Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Nature of Molecular Energy

The Nature of Molecular Energy

Recent reports of plasma from the sun creating a magnetic interference with the earth's communication satellites, etc. gives credence to the fact that the sun is dispelling or giving birth to a new magnetic change and/or transference of energy. Little is known to date of this very important molecular energy transference ect process. Here is a way we may discover more about the sun's molecular energy shift/change/transference/birthing/dispelling methods. Energy followa a life-cycle birth-rebirth-death-{SHIFT CHANGE}birth (repeat). Therefore, as the smallest and most intense matter does create this energy change there are ways to follow this pattern of the energy processes at the atomic and subatomic level.

The energy cycle is similar to the life cylce since all known matter to date is PROTON energy, or light energy. This light energy fuels itself in a patterned way, following the life-cycle. Light fuels and refuels itself by its own opposite, the constant shifting back and forth creates a virtual perpetual motion as the birth/death process refuels the mirror image proton or neutron. In other words, the proton light once it achieves that very fundamental {SHIFT CHANGE} (very little is known about the process of {SHIFT CHANGE}energy transference to the polar opposite energic form be it positive or negative, proton or neutron, it continues to fuel itself in this way.

How to find out about the [SHIFT CHANGE}? We need to know the mathematic signature of the sun's energy systems first. If these energic system can be measured, they can be controlled. Good luck Mission Control!.

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