decided to retire. I wandered around the house and yard looking for something to spark me inside. I began blogging, painting, writing and shooting everything in sight (with a camera) and I am as happy as if I had my right mind.
    Looking forward to getting to know you better.

  2. QMM: Isn't it wonderful to get to explore that "right brain" creative side? Were you determind to explore the arts prior to retirement? It seems that my regulator self (clock self) is trying to link up with my artistic self. Right Left brain docking. I guess I felt that the two worlds cannot meet, but maybe, I am nearing my retirement years will try to incorporate a spectral effect of experience. I had studied art and now I like to know more about chemistry. I have this practical side, yet I want to explore the newness of being creative side, and to continue on where I had left on so many years ago. There's at least one good thing about aging, retirement which is amazing; with experience comes wisdom and wisdom is very liberating and helpful to those coming "up the ranks" to the golden years. Thoroughly enjoyed your input Queen! Chat again soon, I will get to your blog and explore some more; this is so much fun!