Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Select-A-Tree ~ SELECTATREE!

which tree should i get
to fill the hole
that lays waiting for me

what kind of tree
would merit roots
grabbing mefor eternity

who will stand beside me
as I decide which side
to sleep once upheaval
of earthshatting dreams
relieves me
(that too)

who will sigh
with a heavy sigh
how sadly lamenting
night and day
for my quiet
resting place
high on the hill
atop the vantage point
lookout where lovers
(they tend to do that)
and kiss and bend
and whatever
above me I holla
ge off of me!

how many nights spent
dreaming of things i should of said
things I should have done
but now in this dirt bath
can no longer
unless my charge card
finds me any unrest
and unpaid
fees up the yingyang
mt olympus

what tree, which tree
the chast tree
you jest
the apple blossom tree
people will attempt to eat me
the lilac
people will attempt to inhale me
the oak
people will attempt to hug me
the magnolia tree
people will attempt to St Vee me
what tree will i be
share dna and carbon molecules
as i transpoform into some unknown
bit of who cares matterous formulation
to start back on that progressive step
of darwinian reinvention
reincarnationated by my carnal molecule
to pursue itself until doomsday when if
and how many
dont say p berry tree
i know what you mean as do all northern dancers
that tree where you dont want to eat so
close to the housing projects
which tree
help me here
i'm dying
what kind of tree do i plant
(i plant via living will for the dead and gone)
once I am planted?
there planted them standing up
more money in it
stop the jokes
what or which tree
That Tree!

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn kind of tree?
A jungle tree cannot grow here too cold
a Jack Pine
How so much I love those Silent Sentinels
to grow up to the sky to shade and
maybe iwth a cross-clone of grafting
I could make the tree live for 100's if not
1000's of years, like mating it with a Redwood
or Sequoia
then I'll have to be buried out west
where the weather is right for this
kind of tree who lives on the ferny forested
sea-salted floors like I once roam in my mind
when my mind was my own
before the delay and the breaching version
before the whale jumped out of the comfort
of sea-air and grabbed some good old air
h20 from the bracing like old salt sea air

but my name is already written in the book
i thought so i must stay with the family
plot to join the other family members
to reimensce then of all the good times
parties of once long ago
like legends of old
never to be told again
once I hit the pillow
that big fluffy cloud
formerly known as
dadadada "death"
you will not evoke that fear in me
cause i know you lie
you are hiding some hidden truth
lying about something other than
the inevitable
the impossible awaits
and truly, yea truth be told
we all slowly grow old
(a dying process)
and become
more than
the sum of all our parts
(how many billions of cells are we?)
and enjoy that which little part we have left
which we seem to be holding onto for so darn long
like as if this matters more than mind/soul/spirit
Souls Rejoice
Tree I will call you freedom
no matter wihich one
you shall be
(Jane selected The Tree of Life)
Life continues in unknown forms
gathering strength
through the storms
through the waiting
through the harbour
oll that pain
gives us strength
as it is conveted into renewed matter
that where life (matter) mind (soul) merge
to become all our dreams all our combined
never to die
never to suffer
never to fail
never to feel unloved
never to grieve
never to have any negative fixation
on things that do not matter
matter is...
no matter at all
in the universal scheme of things
matter is a process
whereby combined forms of particles patternize
and follow movement (change)
leading to...
(we'll leave off here and continue for tomorrow's lecture/discussion)

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