Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bugsy's Spring Return ~

Cratchy scratch critchy flea itch
Skatchy sketchy stretchy nit stretch
Crumbly mumbly bumbly bee tumble
freely silly mealy wormy wheely
loosey goosey juicy beetle woosey
fussy wuzzie potzie flies buzzy
skittish itchiest biting mosquito skeeters
slothy fluttery fluffy window banging moths
skittery flitty clacky mouse-in-da-house
wallclimbing crawling giant ant rant
return of spring birds sing songs
rugs tug slugs and alighting lady bugs
black crickets return mid summer
frogs start croaking start-up business
male cats catterwhales a heating up tin roof
window spiders nest mess
wiggle room for intown worms
wild turkeys walk the deer run
deers run on the turkey walk
wild dogs find tame time
coyotes gang together like mean street bros
goose flight seems not in perfect v formation
cocoa puff raven in the tower kaws cocoa puff
spring breeze nearly blew away nest
as raven kaws can i make shelter near ma
earthquake makes dogs want to split
lost dog found after midnight leash still on
woodpecker hammer away for birch gnats
gnats eaten as birches die from too many holes
ants soon to make ant mounds right now not so round
earwigs roam the basement when dampness draws them in
critters big and small come alive again when sun says
"Wake Up it's time to be alive!" jj


  1. I don't know whether to scratch , run with the coyotes, spin a web and catch some critters with the spider, or get out the bug spray and take a long hot shower....

    catchy it is ....


  2. thanks Joanny! I'm getting itchy too, and I wrote this?

  3. I forgot to mention fat bat's return...fat bat! one bat who is fat eats skeeter critters and gets so fat he cant fly and only comes out during the day now as he was flying around a bedroom where he tried to live because there was no screen and he lives in the apex of the roof near the window that was open. Fat bat was chasing a large butterfly for a day or what was that? another bat? Anyway, he's out of the house now and he is batty. Truly batty! One funny bat, two funny bats...We dont have many bats thank gosh! I would freak! Although I like them during the day they are funny then!

  4. Oh and I forgot to mention the black squirrel that uses a tree branch stump high on the tree to eat his nuts he has found. He is always in the same spot eating his nuts. His body is illuminated by the sunset through the trees. I'll try to take a pic. Somehow my pic function isnt working on my C++ RAM memory banks so I will try, that's all I can do...I tried to d/l the Magpie pic and that didnt work either. frustrating! Is anyone going to get an Ipad ebook reader, is it worth it? HSC showed an Ebook reader for 200 and you get 1000 classic books with it. I like the idea of a book being read to me...books on tape, right...they are so good when read well. Reading makes me sleepy as my eyes go back and forth, back and forth...anyone else have this problem late at night. I only ever get to read two pages and I am out like a light. No doubt getting up early has something to do with this!