Monday, April 12, 2010


Here we go again around the
mulberry bush
holding hands
swinging on long branches
laughing out loud
playing as children do
when they learn the lessons
of past adult regression
mostly repression
held back overflow
of you go girl
a form of uniformity
containing no transformity
caught in the middle
that keeps getting wider
only to get squeeze-played
into order-of-the-day
outclassed by too big
for britches cash
bigger than big $$$
gogaplex billionaires

watch out child
the hill is steep
the waters shallow
life held in the
ballast of
blueprints of a new form
deceptivity held in
gene manipulation sequencing
computer interface synapsing
virtual reality networth
in the bag for Mr Big NWO

ownership exclusivity
the inividual lost
in the shuffle
high tech low regards
for the human soul
in the upheaval of greed
children live only
nanoseconds to midnight
heed mother

listen children
to the call
wild hills
suddenly abandoned
what you were
once upon a time
before the fairy tale pill
kicked in
to kick out your soul power
kicked you out
of your sad-sack bed of nails
made you lie to tell the truth
made you grow up far too fast
made you yes men
by nowhere no men
lost neural pathways
to The Soul of Days
The Spirit Creator
painterly touch alights
awaits you
you knew
once felt so humbling
ecstatic field of being
now so very
far away
lost in space
nowhere to be found
when find yourself is lost
to the chaos of corruption
all is corrupt

The Master cannot matter
to these Reeky masters
gods of stinky old underwear
underneath hidden sheets
like the label
that is stamped in gold
on the doors of perception
"CC" do you really?
what do you see?
an alternate non-proliferating
Evil and Good
good G*d
Where are you now?
Find those footprints
in the sand washed away
by time and winds of change

before the start up tanked
before you saw rank
in the mirror of your mind
reflected back no can do
when all you were as
children back then
were believers in yes
the universe oyster
kept you fed

manchild womanchild
make that ascent
up up up that steep hill
recollected hills of mind-soul eye
of always falling you thought
you had to do
like they told you
locked in your mind
like silly-putty
and verses of
tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum
you are more than the sum
of your disconnected parts of one
like were are meant to be
turn around look back
Sisyphus Child of Cannot
Today you are all about
Can-do without the reaction

before jack n' jill
before humpty amd dumpty
before the mulberry bush
before the tail
wagged the dog
when all was not lost
as it should be
when you were
A Child Of The Universe
as you were
so you shall be
believe child, believe

find yourself found

when we were all back in the day
when we all fell down
like "I've fallen am I can't get up"
The New Command
get up child
rise up
Transcend All This bs
Transform back into the you
you are meant to be you
Mt Ascend

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